Convenient Online Access to Mineral Statements and Automatic Well Matching With EnergyLink

EnergyLink® software provides mineral investors, managers and operators with secure and convenient online access to oil and gas owner statements and account information, available 24/7. EnergyLink Premium matches revenue and JIB properties to Enverus well data, simplifying payment audits and eliminating tedious manual processes for well-level analysis on mineral assets.

Benefits of EnergyLink

Lower reporting & support costs

Gain access to revenue and JIB property inventory, with Enverus well information matched to ~70 of your properties. Enjoy self-service online access to statements, reducing print and mail costs and the volume of incoming support calls.

Save time with automation

Reduce manual work required to manage non-operated assets by automatically matching revenue and JIB data to wells.

Improve asset management

Track and audit payments for each well and find issues with detailed reports and a user-friendly dashboard.

What’s included with EnergyLink?


EnergyLink Premium

Enjoy self-service, online access to account information and JIB and revenue statements.

Correspond directly with owners and include attachments and comments to track, manage and maintain a historical audit trail of real-time inquiry resolutions and disputes.

Detailed historical reporting is available on a user-friendly dashboard.

Detailed annual backup is provided with all 1099s.

Enverus API number in custom vouchers (or reporting APIs)
Get Enverus API numbers added to your custom voucher or reporting APIs to help identify and track wells consistently. Reporting APIs provide all raw revenue or JIB data in JSON or XML format. This includes the three new API fields.

Enverus API number in revenue data analysis Excel report

If your company does not use custom vouchers or reporting APIs, then you can get three new API number fields in our standard Revenue Data Analysis Excel Report.

Partner API number data mapping via Excel upload

Upload your own partner API number for wells that do not have a matched Enverus API number or for all wells so you can compare them to the matched Enverus API number.

New property inventory report

Compare revenue data from statements with Enverus well and production data to help audit payments and track well status. Report includes last check paid date and amount, first and last production dates, and oil and gas production volumes.

Enverus API number added to property search screen

Non-operated property search includes a new Enverus API number search field. Property search results will include this data and can be exported to Excel.

Significantly Improve Property Identification and Accelerate Processing and Audit With Our Mineral Owner Software

EnergyLink Premium combines your revenue and JIB properties with Enverus well data, simplifying payment audits and eliminating tedious manual processes for well-level analysis on non-operated assets. The subscription includes access to well data matched by Enverus, access to non-operated Excel reporting and reporting APIs.

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Why EnergyLink?


North American Royalty Revenue is tracked in EnergyLink

Making it the largest industry network

of operators and working interest partners



70% revenue

and 50% JIB well-to-property match rates significantly reduce manual work

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