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Proactively Monitor Well Performance, Ensure Optimal Results

Optimal economic and operational well performance requires continuous downhole analysis of several metrics. Without timely insight into this data, you might miss a factor negatively impacting performance, causing returns to suffer. Enverus makes loading, visualizing and validating your datasets fast and easy, so you can anticipate issues and seize opportunities. Also, our comprehensive data and analytics allow you to learn from existing producing wells to improve performance of future developed wells.  

Empowering Proactive Well Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Asset Teams


Asset Teams

You’ve done your homework, testing and refining well design scenarios. Now its time to put them to the test. With so many factors influencing production performance and development schedules, you’ve got to stay alert to anything that might negatively impact well results. Enverus has solutions that make it easy to stay informed on what’s happening below and above the ground, so you can avoid surprises and pivot if needed.      

  • Easily import your data, like stage-by-stage completion data, production targets, development schedules and economics into PRISM to visualize aspects of your performance and benchmark to other operators using Enverus pre-generated production forecasts and spacing.  
  • Visualize your production target data with Enverus pre-generated and customizable production forecasts, frac crew, permits, pads and rig tracking and 4D spacing and designs to plan the right development schedules. 
  • Benchmark your cycle times to other operators to prove efficiency. 
  • Validate findings using your data with Enverus data in PRISM to build investor trust. 
  • Easily share your recommendations with leadership and collaborate with other teams. 

Asset Monitoring & Well Optimization With Enverus

Monitor Performance and Optimize Development Plans

Continuous performance monitoring is an essential part of profitable development. But with all the different data required, this analysis can take up to a week or longer in other data platforms. Enverus makes completion analysis possible at the micro level. Easily combine your own stage-by-stage completion data, subsurface attributes, early time production, development schedules and economics with Enverus pre-generated production forecasts and 4D spacing and development in PRISM to visualize your completion performance and benchmark to offset operators. The Enverus PRISM® platform even makes it easy to share your findings with others with a simple link. 

Identify optimal well designs

Proactively adjust completion strategy

Easily share performance with your team

Your Advantage

  • Import your stage-by-stage completion data, subsurface attributes, early time production development schedules and economics into PRISM. 
  • Visualize your data with Enverus pre-generated production forecasts and spacing to understand completion performance and benchmark against offset operators. 

Monitor Production Forecasts Performance to Hit Targets

Planning development schedules to hit your production targets is now faster using the PRISM platform. Now you can easily view your production targets, current production levels, development schedules and type curves in PRISM to determine the right development schedule and share with management. 

Benchmark to competitors

Get performance insights in minutes

Proactively monitor performance

Your Advantage

  • Import your production forecast targets, PUD scenarios, rig and completion schedules and designs. 
  • Visualize your data with Enverus pre-generated and customizable production forecasts, frac crew, permits, pads and rig tracking and 4D spacing and designs to plan the right development schedule. 

Track Nearby Frac Hits & Benchmark Cycle Times

To mitigate any negative impacts of offset activity on your operations and prove cycle time efficiency, you must know what offset operators are doing. Competitor cycle times can be difficult to get. Imagine being able to benchmark cycle times, monitor frac hits and see when an offset operator will be bringing wells online without spending hours on the phone. Having that information readily available helps you anticipate shut-ins and learn from other operators to improve efficiencies and onsite safety. 

Avoid nearby frac hits

Prove cycle times, increasing investor trust

Anticipate revenue from non-operated assets

Your Advantage

  • Quickly and easily benchmark cycle times against peers to build investor trust and identify areas to improve costs. 
  • Hold offset operators accountable with participation notices by monitoring activity in near-real time. 
  • Rely on activity, readily available in near-real time, to mitigate lost production from frac hits by offset operators.

Contextualize ESG Performance

Get visibility into ESG performance quickly to pinpoint addressable opportunities for improvement, understand where you rank against your peers and highlight performance to investors. Enverus makes it easy to view ESG insights, like flaring, emissions and other important data, in one place to understand your performance compared to your peers. By understanding what ESG metric investors see, you can craft effective messages and highlight high performance.  

Know ESG metrics seen by investors

Craft effective market messages

Highlight top tier performance

Your Advantage

  • Leverage ESG datasets on one place to quickly understand performance including emissions, land, water, workforce diversity, safety stats, management and board information. 

Continuously Update Subsurface Models, Visualize Results & Optimize Well Performance

Optimizing production requires continuously monitoring of design performance so you can make necessary changes. Frequently updating your subsurface model with your well results can be tedious without the right solution. Enverus simplifies combining and visualizing your geological, geophysical and engineering data in one platform, so you can iteratively monitor and refine designs for better performance.  

Understand geological and engineering impact on productivity

Easily share results across the asset team

Use one platform to reduce IT costs & data delays

Your Advantage

  • Continuously update your subsurface model with proprietary well results. 
  • Monitor productivity through asset development. 
  • Incorporate geological, geophysical and engineering data and learnings in one place and apply to future development plans. 

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