Maximize Opportunities in the Oilfield With Enverus Oilfield Benchmarking Solutions

Are you ready to take your oilfield service business to the next level? With Enverus as your trusted partner, you will make the most out of every opportunity and boost efficiency at every stage of the well lifecycle. Our robust workflows provide insights that lead you to optimized strategies. Make the most of your resources and stay ahead in the competitive oilfield service industry.

Maximize Value Across Your Team

Sales Executive




Market Analysts


Sales Executive

In a dynamic market, knowledge is your greatest asset. The more you understand your customers and the market, the better you can position yourself for success. Don’t postpone your growth. Understand the market inside and out and empower your team to win more work.

  • Strengthen your sales team’s ability to identify and pursue opportunities, even in volatile markets.
  • Validate your strategy with comprehensive data and make critical decisions quickly.


Are you frustrated with the continuous battle to make sense of your data? Your time is valuable. Let us take care of collecting and interpreting data so you get insights that are relevant to your business. Leverage advanced, easy-to-use workflows to get the detailed information you need, at the right time.

  • Benchmark operators and identify your customer’s pain points.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your product’s performance and make smart decisions for optimization.

Market Analysts

You are immersed in the world of data, frequently needing to understand complicated market dynamics quickly. Without the proper resources at hand, this can be a time consuming process and put you short of the full picture needed to make decisions. Think of Enverus as your ready-to-use data analytics and boots on the ground solution. Access a wealth of data spanning the entire well lifecycle and stay ahead of the market.

  • Understand market trends to fuel strategic growth and capital allocation.
  • Evaluate and strengthen your position in the market.

Streamline Oilfield Benchmarking to Optimize Decisions

Go Beyond Permits and Dig Deeper Into Market Opportunities

With limited data available, it’s a challenge to know which wells best fit your business. Rest assured, you don’t have to be an expert on every customer in every basin. With Enverus, you can filter the noise to stay ahead of market trends. We empower you to build a holistic industry view and target the right opportunities. Choose facts over assumptions and elevate your growth strategy today.

Track operator activity with basin-level insights

View your addressable market

Forecast macro supply/demand and rig counts

Your Advantage

  • Perform deep analysis from drilled vs. undrilled permits to rig efficiencies and contractor/operator insights.
  • Evaluate historical trends and spuds through time by operator or basin.
  • Monitor competitor market share by uncovering insights into rig equipment.

Elevate Your Well Completion Sales Strategies

In the quest to outshine competitors, it’s essential to access comprehensive data at your fingertips. Enverus offers the key to optimizing your sales approach. Seamlessly access a wealth of insights, benchmark your performance, forecast completion and frac counts by basin and identify ideal customers to grow your business. Access all the information you need in a single platform.

Get ahead of rig and frac crew activity

Identify the highest ROI opportunities

Save time collecting and maintaining data

Your Advantage

  • Gain insights into recent and historical rigs, frac crews and pumping trends.
  • Benchmark completion strategies leveraging proppant intensity and fluid intensity.
  • Discover chemical buyers, products and frequency of use.

Gain a Competitive Edge With Well-Level Production Insights

What truly distinguishes you from the competition is the precision and timeliness of your analysis. Enverus equips you with on-demand well-level production insights – data that’s often challenging to locate. We’re a one-stop shop for these insights that will distinguish your products and technology from competitors. Spend less time sifting through data and more time building relationships and selling.

Assess current market needs

Identify market growth opportunities

Benchmark against your competitors

Your Advantage

  • Analyze first and cumulative production.
  • Benchmark casing and artificial lift (size/length).
  • Access directional surveys and logs.
  • View salt water disposal wells and injection volumes.
  • Highlight your technology improving well economics for the E&P.

Ready to Get Started?

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