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Supermajors Pile Into Low-Carbon GOM Acreage

Offshore Gulf of Mexico (GOM) is becoming the destination of choice for international oil companies seeking new, low-carbon acreage to explore and develop. Lease Sale 257 on Nov. 17 garnered $192 million in winning bids, about double the average of the previous seven auctions, across 170 deep- and 140 shallow-water blocks. The sale went ahead […]

Attacking Methane Emissions Beyond Oil and Gas

A recent Associated Press article titled “Biden’s climate plan aims to reduce methane emissions” states, “The centerpiece of U.S. actions is a long-awaited rule from the Environmental Protection Agency to tighten methane regulations for the oil and gas sector.” It also says, “The oil and natural gas industry is the nation’s largest industrial source of […]

COP26 and the Long Road to Decarbonization

We were curious to see what would happen during this week’s 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26. After all, commitments to net zero emissions need to be coupled with realistic pathways for their delivery, and so far, they have not been. Previous pledges on climate action have gone unfulfilled and governments have struggled […]

What Drives Exploration Acreage Bid Valuations at Lease Sales?

Accurately understanding bid prices at lease sales is an arduous task for exploration teams. Several variables contribute to a block’s risk and cost, such as the presence of de-risked play concepts, an operator’s confidence in prospect interpretation, proximity to infrastructure, macro environment and political landscape, among others. While some of those factors are subjective and […]

Automation and Operations Excellence in Energy: Five Things You Should Know

“In five years, the invoice as we know it today won’t exist.” This is just one example of the many thought-provoking statements presented during the 2021 SPARK Conference. Since its inception, the SPARK Conference’s driving purpose has been to help energy professionals navigate present and potential future challenges with thought leadership focused on process automation, […]
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