Accurate Evaluation of Optimal Investment Opportunities

Gain a holistic understanding of activity from macro-economic fundamentals to individual subsurface well details for a more accurate analysis of acquisition targets. With unbiased inventory, up-to-date forecast models, M&A insights and remaining undrilled inventory, you can mitigate risk and respond quickly to market changes.

Uncover High-Potential Energy Investment Opportunities With Enverus

Investment Banks


Private Equity


Equity and Credit Investors


Investment Banks

Achieving a competitive edge in investment screening requires a comprehensive understanding of market trends and dynamics. The Enverus PRISM® platform provides access to analysis-ready data and metrics in one convenient location, allowing you to identify opportunities and make informed decisions that reveal the best investment deals.

  • Accelerate workflows from pitch through due diligence.
  • Differentiate from a crowded competitive landscape with world-class analytics.
  • Customize your type curves and visualize scenarios in seconds in one platform to prioritize opportunities.
  • Utilize Enverus objective inventory and forecast models, which account for spacing, geology and economics across all plays, to efficiently screen opportunities and gain a comprehensive understanding of asset potential for informed capital decisions.
  • Accelerate the production of high-quality pitchbooks by eliminating the need to collect and analyze data from multiple sources in house.
  • Access unique, proprietary insights used by most other investment banks.
  • Easily value and monitor undeveloped inventory of non-operated and operated acreage positions.

Private Equity

Your success starts with trusted competitor benchmarking, asset deal evaluation and the timely determination of optimal investment opportunities. It’s crucial to streamline the process aggregating, scrubbing and normalizing disjointed inventory and production data across multiple platforms for various portfolio companies. Quickly evaluate deals by leveraging your own insights and knowledge base to gain a comprehensive understanding of how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together so you can make the best recommendation on whether to pursue an opportunity.

  • Confidently identify opportunities based on high-quality insights backed by trusted Enverus data.
  • Assess the viability of different zones by considering factors such as geology, completion techniques, production practices, well costs and other technical properties of an asset or play.
  • Validate findings using your data with Enverus data in PRISM for investor trust.
  • Access ESG and emissions data built from authoritative data sources to shape an informed energy transition strategy.
  • Benchmark portfolio companies versus the competition with a fit-for-purpose platform.

Equity and Credit Investors

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed when it comes to the data you use to screen opportunities and build an optimum portfolio. Enverus is your one-stop shop for simplified inventory and forecasting models to evaluate operator performance and guide your investment decisions. Get key insights to limit underperforming assets, so you know when to exit a position and maximize ROI.

  • Generate alpha with leading-edge analytics and industry-leading research.
  • Easily compare your assets versus competitors.
  • Improve your capital raising efforts by gaining a more comprehensive understanding of activity and leveraging it to craft a compelling narrative.
  • Manage risk with granular energy market insights.
  • Diversify portfolios with an informed ESG strategy.

Step-by-Step Asset Valuation with Enverus

Prioritize Investment Opportunities With Total Remaining Inventory Evaluations

If you want to make smart moves with your energy portfolio, you need to know what growth opportunities are out there, but figuring out which assets are worth investing in takes a lot of time and effort. That’s where third-party inventory and forecast models come in – they’re unbiased and can help you make better decisions. With these solutions, you can quickly determine what remaining inventory is worth and focus on the best opportunities.

Third-party validation

Benchmark competitor inventory

Informed corporate strategy

Your Advantage

  • Quantify upside potential of any deal evaluation.
  • Inform capital decisions by quickly benchmarking future inventory outlook.
  • Optimize asset portfolio with insights to future development plans.

Streamline Pitchbook Creation with Enverus

You won’t get ahead of the competition with cumbersome data gathering and analysis. When it comes to calculating reserves, comparing your own estimates to third-party data can be a real headache that eats up a lot of time. Using a comprehensive input source can help you quickly spot the best investment opportunities. By merging your own EURs with third-party data sources, you can easily compare and spot any differences to dig into deeper.  With all this great information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to whip up quality pitchbooks faster and smoother, so you won’t miss out on any deals.

Increased efficiency

Reduced risk

Decisions based on best data available

Your Advantage

  • Integrated deal analysis allows for pitchbooks with combined data layers.
  • Quickly merge your EURs with third-party EURs to de-risk reserves bookings.
  • Capture the right opportunities, faster.

Understand Asset Value With Accurate Forecasting

Unbiased inventory and forecast models allow you to assess the growth potential of your assets and allocate your capital like a pro. These models analyze critical factors like spacing, geology and economics across all plays to give you a comprehensive understanding of your production and the potential for future development. Plus, you can customize type curves, visualize data-driven scenarios and consolidate all your data in one place to streamline the process. That means you can focus on what’s most important, instead of getting bogged down in data updates. With all the time you’ll save, you can conduct technical due diligence more efficiently and make the best decisions for your energy investments.

Fewer missed opportunities

Reduced risk

Increase speed and reliability

Your Advantage

  • Customize decline curves for increased forecast accuracy and informed spending on drilling plans.
  • Improve collaboration and reduce time spent on data management and integration.
  • Evaluate individual well performance and project returns.

Stay Current With Basin-Level Analytics from Enverus

There are loads of oil and gas assets out there, and identifying the most promising ones can be a challenging task. Without access to specialized tools and expertise, it can be time intensive to perform the necessary analysis, which can pose a significant challenge for small teams. However, with the right support, companies can gain a better understanding of their inventory and make more confident investment decisions, while saving time and reducing risks. The sophisticated platforms Enverus offers help companies assess subsurface risks and quantify geological factors to produce more accurate models. By prioritizing inventory based on subsurface risk, companies can assess reservoir properties and productivity drivers to better understand the value of future inventory.

Faster than acreage math methods

Hassel-free sticks on a map

Future production by acreage dedications

Your Advantage

  • Leverage inventory analysis with subsurface assessment of geological risk.
  • Subsurface insights offer accurate future values of assets and robust development plans.
  • Validate analysis with trusted third-party data.

View Operator Emissions Performance

The energy game is changing fast, and methane emissions are a big deal. You need to stay ahead of the curve or risk getting left in the dust. Our emissions data platform offers a comprehensive suite of ESG Analytics, including GHG and flaring metrics, corporate alignment, land use efficiency and more. By comparing publicly disclosed ESG metrics with our proprietary calculations, investors can confidently make decisions that prioritize environmental and societal impact.

By identifying the source of GHG emissions across sectors and operators, you can focus your investments on companies that align with your ESG goals.

CO2 footprint comparison

Objective industry-leading data

Rank prospective investments

Your Advantage

  • Access ESG rankings to compare publicly disclosed ESG metrics with proprietary calculations.
  • Gain visibility into the source of GHG emissions across sectors and operators.
  • Track emission intensity, flaring rate or land and water usage to quantify operator sustainability.

Leverage Enverus Advanced Analytics and Expert Industry Insights

Energy investors often struggle to find experienced professionals to simplify complex outcomes and provide actionable next steps. Enverus Intelligence offers access to a team of petroleum engineers, geologists and energy analysts equipped with the most comprehensive energy datasets in the industry. With greater transparency into long-term market trends and dynamics, investors can identify new investment opportunities, optimize existing ones and diversify their portfolios.

Understand play economics

Customized advisory services

Data-driven investments

Your Advantage

  • Leverage asset-level analytics and expertise to identify KPIs.
  • View competitor activity for an unbiased perspective.
  • Competitive intelligence includes incorporating geology, economics, operations and financial data.

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