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The energy industry is volatile and government policy is evolving at breakneck speed. Improper guidance can lead to frantic, reactionary behaviour that could hurt your business. Stay on top of the ever-evolving industry narrative and separate the opportunities from the noise.

Enverus Intelligence Research, Inc., a subsidiary of Enverus, provides the Enverus Intelligence® | Research (EIR) products. See additional disclosures.


Tune Out the Noise and Focus on Advice You Can Trust With Energy and Power Intelligence Advisors

You deserve a team of trusted energy advisors who build strong relationships across the industry, provide unbiased asset evaluations and uncover hidden opportunities.

Validate Your Research From an Unbiased View

Every move you make matters. You need to be confident before you act. Gain practical advice with comprehensive research curated by our energy experts dedicated to specific basin technologies and topics. Utilize our research to understand opportunities and risks across the energy landscape, optimize your assets and make sound decisions in your business.

Hone Your Value Story
To access capital, you must demonstrate business value. Enverus Intelligence® can guide you through your most complex challenges providing an unbiased view to make informed investment decisions and prove the value of your organization to stakeholders.
Act on Timely Insights to Drive Profitability

Never let key opportunities get scooped up by competitors and ensure sustainable growth for your organization. Receive essential insights daily directly on your phone and inbox to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry, accompanied by historical context and an unbiased viewpoint.

Enverus Intelligence® Guides You on All Aspects of the Energy Industry

There are a lot of unproven technologies introduced into the market. Enverus Intelligence® ensures that you understand the effectiveness and validity of new technologies, so you don’t put capital at risk.
Gathering all the information necessary when evaluating a particular target is time consuming, frustrating and usually ends with incomplete data. Enverus Intelligence® knows the pain of collecting, cleaning, organizing and analyzing data. Gain a competitive advantage by utilizing a team of energy experts who provide you with timely insights on an opportunity and its appeal relative to other global opportunities.
Building a well-rounded team of in-house financial and energy specialists is expensive and might limit how many research projects you can assign them. Enverus Intelligence® acts as an extension of your research team, evaluating opportunities with objective, independent, technical validation. Access analysts with backgrounds in engineering and financial markets who provide insights into potential acquisition targets and capital allocation decisions.
Gaining access to competitor benchmarking information is limited if you don’t have context on their plans. With our longstanding relationships in the industry, our team can assess best practices and competitor performance to refine your strategic planning and growth initiatives. Take advantage of our unparalleled competitive intelligence and benchmarking, which includes geology, economics, operations and financial data.
The energy industry is complicated with many nuances. We transform the way you communicate your company’s performance and investment decisions by translating complex information into simple visualizations. Count on Enverus, a trusted source in the investment community, for accuracy, integrity and reliability.

Stay Up to Date With Analyst Takes, Advice From Our Energy and Power Intelligence Experts

Analyst Takes on LinkedIn

We also understand the importance of sharing valuable insights with a wider audience, which is why select Analyst Takes are now being published to our EIR LinkedIn account. This means you can easily share important industry insights from our experts to your own network. Follow us today and share these insights with your network!

Who We Serve

Investment Banks


Institutional Investors


Private Equity


E&P Operators


Midstream Operators


Oilfield Services


Power Developers


Investment Banks

  • Identify pricing opportunities by analyzing producer value with Enverus Intelligence® proprietary models.
  • Evaluate undeveloped acreage and predict corporate base declines to measure collateral value and liquidity over time. 
  • Conduct an in-depth change analysis on a firm’s capital structure by assessing exchanges, new issues and allocation of value through scenario testing and risk evaluation. 
  • Manage liquidity and evaluate collateral value impact with our exclusive models, enabling you to make informed decisions. 

Institutional Investors

  • Fuel investment success with interactive maps comparing operators, well results, economics, land holdings and benchmarks for asset-level insights. 
  • Validate company disclosures through data checks, vendor assessments and official verifications, ensuring reliable asset benchmarking for investors. 
  • Quickly identify valuable assets and improve valuation models with detailed analysis guides and granular, accurate data, maximizing returns. 
  • Guide long and short investment strategies with unbiased, conflict-free analysis of IPO prospects, provided by our technical team’s public data assessment. 

Private Equity

  • Verify asset quality and proposed efforts with independent research, focusing on product demand and unbiased views for A&D growth. 
  • Assess emerging plays and technologies in early stages for technical and economic limitations, revealing viability and focusing on product demand. 
  • Analyze well performance to identify investment opportunities, distinguishing between underperformers and potential turnarounds, and identifying emerging technologies. 

