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Field Ticket Software – Enverus OpenTicket

Automated Oil Field Ticketing Software – Generate, review and approve OpenTicket oilfield tickets for services and materials. Improve speed and accuracy, gain near real-time LOE spend visibility. Integrated with Enverus OpenInvoice Accounts Payable software solution family.

About OpenTicket Field Ticket Software Automation

OpenTicket is a cloud-based digital field ticket software solution. It works seamlessly with Enverus OpenInvoice automated invoicing software, providing an automated end-to-end review and approval process compliant with your accounting standards. From service to payment and auto-reconciliation for significant time savings. Designed for operations and accounting professionals who manage the accounts payable process, work at a field office, manage D&C or LOE operations. Enverus OpenTicket field ticketing solution makes work much easier for oil and gas operators and oilfield service suppliers.



Oil Field Ticket Software – OpenTicket Benefits

Faster Ticket Approval Times

Oil field ticket automation software reduces workload and enables faster payment.

Improve Cost Management

Improve Cost Management

Access to field ticket data provides visibility into accruals and operations.

Increase Worker Safety

Increase Field Worker Safety

Digital field tickets eliminate needless driving, improving employee safety.

Strengthen Vendor Relationship

Strengthen Vendor Relationships

Faster field ticket and invoice approvals, better communication and shorter payment cycles strengthen vendor relationships.

OpenTicket Field Ticket Software Case Study:

Jetta Operating Reduces Approval Times By 50%

Learn how Jetta Operating cut field ticket and invoice approval times in half and gained spend visibility 33% faster with Enverus’ OpenTicket software solution.


Why OpenTicket?

Largest Industry Network of Operators and Service Providers

With over 5000+ service providers submitting electronic field tickets with OpenTicket software, it’s easy to get started using OpenTicket in your own operations.


Enverus Field Ticket Software with Mobile GPS and Geo-Fence Tracking

The OpenTicket Mobile app is available on both Apple Appstore and Google Play. This field ticket management software application is free for suppliers to download and submit their field tickets to their customers that use OpenTicket. With geofencing and GPS tracking, the app provides robust oilfield ticket software features including validation, confirmation and approval. This enables instant ticket approval, processing and visibility into jobs completed at unsupervised locations.



Automate Oil Field Ticket Invoicing with Enverus OpenTicket

When using OpenInvoice and PriceBook with OpenTicket, you can auto-approve digital invoices from compliant field tickets, reducing manual work required from both operation and and AP personnel. Also, leverage OpenTicket software integration with morning reporting systems and other Enverus oil and gas accounting software solutions.


Optimize Oilfield Processes Using OpenTicket Software

Instead of weeks, OpenTicket invoice payment can now be reduced to days – if not hours. With reconciliation with price books, purchase/work orders and cost center and AFE allocation, OpenTicket field ticketing software decreases the time from ticket creation and approval to invoicing and payment.

OpenTicket decreases the time from field ticket creation and approval to invoicing and payment

On-Demand Webinar: Verify Field Tickets With OpenTicket Mobile

OpenTicket customers can now take advantage of the new OpenTicket Mobile application. Tablet or phone-based field ticket software supporting GPS tracking and geofencing. And providing oilfield operations data as the work is undertaken.


“We knew what was going on out in the field, we just didn’t know amounts. OpenTicket provides that data, so I can run reports telling me how much of my forecast we’re spending. Now I know how much money I spent, and I can accrue those, whereas I couldn’t before. We’re about 80% closer on our accruals.”

Field Business Process Manager, Anadarko





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