Identify High-Value Targets and Drive Better Asset Strategies With Subsurface Analysis

Move from speculation to rock-solid confidence with unparalleled subsurface analytics. Whether you need to quickly screen potential deals or run more technical analysis, Enverus Subsurface Solutions can answer your questions with pre-generated interpretations or customizable analytical workflows for optimized asset management.

Benefits of Enverus Subsurface Solutions

Reduce uncertainty
Accurate subsurface data analysis allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your subsurface data with our advanced analytics, reducing uncertainty and enabling data-driven decision-making.
Maximized asset performance

Identify high-value targets, improve reservoir characterization and drive better drilling strategies for increased ROI.

Streamline workflows
Integrated solutions reduce manual tasks, minimize data discrepancies and help your team collaborate more efficiently across your organization.

Get to Know Our Subsurface Solutions

Well Log Analytics

Unlock valuable subsurface insights with clean, quality well logs that are the foundation to geologic understanding and risk management. Includes raw LAS and rasters, standardized and aliased LAS, normalized, interpreted and derived petrophysical LAS, and ML-dervived LAS.

Geoscience Analytics
Unearth hidden patterns, make confident decisions and optimize your exploration and evaluation workflows with Enverus analyst-interpretations, advanced analytics and machine learning.
Subsurface Studio

This geology, geophysics and engineering analysis application is designed to manage vast datasets and easily visualize and interpret subsurface data. Includes mapping, multivariate data analysis, well targeting and geosteering, well interference, pad and field planning, and more. Seamless data integration with Enverus PRISM® improves team collaboration and provides technical subsurface analysis in minutes, not weeks.

What's Included in Well Log Analytics and Geoscience Analytics?


Well Log Analytics

Rasters, digital logs, Enverus aliased, standardized and calculated digital logs

Geoscience Analytics
Well log and geologist-interpreted tops, grids and properties.
Raw LAS and rasters
Continuously growing and centralized raster and public LAS data library

Essential LAS

Standardized, aliased LAS though automated processes

Essential plus LAS

Standardized, aliased LAS, combined to single suite of curves per API, ready for simple import

Petrophysics LAS

Normalized, interpreted with transparent equations and assumptions

Intelli LAS

Sonic and shear sonic curves predicted from machine learning

Geologist-picked tops for oil and gas plays

Consistent and single source of truth for major North American plays

Understand and visualize trends across a play with pre-made cross sections in every Tier 1 play.

Oil and gas play geo grids

Get up to speed in a new area or dive deep using a basin scale map suite covering major intervals and plays in North America.

Reservoir characterization table

Full transparency of control points, find data over specific intervals for any property

What's Included in Subsurface Studio

Difficult questions demand fast answers. ESS provides those answers. Whether you’re assessing reservoir potential, optimizing well designs, or minimizing uncertainty, ESS empowers you with actionable insights.

Random forest MVStats algorithm

Perform enhanced regression and supervised classification workflows. Imagine drawing connections between different data types for predictability. For example, relate seismic properties to log values and predict log responses and rock properties across your seismic coverage.

Centralized data integration

Instead of juggling disparate sources of information, Subsurface Studio consolidates everything into a single platform. Imagine the power of having all your data combined with Enverus PRISM® at your fingertips. This seamless integration fosters greater organizational collaboration and accelerates decision-making.

Data repository and visualization tool

More than just an interpretation tool, Subsurface Studio is also a robust data repository. Stop file shuffling or version control headaches. All the relevant data is already there, waiting for you to explore and analyze.

Storytelling with basemap displays

The basemap displays in ESS allow you to craft compelling narratives. Whether you’re presenting to stakeholders or colleagues, you can tell the story you want to tell, backed by robust subsurface insights.

Flexible, collaborative workflows

Subsurface Studio adapts to your workflows. It’s not rigid; it’s flexible and creative. Seamlessly transition between spaces, run predictive analytics on real reservoir properties, and bring together diverse disciplines—geophysics, geology, engineering, and more—into a cohesive ecosystem. By leveraging all available data, you can maximize your return on investment across the board.

Pre-built projects

Expediate and deepen workflows with your proprietary geological and geophysical data integrated with pre-loaded Enverus geo-data within Subsurface Studio. *When combined with Geoscience Analytics.

Elevate Your Subsurface Strategy: The Enverus Advantage

Data-driven insights: Our industry-leading solutions transform raw subsurface data into actionable intelligence that fuels smarter decision-making.

Customized workflows: Whether you are looking for quick insights on the rock properties of a new area, or want to run your own regression analysis, you have the applications to create customized workflows for the best results.

Unparalleled support: Backed by a dedicated team of technical and industry experts, we’re here to support you every step of the way and ensure your success.

Scalability: Our products are built with flexibility in mind, designed to grow with you as your organization expands and your needs evolve.

Why Enverus Subsurface Solutions?


Major plays across North America

Enverus analysts have mapped every key property across every key interval, in every major play across North America.


Digital well logs

Digitized, aliased and searchable by curve type or depth, and easily imported to Subsurface Studio to interpret.


Regional cross sections in PRISM

Get up to speed and visualize trends across a play with cross sections covering every major play.


Fully integrated GG&E software solution

Complete subsurface ecosystem, using your data and Enverus data for the most complete analysis

Ready to Get Started?

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Whether you need to quickly screen potential deals or run more technical analysis, Enverus Subsurface Solutions can answer your questions with pre-generated interpretations or customizable analytical workflows for optimized asset management.

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