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Confidently Deliver Your Investment Thesis, Complete With Risks and Opportunities

Understand and demonstrate how your power and renewables asset fits within the fast-paced world of the energy transition. Compare project economics across technologies, understand policies, track technology trends and more to uncover risks and opportunities across different markets. Create an investment thesis underpinned by data, analytics and intelligence to deliver to investors with confidence.

Form an Investment-Grade Thesis for the Future of Your Business

Project Developers






Project Developers

Enverus Power & Renewables solutions can identify the most favorable markets for development and create confidence in the long-term viability and economics of projects.

  • Identify policy drivers and their impact on incentives and project economics.
  • Understand how the changing generation mix and load profiles will impact power prices and the long-term viability of your project portfolio.
  • Identify risks and opportunities based on the competitive landscape and the topography of the grid.


Enverus Power & Renewables solutions help navigate through the noise in a crowded market where lots of capital is competing for a few standout return opportunities.

  • In a world where 80% of power plant projects never reach commercial operations, understand which developer portfolios present the highest likelihood for success.
  • Identify the markets and projects that have favorable policy, incentives and pricing to ensure high-return investments.
  • Compare economics across all potential investment opportunities in the energy transition space to optimally allocate your capital.
  • Better understand the risks and opportunities that emerging technologies and constraints place on your existing portfolio and potential investments.


Understand the changing energy mix and its impacts to stay ahead of its impacts on your service areas.

  • Understand how the changing energy mix and load profiles will impact power prices and costs.
  • Build data-, analytics- and intelligence-driven theses for your future investments and demonstrate their value to investors, regulators and customers.
  • Benchmark yourself against other utilities in the collective quest towards net zero.

Comprehensive Energy Transition Intelligence

Understand How an Asset Fits Within the Context of the Energy Transition

Create an investment-grade thesis for your power and renewables asset that takes into consideration the rapidly evolving energy transition space, complete with an analysis of risks and upside opportunities.

Analyze the changing energy mix

Form a thorough investment theses

Understand competitive landscape

Your Advantage

  • Understand the macro drivers of the energy transition and how assets fit within it.
  • Assess the comparative economics of different investment opportunities.
  • Assess how policy and incentives will drive the future generation mix in different markets.

Identify the Best Markets for Investment

Understand the risks and opportunities in different markets. Confidently identify the geographies in which to spend your time and monitor the others.

Identify favorable markets

Generate ideas based on prevailing market trends

Confidently focus your team’s efforts

Your Advantage

  • Identify markets in which policy and incentives give rise to favorable project economics.
  • Easily find areas in which resource planning favors certain technologies.
  • Quickly assess the impacts of changing generation mix and load profiles on your asset.
  • Find energy communities eligible for Energy Community Tax Credit Bonuses.

Understand the Competitive Landscape

Assess the competition around your asset portfolio or potential projects to increase the chances of reaching commercial operations and minimize the risk of future competition from impacting your desired returns.

Understand the project development landscape

Increase the likelihood of project commercialization

Analyze the impacts of future changes in the market

Your Advantage

  • Quickly analyze the project queue and statuses to understand the competition in a given area.
  • Decompose and analyze what drives power pricing and congestion.
  • Assess the constraints that are most impactful to your asset or area of interest.
  • Assess the likelihood that projects within the queue will be completed based on Enverus proprietary models.

Never Miss an Opportunity

Stay informed on all things power markets and energy transition to monitor the health of your investments and generate new investment ideas.

Monitor the markets where you operate

Stay plugged into the newest trends and technologies

Explore new markets and opportunities

Your Advantage

  • Monitor CAISO, SPP, ERCOT, MISO, PJM, MYISO, and ISO-NE power markets with expert insights and commentary to ensure you are always in the know.
  • Learn the ins and outs of new markets quickly to form new ideas and expand your opportunity set.
  • Stay ahead of changing technology and trends to ensure you take the right steps to minimize risk and maximize returns.

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