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Guided by Our Values: One Team, Partners for Life, Courageous Innovation

Our Culture

At Enverus, our Core Values shape our culture. These values guide the way we work, the way we interact with one another, and play a key role in how we make strategic decisions that will guide our company’s growth. Our value-based culture has created an environment where employees feel supported and appreciated, with a focus on inclusive and growth-minded experiences where we all can thrive. At our core, Enverus is a family. We are proud of the work we do and how together we are helping to create the new energy economy.

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Our amazing employees live by our Core Values: One Team, Partners for Life and Courageous Innovation creating a culture that is inclusive, supportive and fun.

Meredith Gendell | Chief Human Resources Officer

Core Values

One Team

Open collaboration and teamwork are how we build trusting relationships, and we value diversity, equity and inclusion in all interactions. We treat each other with respect and team members demonstrate integrity and reliability in all they do. We work hard and don’t miss a chance to say thank you or to celebrate our wins and successes with each other; we take time and value having fun at work. We are one team.

Partners for Life

We listen intently to the needs of our partners, both internally and externally. We passionately take on challenges; and our focus is on fresh ideas and solutions that promise to deliver the highest levels of quality, service, and value. We do our best, and we push each other to be better along the way. With all of this, trust is the foundation. We are known for excellence. We build partnerships for life.

Courageous Innovation

We drive to be the best at what we do and in turn help our customers be the best at what they do. Our curiosity and our passion for learning is our biggest advantage for our customers. Delivering revolutionary ideas and solutions that disrupt old ways of thinking to accelerate the success of our customers is where we excel. We are nimble, delivering ideas and solutions quickly without sacrificing quality, service or value. We innovate courageously.

Living Our Values

In 2022, Enverus launched Intelligent Connections, our brand awareness and messaging campaign. Our goal was to ensure our employees and customers understand who we are and the important role within the energy industry. As part of this launch, we held a contest, asking employees to create a project that showcased their understanding of Intelligent Connections.

Employees could create anything, either individually or in a group. Overall, we had close to 1,000 participants, with more than 600 projects that included artwork, poems, a board game and so much more. Below is the winning group submission, a music video created by Dylan Cobb and Shane Redell.

Learn more about the intelligent connections Enverus is creating, helping our customers thrive in the rapidly changing energy industry.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Matters

When it comes to DE&I, we’ve made progress but there’s always room for improvement. We work together to address new challenges and we understand everyone’s participation is essential to make positive change happen. We believe diversity in our workforce makes us better and continue to enhance how we recruit, train and develop our employees. To encourage unique perspectives, we make space for everyone to be heard and foster an environment that inspires greater cultural awareness. We’ve also created safe spaces for different identity groups to learn from and support one another, and we provide regular training on unconscious bias, building an inclusive culture and amplifying all voices. To help us meet these goals, we maintain a Steering Committee, comprised of teammates from around the globe, dedicated to making us DE&I leaders in the technology industry.

Today’s technology landscape is competitive. This only makes a focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that much more crucial when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. But more importantly, it’s the right thing to do!

Jonathan Garrett | VP, Customer Success and DE&I Steering Committee Chair

Enverus is proud to be recognized for our innovative products and people.

Awards & Recognition

We Give Back

We have a long track record of investing in the communities we live and work in and supporting each other in times of need. Our Volunteering & Community Service team organizes fundraisers and volunteering opportunities, and we encourage our team members to take time to volunteer and give back to their communities.

Our Volunteering & Community Service team has centralized the community work we’ve been doing all along. It’s been so inspiring to see the tremendous growth, interest from around the globe, and ability to funnel that energy into a corporate donation program.

Lauren Schneider | Territory Manager

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