OpenMaterials: Inventory Management Software for Oil and Gas

OpenMaterials makes it easy to view inventory by location and easily order and receive items while financially logging transfers, minimizing downtime. Combined with OpenOrder, the Enverus digital ordering solution, OpenMaterials adds physical and financial inventory and materials tracking and transfer capabilities to a streamlined pricing, ordering, receiving and invoicing workflow. 

Benefits of OpenMaterials: Inventory Management Software

Optimize Inventory

Get near real-time visibility into available inventory and in-use items to reduce waste. 

Streamline and Automate

Streamline and automate the financial accounting process of material transfers of capital assets. 

Boost Efficiency

Boost efficiency with an integrated digital solution for materials handling—orders, receipts, transfers, inventory and pricing. 

What’s Included With OpenMaterials?

Increase Inventory Visibility

See inventory and inventory histories across all storage and operational locations  

Digitally connect warehouses, yards and pieces of serialized equipment to the solution with built-in QR code and out-of-the-box support for Zebra label generation for Zebra printing. 

View turnover performance of in-demand inventory. 

Easily view and report on material availability and historical use by location, item and date. 

Get “from” and “to” value visibility, by serial number or weighted-average cost. 

Accurate, Timely Transfers

Get what you need, when you need it. Make transfer requests, process goods receipts, query inventory levels and locations, and perform cycle counts from your mobile device  

Leverage a robust, highly configurable transfer workflow that automates much of the financial accounting of material movement. It can be as simple or as segregated as your controls policies require, from one-, two- or three-step approvals of transfers. 

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Leverages the existing accounting setup used for OpenTicket® and OpenInvoice®. 

Report on the history of transfers by location, by item type or serial number. Track the history of a pump unit from purchase to write-off. Use configurable bulk export features or our APIs to integrate loading completed transfer information into your accounting system.

Connect the Field to the Office and Other Inventory Storage Locations

Integration with OpenContract PriceBook, OpenOrder, OpenTicket and OpenInvoice unlocks large efficiencies from reduced data entry and automated reconciliation. 

Ensure that all items, whether they’re located in the field or in the warehouse, are connected to your item master and provide detailed information about their location, condition and value. Functionality includes asset write-downs and write-offs. 

Mobile app makes accepting goods receipts and placing transfer requests easy for field personnel. 

Keep critical items at minimum stock levels and make reordering of them easy.

Well sites don’t have a record of materials in use there? No sweat! Add items on-the-fly as part of a transfer back to a yard or warehouse… or another well site.

How OpenMaterials Works

End-to-End Materials Management From Requisition to Well Site

From purchase orders to field transfers and everything in between, OpenOrder and OpenMaterials integrate seamlessly to provide visibility, spend control and automated inventory management every step of the way.   

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Why OpenMaterials for Inventory Management?

Access the largest industry network of buyers and suppliers

Connect to the industry’s largest network of 40,000+ active suppliers to experience the immediate value of digital purchase orders with minimal supplier onboarding and improved collaboration. 

Spend control and advanced automation with seamless integration

Pair OpenOrder with Enverus OpenContract PriceBook, OpenMaterials, OpenTicket and OpenInvoice for a seamless, automated, trackable procurement process, from order to invoice. This unlocks the full power of workflow automation and spend visibility, reduces processing overhead, manual order-to-invoice reconciliation and rogue spend.   

Procurement software designed for the unique needs of energy businesses

Unlike industry-agnostic procurement software, OpenOrder was made to serve the unique needs of energy businesses. With the flexibility to order services and materials on a purchase order, you can manage ordering in one place.  

Also, choose the configuration that’s right for you. Manage purchase orders in OpenOrder or integrate with your ERP/procurement system to benefit from connection to the Enverus supplier network. 

Ready to Get Started?

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