Target Opportunities, Allocate Capital & Acquire Oil & Gas Assets

Complete a step-by-step analysis faster, from initial screenings to technical deep dives, for an investment strategy fueled by data. With mapped remaining inventory, pre-generated and customizable forecasts, well spacing, subsurface traits, ESG and M&A insights, you get more accurate evaluations.

Accelerate Analysis and Collaboration Across Your Business Development Team

Land Teams


Engineers and Geologists


Business Development Analyst


Land Teams

North America is huge, but Enverus makes it easy to find available, ideal lease opportunities. Use our online global land intelligence to quickly find opportunities, while others waste time standing in line or digging through dusty courthouse documents. With wide coverage and a single source for land lease record details, production records and mineral appraisals, you can screen faster and close deals before your competition knows they exist.

  • Give your land research richer context with leasing heat maps, geologic map layers, production data and economic analysis.
  • Get a complete picture of competitor leaseholds and activity with lease assignments and operator aliasing. 
  • Edge out competitors with current and historical Permian leasing data, dating back to the 1950s.
  • Quickly search 20+ million mineral ownership records to pinpoint prospects and send targeted mailers across 180 Texas counties.

Engineers and Geologists

You build things cool things. Don’t waste time on uncool things like moving production data between software or building a development strategy based on incomplete data. With Enverus you have unbiasedinventory and forecast models that factor in spacing, geology and economics across all plays in one platform. Apply your own assumptions to understand different scenarios in seconds, speed up technical due diligence and make the best recommendations.

  • Assess asset results and upside with well-level information and benchmarking capabilities.
  • Prioritize opportunities based on initial screen
  • Control your own inputs to type curves to refine forecast models
  • Validate findings using your data with Enverus data in PRISM for investor trust

Business Development Analyst

You strive for speed and granular analysis at every opportunity. Not having the right insights easily available when every move matters could cost millions.  The powerful Enverus PRISM platform offers analysis-ready data and analytics you need in one place to quickly screen multiple assets, de-risk investments, share findings with teams and leadership and make optimal decisions that maintain free cash flow.

  • Quickly screen opportunities and understand asset upside with unbiased Enverus inventory and forecast models built on spacing, geology and economics across all plays
  • Customize type curves and visualize scenarios in seconds to prioritize development
  • Find the best or worst ESG performers now to save in the future
  • Easily value and monitor undeveloped inventory of non-operated and operated acreage positions

Step-by-Step Asset Valuation with Enverus

Quickly Screen and Prioritize Multiple M&A Opportunities

Quick asset evaluation is critical in today’s rapidly changing price environment. Avoid the headache of selecting opportunities based on inaccurate or incomplete forecasts. Quickly access well-level information in your area of interest, benchmark against your peers and run multiple economic scenarios to understand how an asset could perform in minutes instead of days. 

Reduce time & money spent

Make faster decisions

Align A&D strategy with opportunities

Your Advantage

  • Evaluate existing assets and assess upside with well-level production forecasts and economics.
  • Inform capital decisions by quickly benchmarking future inventory potential.
  • Prioritize the best opportunities to pursue based on initial screen.

Conduct Technical Analysis for Accurate Asset Evaluation

Time is of the essence when it comes to asset valuation, especially if you need to consider multiple opportunities. The last thing you want to do is waste valuable resources transferring type curve and production data between different software or making critical decisions with incomplete data. With Enverus, importing your type curves into PRISM is seamless, so you have all the well-level data you need in one platform. Customize your type curves, applying your own assumptions to validate different scenarios in seconds to make the best recommendation on an opportunity.

Fewer missed opportunities

Understand risk

Faster, accurate recommendations

Your Advantage

  • Customize decline curves to increase forecast accuracy and inform capital spending on drilling plans.
  • Reduce time spent on data management and integration with reserves software.
  • Analyze multiple factors to optimize well performance and returns before drilling.

Evaluate Remaining Asset Inventory in Minutes

To plan the strategy of your portfolio, you need to the ability to assess upside potential of existing assets or an acquisition. This requires understanding current production and the run room for development of future locations. Analysis can take months; but you need to inform investors of your strategy and act on acquisitions now. Enverus provides unbiased inventory and forecast models that include critical factors like spacing, geology and economics across all plays to inform your capital allocation decisions.

