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Access research that addresses your biggest challenges using fundamental asset valuations, forecasts and operations analysis. You’ll get clear, actionable insights to capitalize on market opportunity, optimize your portfolio and realize shorter timeto-value. 

Enverus Intelligence Research, Inc., a subsidiary of Enverus, provides the Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) products. See additional disclosures.

Benefits of Enverus Intelligence® Oil & Gas Research

Know How to Optimize Assets

Run what if scenarios, benchmark against competitors and get total market forecasts. 

Fine tune your portfolio

Capitalize on opportunities, upcoming plays and future forecasts. 

Focus M&A efforts

Find opportunities in each basin to focus expansion and M&A effort. 

Extend Your Team

Access Enverus Intelligence® Research (EIR) analysts with phone calls, inperson meetings and roadshows to get your specific questions answered. 

What’s Included?



Play Fundamentals: Dives into specific trends or areas of interest focusing on the upstream oil and gas industry in North America, providing fresh insight and calls to action. Focuses on a key theme or trend that is a catalyst for change on the asset. 


Compass (Valuation Updates): Summarizes the updates to our net asset valuation, financial and hedging models per the latest quarterly company disclosures and operational results; compares our valuations to key market-based debt and equity valuations; features our refreshed views on markets and specific securities. 


Fundamental Edge: Provides a mediumterm view of North American oil and gas industry trends including outlooks on supply, demand and price for oil, gas and NGLs, the impact of operator asset and capital market strategies on market fundamentals and regional dynamics. 


SuperTracker: Identifies the latest trends and anomalies in well productivity, activity and design. 


Deal Insight: Covers significant industry transactions with key valuation metrics that show how the deal stacks up against prior M&A, strategic rationales for buyers and sellers, and what it says about the state of deal markets. They are released shortly after deals are announced, providing timely analysis and talking points for M&A professionals. 

Ad hoc

M&A Special Report: Reviews quarterly activity in the energy deal markets, including benchmarks over time. 


Activity Map: Reflects the latest activity trends and analyses, allowing clients to visualize operator exposure. Delivered via a layered PDF, this publication is a static representation of a play, similar to an Enverus PRISM® dashboard. 

Ad hoc

Operator Profiles: Features trend and benchmarking analysis with analyst commentary on activity, well performance, well design, M&A activity and private-equity sponsors. 


Ad-Hoc Research: Analyst team dives into trends or themes in the global oil and gas industry, providing proprietary insights and calls to action. 

Ad hoc

Earnings Recap: A summary of corporate earnings announced by North American operators; analysts provide fresh insight and calls to action. 


*Testimonial of current client for no compensation. 

Learn How Oil & Gas Research Can Help You Optimize Your Assets and Find New Opportunities

Download the Solution Overview to learn how Enverus Oil & Gas Research can help your team. 

Enverus News Release - Enverus launches Learning & Development program to empower energy data professionals

Why Enverus Intelligence® for Oil & Gas Research?

North American shale is our competitive edge

EIR utilizes a comprehensive team of petroleum engineers, geologist and analysts, complemented by robust data coverage, to provide you with the latest news and actionable insights on North American shale. 

Strong products used with passionate minds

EIRs team members are power users of PRISM, the most robust energy data platform in the world. Their ability to navigate the platform, combined with their experience in the energy industry, makes the team a highly valued asset for your business. 

Diverse industry knowledge

EIRs competitors are mainly researchers in the financial industry. We have experts including financial analysts, petroleum engineers, geologist and other industry professionals. From rocks to stocks, our research covers all aspects of energy. 

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