De-Risk Trading Decisions & Make Trades Faster With Enverus Commodity Data Solution

The commodity trading market never sleeps. You need one powerful trading and risk data management solution to complement your CTRM/ETRM solution, so you can act anytime, from anywhere. Combining the power of real-time data from Enverus MarketView® with automation optimizes your trading margins. Our four packages are designed to fit and grow with your organization’s needs at any stage of the trading cycle. Preparing for trade execution has never been this streamlined.


Benefits of Our Commodity Data Solution

Act With Accurate, Real-Time Data
Maximize profits by making informed trading decisions using a single platform. Integrate 500+ data sources to easily access historical and real-time commodity prices.
Bring Connectivity Between Departments
Ensure all departments get access to the same data with one platform. This eliminates the need for manual reconciliation and reduces the risks of making business decisions based on inconsistent data analysis.
Align Risk to Market Volatility
Measure, evaluate and prioritize crucial risks with a uniform perspective to appropriately adjust your risk profiles.

What's Included?

  • Overcome challenges in accessing and visualizing trading data from 500+ disparate sources.
  • Optimize existing workflows by Utilizing MarketView solutions.
  • Stay informed through intuitive desktop charts and visualizations.
  • Uninterrupted data analysis with seamless Excel.
  • Access trading data on-the-go through a mobile app.
  • Centralize your organization’s trading data alongside 500+ sources in one platform.
  • Track business-critical data in real time for efficient portfolio management.
  • Seamlessly integrate data into downstream systems.
  • Multiple delivery options offer flexible data access and utilization.
  • Connect third party data to your existing workflows.
  • Receive automated file delivery for convenience.
  • Make informed decisions with access to customized price reporting.
  • Confidently act with timely alerts for price corrections.
  • Keep a pulse on market movements by using your market knowledge to create benchmark validation checks.
  • Easily build reliable automated forward curves.
  • Boost confidence in forward curve analysis.
  • Conduct market rend analysis with powerful visualization tools.
  • Improve decision-making with accurate data at your disposal.
  • Understand your book of business with PnL breakdown tools at your fingertips.

Compare Packages



MarketView Desktop: Create insightful charts with 86+ instantly accessible technical analysis studies using our powerful desktop application.

MarketView Excel Tools: Leverage real-time Excel integration, allowing you to pull from a large universe of data and interact with multiple spreadsheets simultaneously for custom analysis.

MarketView Mobile: Utilize the mobile app, designed to provide you with real-time insights and data during meetings and beyond.

MarketView Basic Data Package: 100+ commodity data sources covering energy, financial markets, labor, environmental, agricultural sectors, exchange rates, trade statistics and weather updates.

MarketView API*: Instant, direct access to data in an automated and programmatic way allows for seamless integration into your business processes.

Sphere Workflows | Data Extract*: Access all market and proprietary data and schedule file delivery with complete automation.

Sphere Critical Lists Monitoring: Track business-critical data in real time, get alerts and ensure timely delivery of price data.

Sphere Customer DataHub: Centralize your proprietary trading data to simplify the analysis, reporting and collaboration.

MarketView ISO Data: Coverage of North American ISO vendors provides intra-day and end-of-day LMP, congestion, supply and demand, and other important power data.

MarketView Python Plugin: Utilize our easy-to-use plugin to retrieve and easily interact with the data you need.

Sphere Workflows | Price Alert Service: Stay updated on real-time pricing fluctuations through multiple applications including mobile price alerts.

Sphere Workflows | Correction Service: Receive price corrections in a dedicated report on a regular basis to easily update incorrect prices in your ETRM or other downstream solution.

Sphere Workflows | Validations: Validate intra-day or end-of-day vendor price assessments, your own proprietary data or price forward curve movements.

Sphere Workflows | Refinitiv Data Loader: Use your Refinitiv credentials to instantly onboard end-of-day data like FX and interest rates.

Sphere CurveBuilder: Efficiently produce forward curves through diverse data inputs and adjustable tenors, ensuring accurate valuations. CurveBuilder features integrated fault detection and quality checks, which minimizes errors. It also includes visual tools for easy curve analysis, unlocking insights into market trends and price fluctuations.

Sphere Curve Traceability: Evaluate the impact before implementing curve changes to enable efficient troubleshooting of P&L issues. With the support of operations teams, streamline and make the impact assessment immediately actionable.

Sphere Workflows | CurveBuilder Extract & Reports: Monitor all curve building activities through out-of-the-box reporting including Curve Extracts, Stale Curve Report, Missing Curve Report, Curve Validation Report, Curve Dashboard Report and Curve Corrections Report.

Bring Your Disparate Data Together, Streamline Operations, Minimize Data Discrepancies

Enverus Trading and Risk Solutions provide an indispensable way to manage business operations and mitigate the hazards of uneven data analysis. By linking the front, middle and back office, trading organizations leverage our real-time commodity data to ensure efficient trade analysis, accurate deal valuation, and maximum profits through your entire business portfolio. 

Enverus News Release - Enverus launches Learning & Development program to empower energy data professionals

Why Enverus for Commodity Data Solutions?

Extensive Data Coverage Dedicated to the Energy Industry
  • Insights from 500+ data sources
  • Largest global energy data set
  • Gain perspective on global events and major market moves
  • Expertise in North America’s energy markets and their impact on global supply and demand
A Solution that Molds to Your Needs
  • Customizable solution to implement your trading perspective
  • Efficiently analyze views, save time in market
  • Easy-to-use software
On-the-Go Access
  • Real-time data and alerts accessible organization-wide
  • Access, analyze and act on information anywhere
  • Stay updated and respond in real time

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