Inform Your Compliance Strategy With Emissions and Regulatory Analytics

Designed for today’s rapidly evolving regulatory environment and investment landscape, Enverus equips operators and investors with targeted insights to navigate regulatory challenges smartly and efficiently with deep analytics on energy assets’ emission profiles. 


Benefits of Emissions and Regulatory Analytics

Informed Decisions

Stay agile with insights and meticulously curated emissions data that support swift, informed business decisions and avoid costly penalties in this dynamic environmental landscape. 

Understand Regulatory Cost

Gain a competitive edge by anticipating and modeling the impact of major regulatory changes before they affect your operations. We comb through thousands of pages of regulatory text so our clients don’t have to. 

Maximize market opportunities

Leverage insights on climate risks and carbon offset opportunities. Shape your carbon strategy in an increasingly emission-conscious economy. 

What's Included in Emissions and Regulatory Analytics?

North American GHG emissions with regulatory context

  • Data from 2016 to 2022 on all major emitters including oil and gas, power, manufacturing and more with a focus on regulatory implications  
  • Emissions data by gas type (CO2, CH4, N2O), EPA Waste Emission Charge estimates, allocated well-level emissions and geolocated assets  
  • Advanced segmentation by source and equipment for the oil and gas sectors, with M&A adjusted operator aliasing  
  • Purpose-built model that can be used to screen EPA filings of assets to understand where potential misreporting is occurring or if a facility is more likely to experience upwards revisions due to changing methane reporting rules 

Near real-time satellite detected flares & emissions data

  • Direct measured, geo-located global flaring events sourced from Colorado School of Mines VIIRS Nightfire satellite data and tagged to an asset and owner, enhancing real-time decision-making
  • Carbon Mapper flyover and NASA EMIT satellite methane detections tagged to an asset

Public oil & gas reported ESG metrics

  • A database of more than 100 upstream and midstream producers public ESG metrics sourced from sustainability reports, proxy statements and other disclosures; focused on scope 1-3 emissions, water usage and spill information directly affecting regulatory standings 

Well-specific sustainability metrics with enhanced regulatory context

  • Monthly well-level flared volumes and water efficiency estimations
  • Upstream emissions data reported to the EPA at a basin level is systematically allocated down to the associated wells in the U.S. allowing for well-level workflows such as equity and non-op emission quantification
  • Emissions data in Canada calculated for every wellsite or facility allowing for granular analysis

Who We Serve





Energy Investors


Oilfield Services



Operators need to balance ambitious sustainability targets with the intricacies of compliance landscapes. Our solution offers streamlined access to emissions insights and market comparisons, enabling cost-effective strategy adjustments and sustainability goal achievement. 


Our platform focuses on emissions analytics, allowing for clearer data interpretation and regulatory foresight. This aids in maintaining a strong environmental image and making informed, strategic decisions grounded in robust benchmarking and competitive analysis. 

midstream-solution-persona-2-commercial operator


Midstream companies often grapple with the impact of their environmental performance on asset optimization. Leveraging a robust analytics suite designed for emissions tracking and flaring insights, midstream businesses can convert environmental challenges into enhanced asset efficiency and value. By prioritizing emissions reduction, you can not only improve your environmental impact but also secure a more profitable and sustainable operational model.

Energy Investors

In a rapidly evolving financial landscape, investors within the energy sector seek precise, organized emissions data to evaluate and benchmark companies effectively. Our solution streamlines this process, offering interactive emissions profiles and regulatory insights for informed decision-making. 


By integrating our analytics, investors not only navigate industry trends with greater agility but also bolster their risk management strategies against regulatory impacts. This access to specialized data and market insights ensures alignment with environmental standards and strategic positioning for superior returns, equipping investors to excel in a competitive, sustainability-focused market.


Oilfield Services

Standing out in a field where efficiency and green practices win contracts is key. A data-centric approach to emissions tracking empowers you to craft specialized, high-value solutions. Upscaling clients’ ability to surpass environmental benchmarks not only cements service providers as integral to the sustainability quest but also opens doors to new business and reinforces market presence. 


Your Complete Solution to Navigate the Evolving Emissions and Regulatory Landscape

Streamline strategic decision-making with a combination of reported and direct measured emission data, comprehensive industry benchmarks and pragmatic compliance foresight. 

Why Enverus Emissions and Regulatory Analytics?

Connected analysis

Our analysis is fully integrated in Enverus PRISM®, so you can visualize and interact with the data in one place. 


Reliability and accuracy underline our commitment. We directly source data, heavily testing our analytics through our intelligence team to deliver the most comprehensive and reliable view of emissions and regulatory costs in the sector. 

Built for energy

Our solution is purpose-built for the energy industry, providing the analytics needed to keep you prepared for future compliance requirements. 

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