Monitor Activity and Optimize Asset Value

Our goal is to empower investors with the necessary tools and insights to optimize asset value. With our comprehensive approach and leading expertise, you can confidently navigate the ever-changing energy market to enhance your investment strategies. That’s why we provide access to rapid time-to-value insights so you can effectively assess performance and returns, optimizing asset utilization to maximize your gains.

Assess Performance and Optimize Asset Portfolio

Investment Banks


Private Equity


Investment Banks

Navigating the complex world of investment poses its share of challenges, from assessing asset performance to delivering top-notch research and timely insights to clients. Let us transform the way you evaluate M&A opportunities and perform corporate valuations with unmatched accuracy, timeliness, transparency and comprehensive analytics. Say goodbye to the hurdles of creating quality pitchbooks. Enverus PRISM® enables easy visualization with all your vital datasets for actionable insights through advanced analytics functionality. With streamlined workflows, your time is freed up for more strategic activities while simplifying complex data analysis.

  • Accelerate the production of high-quality pitchbooks by eliminating the need to collect and analyze data from multiple sources in house.
  • Lift the black box on valuation models for all deals, assets and companies.
  • Access unique, proprietary insights used by most other investment banks.

Private Equity

Your success hinges on informed decisions, value creation and guiding portfolio companies’ growth. Our high-quality, data-driven insights give you the confidence to uncover exciting project opportunities. Stay ahead in the booming renewable energy sector, whether it’s development, production or distribution. Effortlessly compare supplier spending, analyze cost benefits with production data and track production and expenditure for revenue modeling. With Enverus PRISM®, you’re equipped to drive growth and profitability. We’ve got your back every step of the way. 

  • Leverage customized project support from subject-matter experts.
  • Stay informed on industry developments and innovations related to the energy transition.
  • Efficiently benchmark spend, procurement, suppliers and non-operated portfolio assets.
  • Monitor asset value to support a clear exit strategy. 

Confidently Execute Investment Strategies With Enverus

Perform Corporate Valuations, Financial Forecasts and Benchmarking

Unlocking the value of your investments just got easier. We combine robust data analysis and user-friendly features, making insights accessible to everyone. Our intelligent algorithms crunch massive amounts of data, creating models using market trends, benchmarks and historical performance. The result? A precise estimate of your business’s value, complete with financial metrics and growth projections. We prioritize your privacy and security in today’s digital world. PRISM is fortified with encryption protocols, ensuring your data remains safe and sound.

Instantly perform complex benchmarking

Compelling metrics, higher accuracy

Identify M&A opportunities

Your Advantage

  • Leverage best-in-class estimates for key operational assumptions like decline curves, type wells and inventory estimates.
  • Quickly and easily develop stock-portfolio analysis.
  • View the latest market-based variables to reflect more holistic updates to data models.

Find M&A Opportunities With Enverus Asset Performance Software

In the fast-paced world of energy investments, being ahead of the game is vital. That’s where we come in. We offer the insights you need to make informed decisions and seize lucrative opportunities in M&A. Our industry-leading M&A platform boasts an extensive database of more than 35,000 transactions, including the largest collection of deals for sale packages in the industry. Stay ahead with daily updates across the energy value chain and gain unmatched access to emerging assets for a competitive edge.

Accurate market value assessment

Get a competitive edge

Worldwide deals across the value chain

Your Advantage

  • Gain expert commentary and insights on the most impactful market transactions.
  • Use polygon data for U.S. transactions and deals for sale sortable by $/acre, transaction value, etc.
  • Evaluations are backed up with easy-to-access source documentation for every data point.

Model Future Inventory and Infrastructure With Enverus Asset Performance Software

Don’t let the challenges of evaluating operator inventory hold you back. With our advanced geospatial filters and real-time data, we offer a seamless and efficient solution to model future inventory and assess the potential of your assets. Say goodbye to hours of tedious analysis and welcome the era of instant insights. Imagine having immediate access to a comprehensive view of current producing wells, future inventory projections and detailed geospatial data—all at your fingertips. Enverus PRISM® effortlessly combines these elements, delivering model answers in mere minutes. By benchmarking against industry peers and identifying key operators, you can optimize investment strategies, secure contracts with the right operators and drive profitability with precision.

