Enabling and Accelerating the Energy Transition

Sustainability and Enverus

Energy is the largest industry in the world, and it impacts every facet of our lives. Enverus’ sustainability strategy is grounded in a vision to power the global quality of life by providing intelligent connections that enable and accelerate the energy transition strategies of our customers.

Innovative Solutions

We will better enable our customers to:

Make strategic energy decisions of all kinds
affordable energy
Ensure affordable and reliable energy supplies to all
Deploy wind, solar and other alternative energy technologies
Reduce, utilize and sequester GHG emissions
Deliver resource and material efficiencies

We Create Positive Impacts


We Enable and Accelerate the Energy Transition

  • Create, collect, curate, and augment the explosion of “Energy Transition” data and analytics available to decision makers.
  • Inform and enable the investment decision process for new renewable and alternative energy capacity.
  • Assess CCUS opportunities.
  • Enable the efficient functioning of energy markets, e.g., real-time market data, forward curve risk management.
  • Collect and categorize detailed spend data across the entire value chain to inform and enable more efficient operations through decision maker analysis.
  • Connect stakeholders across the value chain to automate and optimize collaboration, eliminating unnecessary travel.


We Improve Customer ESG Performance

  • Identify opportunities to avoid and reduce emissions (flaring/methane reduction).
  • ESG analytics solutions, e.g., ESG metrics benchmarking, tracking emissions to owners, etc.
  • Connect stakeholders across the value chain to automate and optimize the delivery of goods and services, resulting in lower associated emissions.
  • Enable emissions reductions through grid supply/demand balancing and pricing solutions.
  • Target specific ESG attributes with ESG Analytics, e.g., pneumatics, flaring, specific emissions streams for capture, etc.


We Drive Efficiencies and Reduce Material and Resource Use

  • Spend analytics identify material or efficiency savings, e.g., avoided purchase of equipment.
  • Development planning and asset analytics ensure efficient resource development.
  • Automation reduces paper transactions, reducing both material use/waste reduction, as well and spending.
  • Wellsite directions reduce miles driven, emissions and TRIR.
  • Enable efficient design of power assets to reduce material use.


We Create Transparency Between Stakeholders

  • Consistent, complete, and integrated ESG and asset analytics provide a common source of truth amongst stakeholders.
  • Indices and spend analytics reveal opportunities to improve and provide performance benchmarks.
  • Customer and Enverus analytics are easy to consume and visualize in a single platform, improving communication and understanding among stakeholders.
  • Enverus works across the energy value chain and is an agent for collaboration and a conduit for understanding with stakeholders.

Empowered #OneTeam

We will inspire our people to:

  • Innovate through inclusion.
  • Value and celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion in all interactions.
  • Foster this diversity to better serve our customers.

Provide for the World’s People and Protect the Planet They Live On

We will work with all our partners across our value chain to:

  • Continue striving to provide affordable and reliable energy for the entire world.
  • Continue increasing our efficiency and reduce our own environmental impact.
  • Begin encouraging our suppliers to do the same. 
Together with our customers and suppliers, we will do our part to ensure the energy industry’s future is bright and make the world a better place.

If you would like to find out more about Enverus’ approach to sustainability, contact [email protected].

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