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Find Deals and Win More Business with Real-Time Oilfield Activity Insights

Track oilfield activity to understand your customers, find opportunities and close more deals with deep customer insights built from decades of experience working closely with operators. Enverus tracks the entire well life cycle in real time, from permitting and pad construction to completion and production.


Benefits of our Oilfield Services Solutions

Find More Opportunities
Spend less time sifting through data and more time winning deals and growing your business. Easy access to permitting information and rig data give you a more complete view of the market. Get ahead of the competition by grounding your strategy on data- driven trends and analysis rather than speculation.
Operate More Efficiently
Eliminate paper invoices and manual processes to ensure your business gets paid correctly and quickly for the work you do. Simplify processes in the back office through digitized workflows. Automated accounting functions allow OFS teams to spend less time managing invoices and chasing late payments.
Ease of Use
Our goal is to make it easier for you to do your job through a simple web platform. When you’re in the field, bring that information right to your fingertips through an intuitive mobile application. You get the best of both worlds in one integrated solution. Empower your team with easy-to-use tools.

Partners at Each Step of the
Oilfield Services Lifecycle

Uncover Opportunities
Our user-friendly mobile and web applications empower you to discover valuable opportunities while in the field. Track oilfield activity and rig movement wherever you go and make informed decisions that lead to success.
Benchmark & Optimize
Grow your business using powerful data within a single platform. Enverus is the only company that tracks the entire well life cycle from permits to detected pad construction to active drilling, active fracs, completions, and production.
Streamline Operations
Optimize your field operations and streamline cashflow with our automation tools and workflows. We can help better track operations, avoid paper ticket losses, and reduce invoice processing time to accelerate payments.
Low Carbon & Sustainability
You know new drilling opportunities in carbon sequestration, geothermal and lithium brine are out there. How many wells need to be drilled to address these markets by 2025? 2030? 2050? Understand these markets so you properly position resources and capital.

Oilfield Services Leaders Choose to Work With Us

Why Choose Enverus for Oilfield Services?



98% of US Producers

and more than 35,000 suppliers in our network



More Than 5,000
energy customers


Fully Focused

on energy



Most Comprehensive Insights
Permitting, pad construction, active drilling, active frac crew activity, completion and production insights based on more than 20+ years of research

Who We Serve

Drilling Services


Completions Services


Production Services


Well Intervention


Equipment and Supply Manufacturers


Drilling Services

In a very competitive and saturated market, drilling services companies need consistent, accurate information to stay ahead of the competition. Get insight into well data for your drilling services business, or view operator and rig activity, efficiency, operator driller relationships and rig movements. Enverus has the data and solutions you need.

Completions Services

Tracking down crucial data points from various sources can put a strain on your resources and keep you from focusing on your core business. Enverus has you covered with instant access to information such as market share, frac crews, consumables, DUC wells, transportation and distribution stations. We bring clarity to oilfield activity and services to help you gain an edge over the competition.

Production Services

Whether you’re looking to identify poor producing wells or searching for specific production ranges, our insights and industry experts help you target candidates instantly rather than digging through millions of rows of data or going by word of mouth.

Well Intervention

We have the most comprehensive solution on existing and planned infrastructure that allows you to make strategic decisions in minutes. With more than 5 million wells in our database, we have the coordinates to help you find where you need to go. You will find the answers to wellsite locations, knowing the closest pipeline, facilities, what’s their operating status, capacity, or who owns them.

Equipment and Supply Manufacturers

Understanding where the market is heading is critical to long-term planning for equipment and supply manufacturers. We have the insights and analytics to help you plan your future raw material and supply needs so you can keep your yards stocked with the right equipment in the right locations with optimal inventory to maximize your opportunities.

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