Save time with accurate Enverus future inventory calculations

Trusted inventory data

Develop profitable operator partnerships

Your Advantage

  • Benchmark future inventory potential to inform capital decisions.
  • Quantify upside potential of any deal.
  • Optimize asset portfolio with insights to future development plans.

Maximizing Value in CCUS Projects

Don’t let the immense potential of CCUS investments slip through your fingers. Immerse yourself in our CCUS analytics and surge ahead in the race towards decarbonization. Without the right resources, you risk squandering valuable time on data gathering and cleaning, missing out on opportunities and underestimating costs. PRISM provides a comprehensive, clean view of the CCUS landscape. Make carbon capture project evaluation a breeze by seamlessly connecting the dots between emissions, transportation and storage, and stay up to date with regulations, policies, project announcements and benchmarking. Lead the charge in driving decarbonization like never before.

Point source emissions tracking

Target CCUS projects

Make quick, confident decisions

Your Advantage

  • Identify partners and evaluate areas of interest.
  • Predict capacity required for long-term investments.
  • Identify projects to achieve ESG targets and earn competitive returns.

Inform Future Strategy With Macro Forecasting and Activity Monitoring

Investors seeking real-time tracking and up-to-date industry knowledge deserve a solution they can rely on. Gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of market trends and spotting investment opportunities before they surface. By harnessing a unique blend of data sources and advanced technology, we provide historical data on commodity and activity trends, rig operations and costs. Picture having immediate access to real-time updates on rig activity and frac crews, and detailed operator information—all in one place. With just a few clicks, you can assess changes, identify trends and explore historical activity, gaining a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and the potential impact on your strategy.

Track activity across North America

Review current and historical data

Grow the right opportunities

Your Advantage

  • View constantly updated well positions, rig locations and crew activity in any area to track operational and activity trends.
  • Predict commodity price changes with more accurate insights to fluctuations in activity and future market needs.

Streamline Pitchbook Creation With Enverus Asset Performance Software

Gone are the days of scattered information and countless hours spent gathering data. The Enverus PRISM® platform brings together all your vital datasets into one consolidated view, giving you a comprehensive view of your operations. With customizable dashboards, you can track key metrics and KPIs in real time, empowering you to make informed decisions effortlessly. Imagine the possibilities of increased team productivity, streamlined data gathering and analysis, and never missing out on the right opportunities and ideas. Say goodbye to cumbersome pitchbook creation and hello to being proactive in delivering solid ideas backed by the best available data.

Easily share with your technical team

De-risk decisions

Streamline pitchbook creation

Your Advantage

  • Streamlined deal analysis yields pitchbooks with combined data layers.
  • Increase team efficiencies and output.
  • Uncover high-value deals and de-risk decisions.
  • Capture the right opportunities, faster.

Comprehensive Coverage of Emerging Technology and ESG

Unlock the power of data-driven intelligence and thrive in the energy transition. Navigating the evolving energy landscape requires a comprehensive solution, and we have exactly what you need. Our invaluable insights into power markets, emerging energy technology and ESG factors will enable you to understand how the energy transition impacts existing assets and identify new opportunities while minimizing risk. We go beyond providing information. We connect the dots between various subject areas, empowering you to act supported by real-time data and market trends.

With our research, you’ll gain the confidence to invest in high-return projects, effectively understand risks and opportunities and stay ahead of the curve in the energy transition.

Conduct full value chain analysis

Leverage transparent workflows

Count on research conducted by energy experts

Your Advantage

  • Identify high ROI investment opportunities to diversify or expand your energy portfolio.
  • Adjust your business strategy for changes in the market and minimize future costs.
  • Extend your team with expert analysts.

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