E&P Operators

  • Stay ahead of the competition with real-time M&A insights, using third-party opinions and price comparisons for informed decision-making. 
  • Access regularly updated NAV models tailored to specific operator type curves, economics and inventory for insight into valuation and free cash flow use. 
  • Empower technical teams with real-time competitor and basin trends to improve development design and reduce capital risk. 
  • Quickly assess inventory quantity, quality and viability with accurate modeling and third-party evaluation from a dedicated team.
  • Enverus offers comprehensive CCUS investment solutions, including asset benchmarking, regulatory compliance and subsurface evaluation. 
  • Optimize global acreage portfolios with real-time data, expert analysis and advanced analytics, including following bid round activities and reported opportunities. 
  • Access the latest information on block details and wells of interest with Enverus’ Global Competitor Intelligence in an easy-to-use format. 

Midstream Operators

  • Identify E&P operators with sustainable volume growth potential and evaluate counterparty risk to gain an advantage in M&A workflows. Access inventory data and risk assessment support. 
  • Evaluate CCUS opportunities comprehensively with Enverus, including CO2 volumes, emerging areas, real-time data and third-party opinion on strategic investments.
  • Enverus helps evaluate emerging asset prospects by identifying areas that require new pipelines, assessing CO2 storage costs and providing third-party opinions. 
  • Enverus Intelligence® helps midstream operators identify underdeveloped areas in key basins with interactive maps and assessments of optimal investment opportunities.
  • Evaluate the supply cost and quality of the reservoir to thoroughly assess midstream investment opportunities.

Oilfield Services

  • Increase sales efficiency with data-driven insights to identify opportunities, evaluate prospects and understand competitor activity.
  • Enverus offers unbiased benchmarking, insightful touchpoints and powerful forecasting to optimize midstream capital investments with market analysis and basin expertise.
  • Align business risk with operator health by assessing operator credit health, evaluating inventory and balancing market risk of assets. 
  • Stay ahead of global industry trends with asset ownership intelligence, block outlines and tracking of awards, deals and relinquishments. 
  • Identify new business opportunities with up-to-date data on bid rounds, block awards, planned wells and asset transactions.
  • Gain actionable insights on lease activity, drilling data and asset transactions with the ultimate global E&P dashboard from Enverus. 

Power Developers

  • Access the necessary information to evaluate power and renewable assets in new markets including site selection, generation forecasts, credit valuations, and much more.
  • Efficiently benchmark your performance and costs against peers while gaining valuable insights into cost trends, saving you valuable time.
  • Optimize capital allocation (or recycling) decisions by getting real-time insights into asset economics, power market prices (real-time LMP, capacity and ancillary markets), and the impact of renewable capacity additions on thermal generation assets.
  • Leverage our assistance in evaluating and implementing power policy with deep dives into the inflation reduction act, market structure outlooks, emission target forecasts and benchmarking, and investment incentive analysis.

Why Enverus Intelligence® Research?

Comprehensive Energy and Power Intelligence Coverage

Enverus Intelligence® uses a holistic approach to energy intelligence through comprehensive analysis of the oil and gas industry, energy transition and capital markets.

Subject Matter Experts With Diverse Industry Experience

Our team is comprised of diverse backgrounds beyond just finance, including engineering, geology and data science – because energy is much more complex than just the financial outlook.

Access the Full Potential of Energy and Power Intelligence

Unlock the full potential of energy intelligence, powered by the industry’s most advanced dedicated SaaS platform.

Global Coverage of Energy — from Oil & Gas to the Energy Transition

Insights for Growth

Benefit from pricing opportunities, optimize portfolio assets and evaluate M&A for a short time-to-value.

Stay Up to Date With Insights That Matter

Filter out the noise and stay ahead of the energy industry with timely, concise summaries.

Learn more here.

Expand Your Vision for the Transition

Comprehensive coverage of power markets and insights into emerging energy technologies and project economics.

Learn more here.

Get solutions to your toughest energy business and technical challenges.

Power Up Your Global Insights

Get fast, accurate global energy intelligence covering: E&P licensing, seismic, drilling, renewables, and much more…

Learn more here.

The Importance of a Trusted Advisor for Energy Industry Players

Every player in the industry has their own unique challenges to overcome that can be supported by Intelligence. With a team of specialized industry experts, clients can receive valuable insights and support at a fraction of the cost of building your own in-house research team. Enverus Intelligence® offers more than just cost savings.

The Enverus team keeps clients informed of the latest developments in the energy industry, providing unparalleled insights based on its extensive data set. The platform is also easy to use, with the team streamlining tasks, providing expert insights and answering questions quickly and efficiently. Even single-basin focused organizations can benefit from Enverus Intelligence®, as a broader understanding of market contexts is critical to securing investment and achieving growth. By partnering with Enverus Intelligence®, clients can make informed, data-driven decisions with confidence, improve their investment process and save both time and money.

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