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Ranking the Rock

One tool Enverus uses to evaluate and analyze different regions of a play is generating distinct geographical regions. Enverus uses a 2D map clustering algorithm to create geologically similar regions that are ranked based on rock characteristics. We then look at other factors like well activity, productivity and cost structure to assign breakevens to each […]

Oil Demand at 2024

It is Nov. 13, 2024, and for the first time in five years, global oil demand is set to average just over 100 MMbbl/d annually. Oil consumption trod a long and uneven path to get here. While the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the energy “transition” in the OECD, oil is experiencing a surprising renaissance in non-OECD […]

Learn What It Means to Democratize Forward Curve Generation

Does your trade floor have a separation of powers? Our Enverus team members focused on trading and risk always attend the Energy Trading Risk Summit to soak in the thinking and logic of risk analysts. It’s inspiring and fascinating to see the lengths risk managers will go to protect data integrity and implement mitigation strategies. […]

Southern Delaware – The Children Need Space

Well results in the southern Delaware Basin degraded severely in recent years. Although early parent well delineation presented enticing recoveries, as operators tightened well spacing and introduced child well drilling, meaning a second, third or even fourth well in close proximity to the original one, oil recoveries and economic returns suffered. Compared with the northern […]

Enverus Makes Sense of the Madness to Drive Trading Profits

Energy trading risk and market volatility derived from the U.S. presidential election are best managed with verified, accurate news and data management Enverus is delivering secure, validated and intelligent data solutions to commodity trading companies navigating the complex and dramatic impacts of geopolitics — and the current U.S. election — on energy commodity markets. Will […]

What is Joint Interest Billing (JIB) in oil and gas accounting?

Joint Interest Billing, or JIB, is form of accounting specific to the oil and gas industry. Because the industry can be high risk, high reward, it’s common for different parties to invest in a single drilling project. Shareholders within the joint venture have different responsibilities and privileges. A JIB statement divides the expenses and revenue […]

Dipping an Analytical Toe Into the Deep Basin

The Alberta Deep Basin encompasses stacked hydrocarbon-bearing intervals, allowing many operator to target multiple intervals to boost economics. Unlike other similar plays such as the Montney or Midland Basin, the Deep Basin’s zones are more conventional, meaning they consist of discontinuous shorefaces and winding channels deposited millions of years ago. As a result, the regional […]

Enverus Launches Next Generation CurveBuilder Technology

Austin, Texas (October 26, 2020) — Enverus, the leading energy SaaS and data analytics company, has released the next generation of CurveBuilder, its leading forward curves data management software. The new web-based CurveBuilder empowers all users within the trade floor — from traders to risk analysts — to create complex forward curve formulas in seconds […]

Midstream Exposure to Federal Lands

With the U.S. presidential election less than two weeks away, a potential Joe Biden victory and his promise of restricting access to federal lands are top of mind for investors. While many oil and gas producers could lose inventory and long-term production potential, midstream companies who hold immobile, hard assets on federal lands and deliver […]

ConocoPhillips acquires Concho Resources for $13.3 billion in the largest pure shale deal since 2011

ConocoPhillips is acquiring Permian heavyweight Concho Resources in an all-stock deal for $49.30 per share (total equity value of $9.7 billion) and a total enterprise value of $13.3 billion. The acquisition adds 550,000 net acres in the Permian (350,000 Delaware acres and 200,000 Midland acres) plus 200,000 bbl/d oil output and 719 MMcf/d gas production […]

More Than Just a Stick on a Map

The Austin Chalk Formation continues to produce some of the most prolific horizontal wells across the Lower 48. In Karnes County, the core of the Eagle Ford play in South Texas, Austin Chalk oil recoveries since 2018 averaged 60% higher than those of the Lower Eagle Ford, another drilling target in the area. Despite the […]

Chum Salmon Operations, La Nina Bullish for 2020 BPA Hydro

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Columbia River System is most known for marketing the power in one of the world’s largest hydroelectric systems, but that’s not all. Since the passage of the 1980 Northwest Power Planning and Conservation Act, BPA is responsible for supporting fish and wildlife conservation programs. In early October water levels are […]

Eagle Ford Capital Allocation

The price collapse earlier this year forced players across the upstream industry to slash initial spending estimates and concentrate resources on a smaller core asset base. With this year’s budgets averaging roughly 60% of 2019 levels, capital efficiency and consistency of returns were key considerations as companies refreshed their 2020 guidance. Relative capital allocation provides […]

Enverus’ SPARK Conference Set to Ignite Innovation

Austin, Texas (October 9, 2020) — Enverus, the leading oil and gas SaaS and data analytics company, is inviting members of the media to SPARK, its new, free virtual one-day conference on Oct. 14, 2020. SPARK attendees will gain insight from Enverus’ leadership in an 18-month outlook, learn about innovating through the downturn, and how […]

Why Now Is The Right Time For Operators To Adopt Virtual Cards

The old saying ‘you have to spend money to make money’ is often correct. But what if the money you are already spending could be turned into revenue? OpenInvoice has partnered with Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) to provide a virtual card payment option for operators to streamline and optimize payments. This method of paying vendors has many benefits including: Effortless […]

Oil and Gas Industry Continues Tightrope Walk

Austin, Texas (October 7, 2020) — Enverus, the leading oil and gas SaaS and data analytics company, has released its latest FundamentalEdge report, A Hard Balance: The Persistent Oil Glut and the Coming US Gas Shortage, providing the company’s market outlook and view of where the oil, natural gas and NGL markets are headed over […] Launches LiensDirect™, a Streamlined Lien Research and Lead Generation Solution

Houston, Texas (October 6, 2020) — announces the launch of LiensDirect, a streamlined solution to identify individuals and companies who have recently had county or federal liens filed against them.  LiensDirect offers a comprehensive solution for lien searches and business lead generation. The tool automatically searches and analyzes all lien filings in county clerk […]

When Midstream Shows Its Teeth

Understanding volume risk has become a major concern for midstream operators and their investors as commodity price volatility this year impaired growth expectations among upstream counterparties. Once regarded as relatively safe investments due to contracted volumes and seemingly endless production growth, the midstream industry (loosely defined as the companies that gather, process and transport hydrocarbons) […]

OPEC + Cuts: Credit Where It’s Due

OPEC’s oil market balancing challenge got tougher and more complex over the past two decades. The organization cut oil production in the face of the 2008 financial crisis, the surge in U.S. liquids growth and most recently the COVID-19 crisis. The scale of OPEC cuts required to balance the market through these crises has risen […]

DUCs Thin the Bill

During the height of the downturn in May, rigs and completions crews dwindled quickly – completion crews dropped over 85% while the rig count dropped 60% in just three months. That disconnect helped create a large accumulation of drilled uncompleted (DUC) wells as E&Ps waited for higher prices before completing wells and turning them sales. Operator […]

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