Evaluate the Potential of Your Assets With Enverus Inventory Suite

Enverus Inventory Suite combines the power of Placed Well Analytics, Placed Well Studio and Fusion Connect to help you rapidly evaluate inventory with pre-generated sticks and the ability to seamlessly integrate your own data for customizable workflows.

Benefits of Enverus Inventory Suite

Enhance Accuracy
Move beyond the limitations of acreage math and estimated stick counts. Base development plans on geospatially accurate inventory to confidently predict production and economics.
Stay Agile
Generate tailored inventory sticks on the fly, ensuring that your inventory assessment reflects your unique asset strategy for any basin.
Unleash Data Potential
Your data is your power. Fortify your decision-making process by integrating your data with Enverus data for a next-level view into inventory.

Get to Know Our Inventory Solutions

Placed Well Analytics

Offers essential insights to reveal the impact of remaining undrilled inventory on future energy industry investment, operations and commodity supply.

Placed Well Studio

Integrates your unique assumptions and development parameters into the Enverus inventory model.

Fusion Connect

Enables you to upload your data to inform our inventory solutions and see it alongside Enverus data sources.

Enverus Core

Package of modules are designed for you to perform highly technical analyses faster.

What's Included?


Placed Well Analytics
Placed Well Studio
Remaining inventory locations.
Analyst-verified DSUs.
Easily share workbooks with your team.
Multiple preset spacing scenarios.
Multiple inventory scenario analysis.
Customize areas of interest.
Additional customizations (lateral length, DSU, intervals).

Inventory Solutions + Fusion Connect

Placed Well Analytics
Placed Well Studio
Use your shapefiles and DSUs with attributes to understand inventory within your AOIs.
Use your wellbore trajectories and/or your intervals to run the placed well inventory model.
Share custom views and analysis across teams or individuals within organization.

Who We Serve

Asset Teams & Operators


Midstream Operators




Asset Teams & Operators

Leverage the power of precision with Enverus Inventory Suite to take command of inventory assessment. Master asset development through strategic planning and customizing inventory scenarios tailored to your unique requirements.

Midstream Operators

We understand the flow of your operations. The ability to customize flow units, intervals, lateral lengths, DSUs and spacing scenarios isn’t just a feature— it’s a game-changer. Streamline upstream and midstream operations and optimize assets with more accuracy than ever.


You value your assets— so do we. Enverus Inventory Suite is your powerful resource for asset development and evaluation. Guide your decision-making process with customizable inventory analysis— a must-have advantage for a winning strategy.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Assets With Enverus Inventory Suite

Leverage clear, actionable insights and a complete view of inventory to evaluate assets, navigate complexities and optimize production.
Enverus News Release - Enverus launches Learning & Development program to empower energy data professionals

Why Enverus Inventory Solutions?

Comprehensive Suite
Our end-to-end solution ensures all your multidisciplinary data communicates in the same language. This seamless integration allows your team to work effectively and efficiently with pre-generated sticks and customizable workflows, all unified into a single inventory hub.
Reliable Partner
You can rely on our trusted expertise, grounded in a deep understanding of energy sector complexities. Our commitment extends beyond the data — we deliver clear, actionable insights, tailored to meet your inventory needs.
Adaptive and Agile
Enverus provides a dynamic, forward-thinking approach to inventory evaluation. Swiftly navigate the impacts of a volatile market or react to new reservoir information. This strategic advantage ensures rapid and precise responses to evolving scenarios.

Ready to Get Started?

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Enverus Core energy data, technology and advanced analytics to bolster critical decision-making for energy exploration and production, oilfield services operators, oil and gas industry analysts, investors, and energy traders.

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