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Maximize Deal Evaluation With Oil and Gas M&A Data and Insights for a Competitive Edge

Analyze more deals, spot emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the competition with the industry’s most comprehensive M&A database for oil and gas. Access unparalleled insights for deal teams, executives and investors, all backed by top-tier data and technology and delivered to you in real time over the web and mobile devices.

Benefits of Oil and Gas M&A Analytics

Defensible Asset Valuations

Arm your team with the most reliable information. Our transaction experts evaluate each deal and support with easy-to-access source documentation.

Analyze More Deals

Optimize your monitoring of competitors, investment opportunities, asset locations and capital flows to seize market opportunities as they arise.

Stay Ahead in a Changing Landscape
Leverage same-day commentary and insights on the most impactful market transactions to stay ahead of the competition.

What’s Included With M&A Analytics?

Expert Valuation Analysis With Commentary

Definitive answers to market valuation questions like $/flowing bbl, $/acre and cash flow multiples. With a few clicks, get the comps you are looking for. Deal insight commentary is released the same day a deal is announced.

Private Company Intel

Access private firm competitive intelligence for upstream assets, equity commitments, private equity sponsor, fund information, operational activity and executive leadership.

Expansive Investor Documents Library

Get instant access to nearly 2 million slides across the entire value chain. Presentations tracked in U.S., Canada and internationally. Find historic information with the only database that archives oil and gas presentations dating back to 1991.

Keep Track of Energy Finance

Stay on top of capital market trends. Coverage includes equity, debt, credit facilities and bankruptcies with visibility to pricing, covenants, syndications, fees and liquidity.


Gain a First-Mover Advantage With Our Leading M&A Expertise

Stay current on market values of energy assets, who is active, what is for sale and insightful industry trends. Our rich set of curated and value-added M&A research surfaces inside Enverus PRISM® in context with other workflows, as well as Enverus mobile apps so you can take your data and analysis anywhere.

Enverus News Release - Enverus launches Learning & Development program to empower energy data professionals

Why Enverus M&A Analytics?



Gain a competitive edge

by leveraging access to more than 35,000 M&A transactions, enhancing the capacity to monitor competitors, track opportunities and benchmark operators.



Most comprehensive dataset 

includes acreage positions of more than 1,300 public and private operators including operated vs. non operated delineation, updated daily.



Real-time updates
on deals across the entire energy value chain.

Ready to Get Started?

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PRISM is the new operating system powering decisions at the speed of thought across the full energy value chain, upstream to downstream, power and renewables.

Read More About PRISM.

Enverus Foundations delivers analyst-curated permit, completion, production and land datasets of unrivaled completeness and quality. Teams are equipped to collaborate like never before with exceptional analytics and powerful modeling that increase decision-making speed to maximize returns 

Learn more about Enverus Foundations.

The energy industry is volatile and government policy is evolving at breakneck speed. Improper guidance can lead to frantic, reactionary behaviour that could hurt your business. Stay on top of the ever-evolving industry narrative and separate the opportunities from the noise.

Learn more about Enverus Intelligence.
Enverus provides comprehensive midstream solutions to enhance development strategies and optimize assets. Our midstream packages cater to your unique needs, spanning business growth, future viability assessment and opportunity identification across the asset lifecycle, ultimately supporting profitable decision-making.

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