Embrace ESG in Energy & Position for the Future

Building a trusted carbon management strategy is a key requirement to achieve success in the energy industry – it is no longer a set of obscure buzz words.

ESG Analytics provides the most comprehensive, transparent view of emissions and ESG data across North America, allowing operators and investors to make more informed decisions in minutes and stay ahead.


Why Enverus ESG Analytics

ESG metrics, including GHG emissions and flaring, are incredibly hard to structure and organize because they come from multiple agencies, where companies submit disparate and disorganized information. Currently, the information needed to understand a company’s CO2 footprint and how it stacks up against its peers is generalized by non-energy focused research shops and siloed from other key operational metrics.

Your Complete ESG Solution

Gain a holistic view of ESG metrics within a single platform combined alongside industry leading operational and economic analytics.

Access ESG and emissions data, sourced from authoritative data sources, compiled and cleaned to be easily understood and usable.
Faster Analytics
Rely on a trusted source to stay informed on the latest events and regulations, the best opportunities for investment and the rapidly evolving space. Don’t waste time with 80+ page reports and multiple data sources – have it all at your fingertips.
Comprehensive Sustainability Insights

ESG and emissions information is connected to other Enverus energy data analytics to create a complete view of company performance and its sustainability position in the market.

Energy Metrics Driving the Future

Enverus ESG Analytics lets users track emissions intensity, flaring rates, land and water use, safety statistics, executive compensation and other ESG data alongside industry-leading objective data related to production and economics.

The “S” and “G” elements, which include pay disparity and diversity, allow operators to see how they perform holistically against peers and give investors the objective, verifiable data necessary to rank prospective investments.

How Enverus ESG Analytics Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Benchmark ESG Operations

Evaluate Assets & Competitors

Faster Analysis

Rank Competitors

Invest Smarter

Your Advantage

  • Analyze and view all ESG metrics in a single platform; don’t waste time aggregating and cleaning data.
  • Leverage data visualization to determine specific areas to improve against competitors.
  • Determine which companies to invest in based on their ESG metrics.
  • Track detected global flared events in near real-time.

Manage Operational ESG Impact

Decode Emission Profiles

Faster Emissions Tracking

Simple Visualizations

In-Depth, Detailed Answers

Your Advantage

  • Leverage in-depth emissions data and analytics to understand emission and flaring trends and drivers.
  • Easily explain and contextualize emission profiles to executives and shareholders.
  • Visualize and interact with emissions data against other Prism data such as production and completions parameters.
  • Quickly determine emission reduction opportunities.

Identify Accretive M&A Decisions with an ESG Perspective

Factor in Non-Financial Metrics

More Informed M&A Decisions

Easier Portfolio Management

Quickly Prioritize the Best Opportunities

Your Advantage

  • Screen M&A opportunities with ESG data alongside production and valuation metrics.
  • Get a more complete perspective of the long-term asset quality and investment opportunity.
  • Easily view pro-forma emission profiles of any potential acquisition or divestiture.
  • See if potential targets use the same ESG standards.

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