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Make Smart, Lucrative Mineral Investments

Speed up your mineral investment screening process without sacrificing accuracy. With advanced analytics and pre-generated forecasts, you can spot future development, map remaining inventory and assess subsurface potential. Access the data and analytics you need to act fast and bring competitive offers.

Identify the Most Profitable Properties for
Maximum Returns

Mineral Investment Companies
Operators With Non-Operating Assets

Mineral Investment Companies

When is the best time to buy or sell? With Enverus PUD and PDP forecasting and analytics, frac crew activity and ESG insights, you can comprehend when assets will be developed. Outpace your competition by quickly screening opportunities with powerful insights at your fingertips.

  • Use production and geologic zone information to estimate new well production.
  • Gain better line-of-sight on new wells with a view of frac crew activity.
  • Stay informed about operator drilling and completion activity.

Operators With Non-Operating Assets

Find minerals to buy, manage your portfolio and understand the true value of your minerals to support business decisions. By providing clarity on assets, operators can identify upside potential in undeveloped acreage.

  • Track competitors, investment opportunities, asset locations and capital flow.
  • Quickly view where future wells will be drilled by zone.
  • Customize decline curves to increase forecast accuracy.

Step-by-Step Asset Valuation With Enverus

Find Opportunities Faster With Easy Ownership Research

Mineral ownership is unknown without title research. This process is time consuming, manual and costly. Imagine that you could research title records to ID mineral ownership, review current leases to understand status of assets and see industry activity around a lease to determine viability of acquiring an asset in just a couple of hours instead of months.

Reduce time & money spent

Monitor AOI for opportunities

Track competitor activity

Your Advantage

  • Verify ownership based on title records before purchase.
  • Verify leasehold (in Permian).
  • Streamline your research process to make informed investment decisions.

Buy Minerals Ahead of the Drill Bit

When it comes to minerals investment, staying informed on operator drilling and completion activity is critical for evaluating deals and timing revenue. Get ahead of the game with the ultimate tool for smart mineral buying decisions. Enverus provides the visibility you need on new wells with frac crew activity and well production with geologic zone data.

Buy in areas with best development potential

Generate competitive offers

Anticipate new production & revenue timing

Your Advantage

  • Use production and geologic zone information to estimate new well production.
  • Gain better line-of-sight on new wells with frac crew activity.
  • Buy with confidence and don’t miss valuable opportunities.

Make Competitive Offers With Quick, Accurate PDP & PUD Valuation

To make sure you have a chance at winning the best deals, you need to evaluate potential investments quickly and make competitive offers. But hand drawing decline curves for every well takes too long. The Enverus platform empowers you to evaluate more deals in less time.

Generate competitive offers

Quick, easy valuation of PUD value

Anticipate development timing

Your Advantage

  • Quickly analyze the value of undeveloped acreage with pre-generated type curves.
  • View pre-generated decline curves for any well in North America for PDP valuation.
  • Track production with views into frac crew activity.
  • Track competitors, investment opportunities, asset locations and capital flow.

Make Quality Offers With Accurate PUD & PDP Valuations & ESG Performance Insights

To evaluate opportunities in depth, you need to consolidate data and perform critical analysis. This can be a monumental task when you’re working between platforms and different data sets. Many times, you risk missing a good opportunity or choosing the wrong assets. With Enverus you can accelerate screening multiple insights and value them correctly within a single platform.

Confidence in PUD value & development timing

Partner with low ESG risk operators

Faster, accurate forecasts

Your Advantage

  • Quickly view where future wells will be drilled by zone.
  • Customize decline curves to increase forecast accuracy.
  • Gain ESG insights on minerals development by operator.

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