Make Strategic Decisions With the Most Comprehensive Global Energy Data

Discover the power of Global Scout, the ultimate solution for accurate and timely intelligence on projects and opportunities worldwide. We have a dedicated team of expert scouts who cut through the noise, providing you with actionable insights and fully verified data, ensuring you uncover the true “story behind the story.”


Benefits of Our Global Energy Data Solutions

Understand Global Trends

With our analysis, stay abreast of the latest news from more than 200 countries and regions around the world and track emerging trends that affect your business.

Know Where to Focus

Our team organizes and structures data from complex, opaque regulatory environments to create a single source of information that is easy for you to analyze.

Extend Your Advisory Team

Research from our global energy experts and access to Scout articles, searchable with Instant Analyst™ generative AI, drives better decision-making, now even faster.

Global Energy Data Solution Features

Data & Investment

Scout Essentials
Global Explorer

Scout Articles: Real-time articles detailing the latest exploration, field development, commercial, governmental and energy transition activity

Planned Wells: Permits, commitments and other locations that our scout team thinks will drill

Offshore Rigs: Tracks current location of mobile drilling rigs of all types, including those drilling, in transit or stacked

Wells (Scout Essentials limited rows and attributes): Historical and active wells, with header data, test information and other details

Surveys (Scout Essentials limited rows): Seismic, gravity, magnetic or other field studies undertaken to assess oil and gas potential

Blocks (Scout Essentials limited attributes): Designated areas or sectors for hydrocarbon exploration, with critical dates and operator/partner ownership detail

Fields: Known hydrocarbon accumulations – discovered, developed or abandoned – and in some cases prospect outlines

Farm-Ins: Acquisition opportunities, both those publicly reported and those inferred by our scout team

Out-of-Round Opportunities†: Opportunities to acquire assets or rights outside of the regular auction or bidding schedule

Asset Transactions: Details pending, completed and canceled M&A deals since 2014

Relinquishments: Acreage that has been released entirely or in part by operators

Fiscal Regimes: Definition of economic conditions applicable to resource extraction in 500+ specific areas of jurisdiction

Current Bid Blocks: Official government designated areas currently available for oil and gas companies to bid on exploration and production rights

Future Bid Blocks: Planned or potential areas anticipated to be made available by our scout team for oil and gas companies to bid on exploration and production rights

Production: Oil, gas and water production by well, field or block

Facilities: Infrastructure and installations used in the extraction, processing, storage and distribution of energy-related products

Pipelines: Interconnected piped systems for transporting oil, gas and other substances over great distances

Access to Enverus Scouts: Our global energy experts available to discuss the latest activity as well as how that activity might impact what clients should be doing

Access to Instant Analyst™ Generative AI: Find concise answers quickly by searching, sourcing and summarizing research across tens of thousands of documents.

Data Delivery

Scout Essentials
Global Explorer

Web Platform (in-app or download)

FTP (weekly)

Direct Access*

Developer API: Scout Articles, Wells, Planned Wells, Surveys, Blocks, Bid Blocks, Rigs

Geo Data Service: Scout Articles, Wells, Planned Wells, Surveys, Blocks

BI Connect Cloud Database: Scout Articles, Wells, Planned Wells, Surveys, Blocks, Bid Blocks, Offshore Rigs

Mobile App (Scout Articles, Active/Planned Wells, Surveys, Blocks)

Email & Vault Delivery

Regional Scout Reports

Live Feed Archive

Energy Transition Scout

Commercial Scout

Global Highlights

Scout Signals

Monthly Activity Maps (A0)

* Direct Access is available as an add-on to customers subscribed to all regions (global coverage)

† via ftp only

Learn How Global Scout Intelligence Helps Our Clients Navigate Global Energy Markets

Learn more about how Global Scout can help:

  1. E&P operators understand global competitor intelligence and global acreage opportunity identification.

  2. Oilfield services identify new business opportunities and receive the data to build the ultimate E&P activity dashboard.

Enverus News Release - Enverus launches Learning & Development program to empower energy data professionals

Why Enverus for Global Energy Data?

Finding the Best Opportunities 

Enverus has a dedicated team of scouts who scour the globe for opportunities, combining their expertise with our global data resource to give you unrivaled information.  

Quickly Receive Summarized Quality Articles

We simplify the research process by consolidating all data and articles into one central location. Our Instant Analyst™ generative AI technology allows you to find concise answers quickly.

Global Blocks

Enjoy a level of accuracy and timeliness that is unmatched with our global blocks data. Whenever a deal occurs, the block is updated immediately for same day access, so you are always up to date.

Easy, Fast Data Validation and Sharing

Bring Enverus data into your own GIS-enabled or other platform for easy comparisons and to share analyses across your organization.

Ready to Get Started?

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