accelerate invoice processing

Save time and increase staff productivity with powerful accounts payable automation connected to the industry’s largest buyer-supplier network. 


OpenInvoice, an accounts payable software solution, connects oil & gas companies to their vendor network to accelerate the invoice process. Automation saves time on processing and approvals, speeds up vendor collaboration and payment and provides visibility into spend.

Openinvoice connects oil & gas companies to their vendor network


Accelerate Invoice Processing

Accelerate Invoice Processing

Automation reduces workload, enables faster payment and allows early pay discounts.

Improve Cost Management

Improve Cost Management

Better spend visibility keeps costs in line by detecting rogue spend and pricing exceptions, and provides early insight into budget problems.

Increase Supplier Adoption

Increase Supplier Adoption

Connect to the largest oil & gas vendor network for real-time collaboration and quick reconciliation.

Focus on Critical Work

Focus on Critical Work

A streamlined, automated process saves time by reducing manual processes, so you can focus on critical business tasks.

Solution Overview: OpenInvoice

Learn more about OpenInvoice, an accounts payable software solution that helps operators, service companies, and midstream companies collaborate with their vendor network to automate compliance and reconciliation of invoice to purchase order, pricing contracts, and field tickets.


Save Time with automation

Automatic compliance and reconciliation checking, automatic code validation and invoice approvals, supplier collaboration tools, a mobile approval app, and the ability to receive pre-coded invoices reduce the invoice cycle time from weeks to days and reduces the AP workload.

reduce your ap workload with touchless invoicing

Automatic code validation and invoice approvals reduce the number of manual touchpoints required to process low-value invoices. 

improve spend managment

Integrate OpenInvoice with your existing procurement and contact management systems. Automatic compliance and reconciliation checking make it easier to maintain price compliance, and robust reporting provides insights and information to control spend leakage.

“We save about 10,000 AP work hours annually with OpenInvoice.”

Chief Accounting Officer, Callon Petroleum

how it works

Service provider / operator - auto-approval

options to fit your business



Ideal for operators, midstream, and OFS companies that process <10,000 invoices per year Ideal for operators, midstream, and OFS companies that process a high volume of invoices per year
Invoice Automation
  • Dispute resolution workflow
  • Mobile approval capability
  • AFE, cost center, and coding validation
  • Robust reporting
OpenInvoice OpenInvoice
Payment and Discount Management
  • Dynamic discounting capabilities
  • Virtual Card Program
  • Electronic Payment
Spend Management
  • ERP and contract management integration
  • Price book collaboration
  • Robust reporting
  • Analysis tools
Field Ticket Management
  • Supplier and buyer portal
  • Mobile approval and dispute resolution
  • Reconciliation with price books, purchase orders, work orders, and invoices
  • Integration with morning reporting software
  • Automated rentals


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