Capitalize on Energy Transition Opportunities With Comprehensive M&A Deal Insights

Unlock potential returns of electron and molecule-based energy transition technologies with instant access to deal insights covering 30 distinct asset types, from established power generation assets to CCUS and hydrogen. Energy Transition M&A Analytics tracks 5,500 transactions representing more than $1 trillion in value with more added daily.


Benefits of Energy Transition M&A

Gain a Strategic Edge
React quickly to time-sensitive deals supported by expert commentary released the same day a deal is announced.
Navigate with Confidence

Leverage our vast, unique expertise and coverage across energy transition transactions to understand assets relevant to your capital-raising deals.

Stay Informed
Stay current on competitor and peer activity to fully understand how the industry is evolving.

What's Included in Energy Transition M&A ?

Best-in-class deal coverage

Our industry-leading M&A database tracks 5,500 transactions representing nearly $1 trillion in value with more added daily. This includes ~3,400 deals with ~$450 billion in value since the start of 2021.

Geolocated assets

Transacted assets are geo-located and tagged to our proprietary modeling where possible, providing unprecedented access to deal metrics.

Deal document library

Streamline your surveillance and deal understanding by eliminating tedious deal document scavenger hunts. Use our indexed, searchable and exportable archive of company materials tied to transaction coverage including presentations, press releases, and financial filings.

Economics and asset performance

We cover 30 distinct asset types across both electron- and molecule-based energy transition technologies from established power generation assets to emerging technologies like CCUS and hydrogen.

Expert valuation analysis with commentary

Definitive answers to market valuation questions like $/MW of pipeline or generation capacity. With a few clicks, get the comps you are looking for. Deal insight commentary is released the same day a deal is announced.

Empower Your Energy Transition M&A Strategy and Outcompete the Market.

Energy Transition M&A offers extensive insights and analytics tailored for navigating the dynamic global landscape of energy transition transactions. Access a vast dataset covering established power assets and emerging sustainable energy solutions along with expert commentary on deals as they happen.
Enverus News Release - Enverus launches Learning & Development program to empower energy data professionals

Why Energy Transition M&A?



Most comprehensive dataset

with 5,500 deals tracked, representing more than $1 trillion in value spanning more than 100 countries.



Breadth of energy transition technologies
covering 9 separate verticals with 30 distinct asset types.


Get quick access
to insights and commentary, refreshed nightly in our database.

Ready to Get Started?

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