OpenInvoice®: The Oil and Gas Industry’s First Choice for E-Invoicing

Streamline oil and gas invoice processing, optimize spend control through automated compliance and reconciliation, and access the industry’s largest network of suppliers. With integrations into 25+ ERP systems and additional Enverus solutions that further increase back-office automation and spend control on one source-to-pay platform, OpenInvoice is your fit-for-purpose AP solution that can scale to meet your business needs.


Benefits of Enverus OpenInvoice

Reduce Manual Touchpoints and Streamline Approvals

Use back office automation to accelerate your oil and gas invoicing using automatic approvals and coding, workflow routing and reconciliation that cuts down on errors and removes manual touchpoints.

Enhanced Spend Control
Cut down on rogue spend, realize payment contracts and get early-pay discounts with advanced reporting on AFE and cost center budget allocations.
Realize Faster Time-to-Value and Scalability

With instant access to 40k+ suppliers across North America, 25+ ERP integrations and the ability to further automate your source-to-pay process as you grow, onboarding is minimal and scaling business processes is easy.

What’s Included With Enverus OpenInvoice?

Streamline and Reduce Manual Touchpoints

Capture validated data and configure workflows that your financial approvals require.

Create, save and schedule robust ad-hoc reports and easily re-run and download them on a regular basis.

Configure automatic coding and auto-approvals for invoices that match your specific threshold criteria.

Approve invoices right from your mobile phone or device to keep your projects on track.

Reduce call volumes by providing your vendors with self-service payment statuses of their invoices.

Reduce invoice dispute volumes and shorten dispute resolution times by validating required data before an invoice is submitted to you.

Spend and Process Optimization

Capture line-item detail allows you to analyze spend on a specific vendor or product/service basis.

Auto flag and prioritize early pay invoices and quick-pay suppliers to capture discounts.

Run reports at a summary or line-item level to help you analyze your payables from a vendor, product/service, coding, AFE/WBS, cost center basis and more.

Keep tabs on your budget with faster visibility on accruals. Keep track of spend and review invoices as soon as they are submitted by your suppliers.

Integrate, Collaborate, Scale

Enjoy access to a rich suite of inbound-outbound APIs to connect to ERPs, data-lakes and your in-house applications.

OpenInvoice is the gateway to the Enverus source-to-pay platform of solutions. These add-ons give you the capability for pricing agreement validation (OpenContract PriceBook), purchasing and receiving (OpenOrder), field ticket processing (OpenTicket), and inventory and material transfers (OpenMaterials).

OpenInvoice integrates with 25+ ERPs and accounting systems used in oil and gas.
Largest network of active suppliers in the oil and gas industry.

Ease Your Accounts Payable Burden With Streamlined Invoice Automation and Clear Spend Insights

OpenInvoice serves as the cornerstone of the Enverus source-to-pay platform, providing a gateway to a suite of solutions. With OpenInvoice, you can streamline your entire source-to-pay workflow, including pricing agreement validation (OpenContract PriceBook), purchasing and receiving (OpenOrder) field ticket processing (OpenTicket), and inventory and material transfers (OpenMaterials).
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Learn How Enverus OpenInvoice Works

Why Enverus OpenInvoice for Your Source-to-Pay Workflow?

Access the largest industry network of buyers and suppliers
Connect to the industry’s largest network of 40,000+ active suppliers to experience the immediate value of digital invoices for oil and gas with minimal supplier onboarding and improved collaboration.
Spend control and advanced automation with seamless integration
OpenInvoice is your foundation for automating your entire source-to-pay workflow. Pair it with Enverus OpenContract PriceBook, OpenMaterials, and OpenTicket® for a seamless, automated, trackable procurement process, from order to invoice. This unlocks the full power of workflow automation and spend visibility, reduces processing overhead, manual order-to-invoice reconciliation and rogue spend.
Software specifically built for the unique needs of the energy sector
Unlike other industry-agnostic solutions, OpenInvoice manages service call outs, material purchases, and purchase orders on the same platform. OpenInvoice also integrates with 30+ ERP and digital field ticketing platforms, allowing for unparalleled customization and seamless integration into your current product stack – all facilitated by our dedicated customer success team.

Ready to Get Started?

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