Identify the Prime Locations to Site Your Power Assets

Discover prime potential locations for your next power project in a fraction of the time and cost. Identify surface parcels with ample buildable acreage in areas with desirable infrastructure for interconnection, available transmission capacity, high power prices and other desirable characteristics.

Efficiently Find Prime Sites for Your Next Power Project

Project Developers & Utilities




Project Developers & Utilities

Siting analysis can be time consuming and expensive. Enverus Power & Renewables solutions help you quickly identify the most promising locations for your projects.

  • Quickly find surface parcels with ample buildable acreage and associated ownership information in favorable areas.
  • Utilize power infrastructure, project queue and LMPs, among other geolocated data, alongside each other for quick geospatial analysis.
  • Utilize advanced analytics to understand grid conditions, decompose the impacts of congestion on flows and power prices, and analyze available transmission capacity at the proposed point of interconnection.


Nearly 80% of projects in the queue do not make it to commercial operations. Investors need to understand where competing projects are and what the siting suggests about the likelihood of eventual project success.

  • Analyze the potential for success of competing projects in a crowded project queue.
  • Compare and evaluate the projects and portfolios of various developers for the likelihood of success.

Comprehensive Power Asset Siting With Enverus

Quickly Find Buildable Sites

Find the perfect location for power project development and increase your returns. With Enverus Power & Renewables solutions, you can quickly do an in-depth analysis of potential sites, saving valuable time and resources.

Save time screening sites

Maximize profitability

Immediate access to land ownership details

Your Advantage

  • Utilize all the necessary data in one easy-to-use platform to widen your funnel of opportunities with quick, replicable workflows.
  • Understand the pros and cons of different surface parcels based on proximity to power infrastructure and any competing projects in the area.
  • Analyze surface parcels based on customizable buildable acreage constraints.
  • Understand grid conditions and decompose the impacts of congestion and the available transmission capacity at the potential points of interconnection.
  • Save time business development and outreach with access to surface land ownership information.

Find Project Sites With Favorable LMPs

Siting projects in areas with favorable LMPs means higher revenue potential. With Enverus Power & Renewables solutions, you can quickly and accurately identify areas with the highest power pricing, maximizing your returns and outpacing your competition.

Find the highest power prices

Understand drivers of pricing

Minimize risks from volatility

Your Advantage

  • Discover the most profitable areas for power projects with years of high-level and granular LMP trend analysis.
  • Access accurate solar- and wind-weighted LMP information.
  • Manage risk with real-time and day-ahead market pricing analysis.
  • Decompose the impacts of grid congestion on power flows and, ultimately, LMPs.

Reduce Siting Risks by Understanding the Basis Risk

Ignoring basis risk when siting a project exposes you to potentially significant financial losses and project failure risk. Enverus Power & Renewables solutions assist in the evaluation and decomposition of LMPs, helping you identifying the most promising points of interconnection.

Assess future locational risks

Reduce due diligence costs

Reduce risk with full-scale studies

Your Advantage

  • Evaluate the risk of future location-based fluctuations in node-zone pricing.
  • Reduce due diligence expenses by screening locations with the most favorable node-zone basis differential.
  • Conduct comprehensive analyses, including congestion and available transmission capacity assessments to identify the most compelling sites.

Boost Project Siting Confidence With Advanced ATC

Elevate your project success by leveraging ATC for precise point of interconnection (POI) selection, ensuring heightened confidence in your site choices. Uncover the most dynamic POIs over specific timeframes and the reasons influencing ATC, empowering strategic decision-making for optimal project outcomes.

Find Optimal Project Sites

Avoid Risky POI

Reduce Injection Study Costs

Your Advantage

  • Discover optimal points of interconnection (POls) with desired
  • Gain insights into which POls are the most volatile over a specific timeframes
  • Understand the underlying reasons behind ATC

Assess Battery Storage Potential

Properly assessing battery storage potential reduces development costs and increases the likelihood of project success.

Find power storage opportunities

Maximize project potential

Assess risks from nearby power development

Your Advantage

  • Quickly identify promising areas for battery storage development with storage arbitrage analytics.
  • Find out if battery storage is a profitable addition to your power assets by filtering for areas with high volatility, peak and trough differential, and DA/RT spreads.
  • Understand how storage assets may fit into the different point of the grid given the reasons around congestion and the drivers of pricing.

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