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Manage your entire portfolio of Minerals, Royalties and Non-Operated Working Interests with purpose-built technology to capture missing revenue and maximize returns on your oil & gas investments.

MineralSoft allows Mineral Owners to determine well-status around their properties – including shut-in wells.

Uncover Missing Revenue and Find, Buy and Sell Properties

Verify Accuracy of Your Payments

Compare check stub data with production, verify decimals and deductions, and make sure you’re being paid on every well you own.

Identify Investment Opportunities

Proactive alerts for new permits, completions, and producing wells in owned acreage and units, areas of interest, and adjacent properties in a portfolio.

Get Alerts for Missing Payments

Set up custom alerts for any time a payor misses sending a check, you don’t receive payment for an individual well, or there’s a gap when payors change.

Land and Revenue Data in One Place

Save valuable time by accessing everything in one intuitive platform. Get accurate information on production volumes, rig locations and permit details alongside your land records and revenue data.

Quickly Access Historical and Current Revenue Data

With check stub data available in the platform, you can view your revenue data by acquisition, well, unit and more.

Visualize Prospects on the Map

Use advanced search and filtering to build custom, interactive maps based on your needs, and get real-time access to new data and activity.

Eliminate Manual Data Entry and Analyze Portfolio Performance

On-Demand Professional Services
Our team of seasoned energy professionals provides you with full service asset management or a tailored mix of services to augment your in-house resources.

EnergyLink and Oildex Integration
Access your revenue statements, volumes and pricing data in real time for accounting and analysis.

Drillinginfo Integration
Real-time access to well data, production volumes, permits and rig activity at your fingertips in context with your own data.

Customized Reporting
Use data to make better business decisions with customized reports from any data in the system.

NRI Calculations
Automatically forecast and calculate NRI using land ownership records with predictions and real-time verification of ownership interest.

Revenue Analysis
Track revenue and investment returns by acquisitions, well or unit. Analyze the financial performance of units, individual wells and property acquisitions.

What enverus can do for you

Maximize your mineral investments with purpose-built technology.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Insights into revenue, expenses and assets performance to help you stay on top of your mineral and non-operated portfolio.

Pinpoint New Opportunities

Sophisticated mapping and data integrations allow you to spot, evaluate and acquire faster than ever.

Maximize Portfolio Returns

Portfolio tracking and data analytics provide strategic insights. Audit tools and alerts uncover missing revenue.

Optimize Operational Spending

Leverage our experienced services team to keep your operation lean and agile.

Preserve and Grow Mineral Income

Spot winning opportunities, manage assets and maximize returns.

Ensure Accurate Payments

Verify decimal interests, production volumes and deductions between land record and check stubs.

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