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Optimise Well Performance With Oil & Gas Analytics for Canadian Operators

Buy the best assets, drill and complete superior wells, maximise well performance and demonstrate the value of your company to investors with the most comprehensive inventory, forecasting, geological and spacing data and analytics for the Canadian oil and gas landscape.  Get the answers you need in one platform to increase capital efficiency and de-risk decisions, amplifying ROI from every dollar invested. 


Benefits of Enverus Canadian Oil & Gas Analytics

Find answers faster

Improve collaboration and speed up decision making by providing your technical teams with access to the same consistent data sets and methodologies all in a single platform. 

Increase capital efficiency

Make smart decisions on resource allocation, maximising returns. Use unbiased market data from Enverus to demonstrate your company’s performance to investors and position your value to the market.  

De-risk investment decisions

Future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage with rapid time-to-value analysis and a deeper understanding of potential risk factors to returns. 

What’s Included?



Consistent, decision-ready datasets derived from public data, enriched with internal Enverus exclusive insights 

Gain a comprehensive view of the Canadian oil and gas landscape with permits, completions, allocated production, digital/raster logs, leases and directional surveys.

Type curves, EURs and well-level economics for all major North American plays 

Make faster, more collaborative decisions with a smart, scaled approach to forecasting and economics. 

4D spacing and development models 

Optimise your design from the start with detailed spacing data for a holistic view of expected well performance. 

Project-ready geological data and analysis 

Arm your asset and business development teams to conduct technical analysis faster with the most comprehensive, detailed subsurface interpretation. Review clean well logs, interpreted tops and reservoir maps for your research. 

Proprietary data import to the Enverus PRISM® platform 

Validate your own conclusion by comparing your research to trusted Enverus third-party data (optional value add on). 

Tackle Development Challenges. Amplify Asset ROI. Showcase Your Success to Investors.

Enverus delivers the most comprehensive inventory, forecasting, geological and spacing data and analytics, providing you the answers you need faster to increase capital efficiency, de-risk investment decisions, improve resource allocation and increase the speed of operations across the entire asset lifecycle, amplifying ROI from every dollar invested. 

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Why Enverus for Canadian Asset Investment & Development?

We don’t want to sell you solutions that don’t add value. We want to get our hands dirty understanding your problems, so we can implement solutions that make you say, “How did I live without this?”

Wall Street Meets the Energy Corridor

Our 300+ financial institution customers and 1,000+ operator customers use the same Enverus analytics, intelligence and technology to make capital investment decisions. Connecting operators and investors multiplies value for everyone.

Strategic Partner for Life

Being a partner means we start by understanding your challenges and goals and work with you to deliver results beyond what you thought possible. Then, we evolve and grow with you to make sure we continue to solve your biggest challenges.

Irreplicable Network

Enverus brings together the largest network of oil and gas suppliers in energy. With 380+ E&P’s and 30,000 suppliers transacting $190 billion through Enverus technology, we’ve created an energy ecosystem, so you realize time to value faster.

The Most Integrated Solutions for Energy

We do energy. That’s all. This allows us to bring together the most comprehensive and connected energy dataset ever built and tailor workflows specific to your needs.

Ready to Get Started?

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Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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