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OpenContract PriceBook: Price Management for Oil and Gas

Create, track and compile your price books, agreements, pricing changes and terms & conditions on one platform made for decentralized oil and gas operations. Save time with automatic price validation and compliance. Optimize spend with pricing reporting and spend analytics. Boost supplier collaboration with built-in price negotiation and access to the largest oil and gas supplier network.

Apply the Right Price to the Right Document

Adhere to price agreements, apply the latest prices, track pricing exceptions and realize terms with a single source of truth. Plus, match invoices, orders and field tickets against price books, terms and agreements.


Benefits of OpenContract PriceBook for Oil and Gas Price Management

Optimize Spend Management

Track complex pricing and spend with custom cross-functional reporting.

Improve Collaboration With Service Providers

Operators and service providers can manage disputes and pricing changes directly in OpenInvoice®.

Accelerate Processing and Approval Times

Ensuring both parties are using the latest agreed-upon pricing reduces errors and improves pricing compliance without the need for audits.

Detect Spend Leakage Early

Evaluate agreements, identify common leaks like payment terms and block no-match invoices.

Solution Overview: OpenContract PriceBook Price Management Software

Want to make a more informed decision? Our solution overview explains how OpenContract PriceBook empowers upstream and midstream operators to manage price books, agreements and terms & conditions for better price compliance and spend control.

Coupled with OpenInvoice®, OpenTicket® and OpenOrder, OpenContract PriceBook validates and matches invoices, field tickets and orders against pricing for easy three- and four-way matching.

Why OpenContract PriceBook?

Spend Leakage Prevention to Maximize Free Cash Flow
Stop rogue spend before it occurs. Evaluate pricing and identify common leaks like payment terms, incorrect pricing and erroneous invoices. Then automatically reject non-compliant invoices by setting compliance rules. All so you prevent leakage and boost your bottom line.
Integral Part of a Source-to-Pay Suite Made for Oil and Gas
OpenContract PriceBook is part of Enverus’ integrated suite transforming oil and gas source-to-pay on a single platform. Our platform optimizes spend management and increases operating efficiency with workflow automation and a 360° view on spend across your entire procure-to-pay process.
Built-In Buyer-Supplier Price Negotiation and Collaboration
Operators and service providers collaborate on price books and agreements directly in OpenContract PriceBook with price change rules and notification alerts. With zero red tape and a shorter turnaround, your team focuses on maximizing production instead.
Line-Item Spend Analytics and Input Price Lock In One Place

Mitigate supply chain disruption by gaining visibility into compliance with general ledger reporting. And with Spend Analytics, you and your team examine line items referencing price books and agreements for a more complete picture of your procurement spend.

Our Input Price Lock-in lets you set purchase price thresholds to limit the impact of volatile commodity prices.

Access to the Largest Oil & Gas Supplier Network With Complimentary Onboarding
The Enverus network connects you to more than 35,000 active suppliers, so your suppliers are likely already in our network. But if not, our dedicated support team will onboard your suppliers at no extra cost. We handle adoption so you can focus on value-added tasks.
Software Implementation Services Included With OpenContract PriceBook
Accelerate your time-to-value with structured change management. Our Professional Services team will ease your transition to OpenContract PriceBook and optimize your usage so you can maximize your return on your software investment.

Case Study: Discovery Natural Resources Implements Enverus Touchless Invoicing Technology

Discover how our Professional Services team helped Discovery Natural Resources enjoy a streamlined, accelerated implementation of touchless invoicing technology, maintain 90% price compliance and auto-approve 400 invoices within the first month.

OpenContract PriceBook Features

Revision Comparisons

Price Alert Rules

Procurement Auto-Coding

In-Line Spend Metrics

Approval Workflows

Get a free demo to see these and more OpenContract PriceBook features in action.

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