Your data and our data – better together. Realize optimal returns based on complete insights with proprietary data integration in PRISM.

Amplify Workflows With Easy, Fast Data Integration

FUSION CONNECT allows you to easily integrate your proprietary data directly to PRISM

Only Enverus offers the ability to compare your data to trusted Enverus analytics that are based on 20+ years of market intelligence and machine learning, in the powerful PRISM platform. This view makes it easy for analyst, asset, geology and engineering teams to seamlessly share information and make asset development decisions that deliver the best returns.

Make Intelligent Connections For Extraordinary Outcomes With the Power of Fusion Connect

Unlock Unlimited Workflows With the Power of PRISM

What will YOU build?

Individual data sets are valuable, but they are truly powerful when combined with best-in-class Enverus data and analytics plus competitor information in one place.  Connect external information to PRISM and visualize your data and Enverus analytics together. This combination unlocks unlimited new workflows, and makes sharing across teams is easy.

Fusion Connect Benefits

Make Optimal Decisions

View insights based on workflows that use all available data sources, rather than third party or proprietary data alone.

Maximize Collaboration

Simplified integration of Enverus and proprietary data in one platform, accessible by multiple teams, streamlines collaboration and knowledge sharing, so you get answers faster.

Reduce IT Costs

Capitalize on the existing powerful PRISM platform that is backed by large-scale ongoing development, innovation and maintenance.

Fusion Connect Workflows Use the Most Complete Insights

Fusion Connect Solution Overview

Learn more about how to use Fusion Connect to gain optimal returns based on the most complete insights.

Fusion Connect
is just the beginning.

It is the first stage in creating a world of customization where our models and data can be blended with your own data and assumptions.

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Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.

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