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Guide Decisions & Grow Your Business With Energy Transition Analytics & Intelligence

The energy mix is changing, posing new opportunities and risks. Success requires a full view of the energy landscape. Arm yourself with the knowledge to inform strategic decisions and grow your business in this new space with one source for comprehensive insights across oil and gas, renewable technologies, carbon capture and ESG.

Navigate the Energy Transition With Enverus

Gain Clarity in an Emerging Market

This transition is exciting but unclear. Remove the mystery with consistent, comprehensive data, analytics and intelligence from one source. A full view of opportunities and risks helps you navigate emerging technologies, renewable asset development and decarbonization.

Grow Your Business

Whether you are exploring investments, trading power, or developing or managing renewable assets, turn opportunities into profits. Our insights help you improve your top and bottom line through lower due diligence costs, asset optimization and risk mitigation. 

Faster Time-to-Value

Don’t waste time with 80+ page reports and multiple data sources. Stay informed on the latest events, regulations and the best investment and development opportunities.  

Who We Serve

The energy transition impacts every sector of the energy industry. Understand the impacts and convert challenges into opportunities by partnering with Enverus.


When competing for a few standout opportunities, you need to cut 

through the noise. Stay informed on the complexities of CCUS, monitor ESG scores and gain clarity on new energy policies with our energy transition analytics and intelligence. You’ll have information to make critical technology investment decisions, whether for wind, solar or oil and gas.

Power traders

To be a successful trader, you must make the first move. Enverus Power & Renewables

solutions provide accurate, up-to-date real-time, short-term and historical data and forecasts, giving you the edge you need over your competition. Whether trading DA/RT or CRR/FTR markets, Enverus Power & Renewables solutions provide the most timely and comprehensive insights.


Be empowered to chart your own path through the energy transition

whether through portfolio diversification into renewables or emission reduction efforts.


Understand the changing energy mix and the trends that lead to durable price

volatility to determine which sites will provide lasting vs near-term profitability.

Project developers

Identify the most favorable markets for development and know how new

 policies affect project lead times, creating confidence in the long-term viability and economics of projects.


Keep a pulse on regulatory changes, like the methane tax. Be a first mover 

in the CCUS rush. Know where the best pore space and emitters are to build new pipeline infrastructure, retrofit old natural gas pipelines or secure rights of way to connect the most viable projects.


You know new drilling opportunities in carbon sequestration, geothermal and even lithium

brine are out there. How many wells need to be drilled to address these markets by 2025? 2030? 2050? Understand these markets so you properly position resources and capital. Prevent over allocation or missed opportunities.


What Energy Transition opportunities are there for my existing assets? 

Should we invest in emerging technology opportunities? Find these answers and stay ahead.

Why Enverus for Energy Transition Analytics & Intelligence?



The industry’s largest source of deals for sale.

Enverus has details on more than 35,000 oil and gas transactions and ~4,500 unique energy transition deals representing almost $1 trillion in value.



Solar + wind Projects

brought online by P&R clients in 2022.



80% time saved

on congestion analytics workflows versus the industry standard.



Most comprehensive insights
  • 54,000+ renewable assets and companies
  • 150,000+ EV charging stations
  • 1,100+ generators
  • 9,300+ power constraints


Production, frac crew activity, geologic zone and ESG

insights based on 20+ years of research. We know energy.


Most comprehensive

Transparent view
of emissions and ESG data across North America

Full Source

to sink CCUS workflow
  • 5,700,000+ wells in NA
  • ~800,000 miles of digitized pipeline
  • Emission and cost to capture CO2 for 4,600 large U.S. emitters
  • 100 million acres of subsurface mapping
  • 650,000 aliased and cleaned digital logs


Energy transition M&A

covers nine separate verticals, from established power generation assets to emerging technology in CCUS and hydrogen. Within those verticals, the database has nearly 30 distinct asset types.

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