Determine future investment

Benchmark competitor inventory

Inform corporate strategy planning

Your Advantage

  • Inform capital decisions by quickly benchmarking future inventory potential.
  • Quantify upside potential of any deal evaluation.
  • Optimize asset portfolio with insights to future development plans.
  • Trusted third-party validation boosts investor trust.

Evaluate M&A Impact on ESG Performance

Imagine being able to quickly screen M&A targets to see if they are ESG accretive, perform quick characterizations and find opportunities. Good ESG profiles will save you money in the future and help create sustainability loans. With Enverus ESG analytics,  you can quickly screen opportunities instead of spending hours rifling through sustainability reports, so you know you made the right deal. 

Understand future costs

Spot the best and worst ESG performers

Lower risk

Your Advantage

  • Quickly screen M&A targets as ESG accretive.
  • Perform a quick pro-forma ESG characterization.
  • Limit surprises, inform sale price and find opportunities.

Evaluate Shut-In Wells for Possible Future Return

A change in price environment may open up recompletion opportunities for shut-in wells. Seize the moment by analyzing well interference against production levels to pinpoint which wells are plug-and-abandon targets versus recompletion targets to get the most from your acreage.

Extend returns

Eliminate non-economical wells

Understand shut-in well upside

Your Advantage

  • Find wells that make sense for economic recompletion to extend returns.
  • Look at well design metrics to see if there is a correlation between specific designs and extendibility.
  • Evaluate the production profiles of wells to find most economic next step.

Evaluate ESG Land Use Efficiency

Understanding the impact of your operations on the land is difficult without the right mix of insights. Enverus ESG Analytics combined with pad detection gives clarity on land use efficiency and can improve investor trust with favorable ESG metrics.

Gain investor confidence

Monitor land use

Easily create investor relations documents

Your Advantage

  • Assess land use efficiency by comparing production vs. land use required and combine with other efficiency metrics.

Related Solutions for Asset Evaluation, Acquisition & Divestiture

Find ideal mineral investments and oil and gas deals for sale faster and close with confidence with Enverus title research and oil and gas M&A solutions. Enverus land solutions make it easy to verify ownership record, accurately appraise mineral assets, find deals and clear title. You can focus on specific geographies and get intel on lease dates and contract terms, production records and leasing costs.

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Enverus ESG analytics to gain transparency to power the future of energy.

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Subsurface Studio helps your geoscience team to be more productive in less time. It accelerates the creation of robust subsurface models, allowing you to perform sophisticated subsurface analysis in minutes instead of weeks. Read More About Subsurface Studio

Assess upside with well-level production forecasts and quickly benchmark future inventory potential through pre-generated customizable forecasts and economics in one platform. Read More About Forecast Suite

Buy the best assets, drill and complete superior wells, maximise well performance and demonstrate the value of your company to investors with the most comprehensive inventory, forecasting, geological and spacing data and analytics for the Canadian oil and gas landscape. 

Optimize your portfolio with project-ready geological data and analysis on key reservoirs and plays.

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Securely blend your internal, high-resolution data with Enverus analytics-ready data sets and models.

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Technical research, publications and direct access to industry experts that leverage today’s most advanced analytics and technology to deliver independent, third-party insight into oil and gas, power, liquefied natural gas and renewables.

Read More About Enverus Intelligence®

An essential set of O&G data analytics. Redeploy your team’s bandwidth to higher value analysis and strategy with clean analytics-ready data sets.

Read More About Enverus Foundations®

Analyze more deals, spot emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the competition with the industry’s most comprehensive M&A database for oil and gas.  

Read more about Oil & Gas M&A Analytics

Capitalize on potential returns of electron and molecule-based energy transition technologies with instant access to comprehensive M&A deal insights.

Learn More About Energy Transition M&A

Technology and advanced analytics to bolster critical decision-making.

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Eliminate costly trial and error, and pinpoint optimal spacing the first time.

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Be empowered to chart your own way through the energy transition.

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PRISM is the new operating system powering decisions at the speed of thought across the full energy value chain, upstream to downstream, power and renewables.

Read More About Enverus PRISM®

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