University Partnerships with Enverus

We partner with universities globally, helping to shape the future of the energy industry. We believe in fostering a mutual exchange of knowledge and innovation between academia and industry, with a shared vision to power the global quality of life.

Benefits of Enverus University Partnerships

Metcalfe’s Law states that the value of a network increases with the number of connected users. At Enverus, energy’s most trusted SaaS platform, we believe this Law to be even more true for furthering innovation, where intelligent connections are the lifeblood that fuels progress. It is essential to develop these connections as we aim for continued technological development and knowledge expansion within the energy industry.

Empowering Students
Equip future professionals with hands-on experience in our industry-leading platform, paving the way for seamless transitions to their careers.
Enabling Research Faculty
Provide rapid access to ready-to-use public energy data through Enverus PRISM®, elevating the depth and breadth of academic research.
Fueling Internship Opportunities
Create avenues for students and faculty to engage in valuable internships and externships.
Facilitating Joint Research
Open doors for collaborative endeavors, intertwining the realms of academia and industry knowledge sharing.

We Are Celebrating More Than a Decade of Academic Partnerships at Enverus

Academic Reach
  • 13+ years of collaboration
  • 244 department contracts across 160 universities globally
  • 41 strategic partnerships managed by 23 dedicated university liaisons
Educational Impact
  • Conducted 11 university certification courses in the past two years
  • Integral part of 3 major petroleum and geoscience university curriculums
Research and Recognition
  • Cited in 219 peer-reviewed papers in OnePetro since 2010.
  • Of those, 111 citations were by our university partners using Enverus data and insights.

Driving Collaborative Momentum With Our Network

To amplify the spirit of collaboration and foster knowledge exchange, Enverus is committed to expanding its university network through intentional partnerships with educational institutions. Our ongoing initiatives have already demonstrated significant impact through:

Integration Into Curricula

Universities are incorporating Enverus platform training into coursework, nurturing a generation of students well-versed in cutting-edge technology.

Knowledge Exchange

Professors and students leverage liaisons and industry insights, enhancing their understanding of dataset nuances and boosting confidence in analysis.

Research Empowerment

Enverus continues to accelerate research for professors and research faculty, enabling diverse applications from reservoir characterization, land studies and seismic interpretations to regulatory and market analysis. Enverus analysts collaborate with researchers in consortia, product development and pushing the research envelope.

Our University Partners

Our partners include some of the world’s outstanding research universities studying energy, power and economics. Each relationship is a bridge between academia and industry, fostering a mutual exchange of knowledge and innovation.

As the energy industry continues to grow and evolve, our university partnerships remain a cornerstone of our identity at Enverus, building intelligent connections between academia and industry. They are not just part of our history; this next generation is also the key to our future. If you represent a university or seek to initiate a partnership, we invite you to become a part of our dynamic network. Please fill out the form on our website to express your interest and explore the possibilities. Your journey into a collaborative future with Enverus begins here.

We are ready and look forward to the opportunity to forge lasting connections with the academic pioneers of tomorrow.

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