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Analyze Midstream Opportunities and Quantify Potential

Gain a holistic understanding of the energy landscape and your position within the value chain, including identifying the best production partners and locations to build your assets. Connect operator data to midstream assets to identify and capitalize on the most promising opportunities, forecast production levels, assess risk, allocate capital and strategically acquire assets. With access to current and historical activity data, you can make informed decisions to optimize your investments in infrastructure inventory and plan for the future.


Unlock Your Midstream Team’s Potential in the Energy Value Chain

Business Develpment


Commercial Operations


Business Development

To identify attractive acquisitions that align with the company’s strategic plan, you must evaluate assets and negotiate deals quickly and efficiently. Don’t make a tough gig even harder with time-consuming manual aggregation of outdated or biased industry data. Enverus simplifies this process by providing macro forecasting and activity monitoring of existing assets, so you can stay ahead of price changes and keep up with the rapidly changing environment.


  • Streamline opportunity screening and data visualization with a single platform.
  • Accelerate asset evaluation to secure deals ahead of competitors.
  • Access comprehensive well-level information within your area of interest, compare against industry benchmarks and simulate economic scenarios to gauge potential asset performance.

Commercial Operations

To find potential opportunities for joint ventures or partnerships and determine the best investments, it’s essential to monitor upstream activity closely. Business development teams must also make sure existing contracts are performing well and new projects align with the company’s strategy. However, it can be challenging when dealing with incomplete or outdated data. Fortunately, accurate third-party data is available to provide an edge on inventory analysis. Additionally, incorporating subsurface properties can help assess geological risk.

  • Get an edge on inventory analysis by incorporating subsurface properties to assess geological risk.
  • Map operator gathering systems and processing facilities.
  • Prioritize opportunities based on initial screening process to focus on the best potential investments.
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Identify Optimal Midstream Asset Opportunities With Enverus

Screen and Prioritize Midstream Opportunities

You’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to make money and stay ahead of the game. It’s tough out there. You need to be quick to evaluate assets and snatch up the best acreage before your competitors. Imagine being able to compare your performance against others in the same area, run different economic scenarios and see how an asset could boost your portfolio’s value in minutes, instead of hours. Leave tedious manual work and delays in analysis behind. With timely and accurate data at your fingertips, you can make strategic decisions that align with your company’s goals, secure investor trust and optimize your asset portfolio.

Reduce time and money spent

Faster decisions

Align A&D strategy with opportunities

Your Advantage

  • Evaluate existing assets and assess upside with well-level production forecasts and economics.
  • Inform capital decisions by quickly benchmark future inventory potential.
  • Prioritize the best opportunities to pursue based on initial screen.

Conduct Technical Due Diligence for Accurate Evaluations

When screening for opportunities, you don’t want to waste time exporting and updating data between different software. Instead, you want to focus on refining your models and making the best recommendations on whether to pursue an opportunity. With customized type curves and visualizing data-driven scenarios, you can save time and eliminate the need for other platforms for improved speed and reliability.

Fewer missed opportunities

Understand risk

Faster, accurate recommendations

Your Advantage

  • Easily customize decline curves, increasing forecast accuracy and informing spending on drilling plans.
  • Improve collaboration and reduce time spent on data management and integration with reserves software.
  • Analyze various factors to optimize individual well performance and project returns pre-drilling.

Drive Strategy With Macro Forecasting & Activity Monitoring

Real-time knowledge of what operators are drilling or completing can be crucial for making strategic business decisions, but it’s not always easy to get reliable information. Relying on word of mouth isn’t enough, and tracking down the necessary contacts can be time consuming and still may not provide a complete picture of the activity. Having access to comprehensive, up-to-date data can make a huge difference. With this information at your fingertips, you can better understand pricing trends and assess changes and trends over time, while staying informed about activity in the entire basin.

Activity insights across North America

Identify partners and opportunities

Tie local activity trends to macro conditions

Your Advantage

  • Stay ahead of operator movement with constantly updated well positions, rig locations and crew activity in any area to track operational and activity trends.
  • Predict commodity price changes with more accurate insights into fluctuations in activity and future market needs.

Model Spatial Inventory and Infrastructure in Seconds

You know how important it is to have insight into potential future development near your infrastructure systems. But modeling spatial inventory and assessing opportunities can be a time-consuming process. With Enverus, you can accurately plan future development of an asset, evaluate merger opportunities and calculate volumes from nearby producing and future wells to infrastructure systems. Avoid investing in the wrong projects by finding the right merger opportunities and seal contracts with the right operators to drive profitability.

Invest in the right projects

Forecast volumes accurately

Higher confidence in operator partnerships

Your Advantage

  • Quickly benchmarking future inventory potential to inform capital decisions.
  • Quantify upside potential of any deal.
  • Optimize asset portfolio with insights to future development plans.
  • Trusted third-party data validates investments.

Rapid Total Remaining Inventory Evaluation

You’re faced with important decisions about the future of your portfolio, such as assessing the upside potential of existing assets or investing in acquisitions to extend your assets. However, this can take months to do accurately, and you may lack the resources and personnel to do it. With Enverus, you can rely on third-party inventory and forecast models that consider all factors to inform your capital allocation decisions. This helps you prioritize opportunities and easily determine the total remaining inventory and its value in minutes, without needing to place “sticks on a map.”

Determine future investment

Benchmark competitor inventory

Informed corporate strategy planning

Your Advantage

  • Inform capital decisions by quickly benchmarking future inventory potential.
  • Quantify upside potential of any deal evaluation.
  • Optimize asset portfolio with insights to future development plans.

Quantify Geo Risk and Future Inventory Potential Together

Valuing inventory in the oil and gas industry can be complicated, especially when trying to tie geological risk to well level. Enverus can help by visualizing and quantifying geological risk and inventory potential in one platform. This allows for faster valuation and more confidence in evaluations. With subsurface evaluation tied to inventory analysis, teams can quickly write off non-viable parcels, speeding up the valuation process.

More accurate inventory models

Increased investor trust

Save time, reduce risk

Your Advantage

  • Get an edge on inventory analysis with subsurface assessment of geological risk.
  • Subsurface insights provide accurate future values of assets, creating robust development plans.
  • Validation with trusted third-party data builds investor trust.

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