Enverus OpenTicket: Field Ticket Software for Oil & Gas

Generate, review and approve digital oil and gas field tickets with OpenTicket field ticket software from Enverus. Gain advanced visibility into project spend, automate field ticket validation, reconciliation and compliance workflows for faster, more accurate ticket approvals and invoice processing.

Digitalize & Automate Oil & Gas Field Ticketing With OpenTicket

OpenTicket field ticket software streamlines oilfield ticketing and processing for oil and gas operations and accounting teams. Whether you work in accounts payable, D&C operations, or LOE operations, Enverus OpenTicket reduces headaches like lost tickets, delayed approvals, error prone manual entry and “paper pushing”. Digitalizing oil and gas field ticketing with OpenTicket provides faster, more accurate accrual information. With the OpenTicket Mobile application, field supervisors can validate unsupervised field work with mobile GPS and geo-fence tracking capabilities. OpenTicket integrates seamlessly with Enverus OpenInvoice, making it the only oil and gas field ticket and invoice platform with automated reconciliation and compliance for a completely digital review and approval process.

Benefits of Using OpenTicket Field Ticket Software

Increase Safety

Digital field ticketing with OpenTicket eliminates needless driving, reducing the risk of accidents and lost time.

Accelerate Processing Times

OpenTicket integrates seamlessly with OpenInvoice so you can automate reconciliation and compliance workflows for faster, more accurate ticketing and invoicing.

Simplify Field Ticket Validation

OpenTicket offers mobile GPS and geo-fence tracking capabilities to automatically track work routes and hours performed at job sites for faster field ticket validation.

Improve Cost Management

Enverus OpenTicket captures detailed electronic field ticket data, providing you with deeper visibility into operations, more reliable spend insights and timely accruals.

Mitigate Fraud and Overbilling

With Enverus OpenTicket, coding and pricing issues are resolved during the ticketing process, and unintentional and intentional overbilling are easily detected and prevented.

Case Study: Jetta Operating Reduces Approval Times by 50% With OpenTicket

Learn how Jetta Operating cut oil and gas field ticket and invoice approval times in half and gained spend visibility 50% faster with Enverus’ OpenTicket software solution.

Why openticket?


OpenTicket is a digital field ticket software solution designed to suit the unique complexities of the oil and gas industry. With Enverus OpenTicket, oil and gas operators and suppliers can reap the benefits of streamlined oilfield operations.

Largest Industry Network of Operators & Service Providers

With nearly 10,000 oilfield service providers submitting electronic field tickets with OpenTicket software, it’s easy to start using it in your own operations.


Faster Ticket Validation With OpenTicket Mobile and SuperTicket Capabilities

The OpenTicket Mobile app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This oil and gas field ticket management software application is free for oilfield suppliers to download and submit field tickets to customers who use Enverus OpenTicket. With geofencing and GPS tracking, the OpenTicket Mobile app provides robust features including ticket validation, confirmation and approval. This enables instant visibility into jobs completed at unsupervised locations. In addition, OpenTicket’s SuperTicket functionality makes it easy to review and approves tickets in bulk for added time savings.


Automated Field Ticket Compliance Checks & Invoicing

When using OpenInvoice and OpenContract PriceBook with OpenTicket, you can auto-approve digital invoices from compliant field tickets to reduce manual data entry and processing required from both operations and accounts payable personnel. Also, leverage OpenTicket software integration with morning reporting systems and other oil and gas software solutions from Enverus.


Faster Invoice Processing & Payments With Enverus OpenTicket

OpenTicket field ticketing software decreases the time from field ticket creation and approval to invoicing and payment with automatic reconciliation and compliance workflows, taking invoice payment times from weeks to days – if not hours.


On-Demand Webinar: Easy Work Validation With Mobile Job Tracking

Tracking and validating unsupervised oilfield services continues to be a challenge for oil and gas production operations. In this session, the newly released OpenTicket Mobile application for oil and gas field ticketing is demonstrated. See how GPS tracking, geofencing and additional alerts can boost tracking and approval of digital field tickets.

“Time savings and accuracy are the two most important benefits of OpenTicket.”

– Midstream Foreman, Jetta Operating Company, Inc.

OpenTicket Solution Overview: Digital Field Ticketing for Oil & Gas

Enverus OpenTicket digitalizes the oil and gas field ticketing process for faster, more accurate and more compliant ticketing and invoicing. Download the solution overview today to learn how Enverus OpenTicket enables oil and gas companies to shorten ticket approval times and gain a more accurate view of operational spend.

How It Works: OpenTicket Digital Field Ticket Software

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