Financial Services

Achieve Outstanding Returns on Investments with Energy Market Analytics & Intel

Identify opportunities, reduce risk and develop an investment strategy with confidence. With a state-of-the-art technology platform and advanced energy analytics, you unlock the potential of near and long-term market opportunities. Enverus equips investors with advanced analytics and intelligence focused on the entire energy value chain.


Benefits of Our Financial Services Solutions

Evaluate deals faster
Quickly analyze data, accurately evaluate assets and amplify ROI with access to consistent, current data sets and methodologies.
Sharpen asset valuations
Unlock the potential value of current assets with a clear production outlook using precise decline curves, valuation analytics and production forecasting.
Outpace risk
Identify trends and hidden opportunities to get ahead of the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Increased Predictability and Performance Across the Entire Investment Lifecycle

Evaluate & Target
Understand activity from macro-economic fundamentals to individual subsurface well details
Analyze & Identify Trends
Mitigate risk with in-depth market analysis to anticipate and respond quickly to market changes
Execute & Deploy Capital
Position investment strategies with confidence using rapid time-to-value insights to understand risk vs. reward
Monitor & Optimize

Assess performance and returns and optimize asset utilization

Low Carbon & Sustainability

When competing for opportunities, you need to cut through the noise. Stay informed on CCUS, monitor ESG scores and gain clarity on new energy policies

Why Choose Enverus for Financial Services?

High-velocity Analytics

Accelerate common workflows like building pitchbooks, benchmarking companies and evaluating assets by an order of magnitude.

Unwavering Innovation

Our clients – spanning investment banks, public-securities investors, and private-equity groups – have trusted our data, platform and research for decades.

Industry-leading Insights

Gain an independent perspective from a stacked technical team of industry experts providing unbiased and timely guidance across the entire energy space.


Energy Producers

Intelligence and coverage on a network of more than 1,000 oil & gas and renewables producers.


Investment Community

We serve at the intersection of the investment community and producers as the single source-of-truth in the industry.

Who We Serve

Investment Banks


Private Equity


Equity and Credit Investors


Investment Banks

Sourcing the right deals and turning quality pitchbooks around can be a daunting feat. No matter your strategy, the task of evaluating companies, assets, and inventory to set the scene for a compelling and impactful pitch is vital to your success. Let us do the heavy lifting by arming you with accurate, analytics-ready data for a holistic picture that goes beyond pure research.

Private Equity

We understand the pressures of providing strategic guidance for your portfolio companies, even during economic and geopolitical uncertainties. When navigating complex challenges, you must be thorough and quick to deploy capital and drive growth. Enverus helps you identify high-potential energy partners and provides strategic research throughout their life cycle for maximum ROI. With streamlined portfolio monitoring and a laser focus on activity trends, you’ll be prepared to respond to market shifts ahead of public filings and earnings.  


Equity and Credit Investors

Better data leads to better decisions. While having quick and accurate data remains critical to your success, the good news is you don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed. Even better, we offer access to off-the-shelf valuations of public securities that leverage a robust, bottoms-up approach using our world-class data, analytics, and platform. We take it a step further with a large team of analysts to dive deep into the most topical questions in the market so you can build an optimum portfolio guided by superior research.

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Enverus ESG analytics to gain transparency to power the future of energy.

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Seize opportunity and accelerate time-to-value across the rapidly evolving carbon management space.  CCUS Analytics connects all aspects of evaluation – carbon emissions, transportation potential and subsurface storage locations – in one platform. With critical details on the full picture, from the sky to underground, project developers, operators, investors and oilfield services can quickly screen potential projects.

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An essential set of O&G data analytics. Redeploy your team’s bandwidth to higher value analysis and strategy with clean analytics-ready data sets.

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Technical research, publications and direct access to industry experts that leverage today’s most advanced analytics and technology to deliver independent, third-party insight into oil and gas, power, liquefied natural gas and renewables.

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Securely blend your internal, high-resolution data with Enverus analytics-ready data sets and models.

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Confidently navigate the volatile energy market, from maximizing the subsurface to reducing emissions in the sky.

PRISM is the new operating system powering decisions at the speed of thought across the full energy value chain, upstream to downstream, power and renewables.

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Technology and advanced analytics to bolster critical decision-making.

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Bring improved accuracy to your power forecasts with AI and machine learning-based load, renewables and price forecasts.

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Be empowered to chart your own way through the energy transition.

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Get extensive insights and analytics tailored for navigating the dynamic global landscape of energy transition transactions. Access a vast dataset covering established power assets and emerging sustainable energy solutions along with expert commentary on deals as they happen.

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