Source. Procure. Invoice. With Source-to-Pay for Oil & Gas

Automate procurement workflows and leverage spend analytics on one platform. Save time, manage costs and make informed decisions with a single source of truth for all your North American oil and gas operations.

With our Source-to-Pay suite, procurement, operations and accounts payable teams process large volumes of orders, tickets and invoices based on complex price agreements in one simple click.


End-to-End Oil and Gas Operations

Every time your team bounces between systems, you waste minutes that add up to days and months. Enverus Source-to-Pay suite connects your business goals, teams and partners on one platform — creating an experience they all love. Oh, and it will save you time and money!


Connect Your Teams

Procurement Manager


Operations Personnel


Accounts Payable Clerk


Procurement Manager

You run a tight schedule and an even tighter budget, overseeing millions in expenditures. The lack of timely visibility into spend makes capital management challenging and compliance policies hard to enforce.

What if you could demonstrate constant spend under management, even realizing a higher ROI than ever before, on all your purchases?

With Enverus Source-to-Pay’s price and order management and spend analytics, you can:

  • Automate procurement workflows and price compliance checks.
  • Gain a complete view of your incurred and accrued spend.
  • Identify sourcing opportunities with line-item spend analytics.
  • Improve price negotiations with price benchmarking on goods and services in different basins.

Operations Personnel

If one word could describe your job, it would be complex – from drawn-out project planning and navigating supplier relationships to maze-like procurement processes and long lead times. Meanwhile, you still need to meet production targets and control budgets.

Enverus Source-to-Pay order and field ticket management solutions help you keep projects on time and on budget. Plus, you weather supply chain disruptions by stretching your budget and managing your operations more effectively.

  • Place (un)planned orders quickly.
  • See work completion as it happens.
  • Standardize and streamline service callouts.
  • Get a full view of incurred spend vs budget.

Accounts Payable Clerk

*Open invoice, notice information missing, chase operations, exchange words with supplier or vendor, try filling gaps*. No wonder checking and matching price agreements, orders, receipts/tickets and invoices require a lot of effort. These headaches can add days to your workload.

Enverus Source-to-Pay integrates price, order, field ticket and invoice management to help you enforce price compliance, automate three-way matches and auto-approve invoices in days, not weeks. So, you can free up resources for other tasks and live your best paperless life.

  • Automate and streamline your accounts payable workflow, including three-way matching and invoice approvals.
  • Fast-track collaboration between buyers and suppliers with access to the largest oil and gas supplier and buyer network.
  • Issue payments faster and get a full view of incurred lease operating expenses (LOE) spend.
  • Track every pending or processed invoice.



Enverus Press Release - FundamentalEdge

Why Enverus Source-to-Pay?

NAM oil and gas largest network of buyers and suppliers

The Enverus network, growing since 2001, connects more than 380 upstream and midstream operators and 35,000 active suppliers.

Built for North American oil and gas

Each Enverus Source-to-Pay suite feature is created with your needs in mind so that your team can process even more invoices, field tickets and orders— without adding more staff.

Unmatched spend analytics

Each year more than $200 billion spend flows through Enverus Source-to-Pay suite. To leverage this data, we’ve built custom reporting and analytics into each Source-to-Pay solution.

Flexible, customizable cloud software

Enverus Source-to-Pay workflows are customizable to fit your business processes and integrate with 30+ financial and ERP systems and electronic field ticketing systems.

Streamlined Oil & Gas Operations With Enverus Source-to-Pay Suite

Optimize Capital Spending

It’s no secret supplier costs are rising. Given the nature of our industry and complex services, supplier rationalization and optimization can feel driven by anecdotes.

Enverus provides you with deep spend data analytics so you can prioritize strategic sourcing. With full accurate spend visibility, you forecast, report and audit with ease so you can better insulate your company from economic downturns.

Improve spend ROI

Rationalize supply chain

Minimize rogue & overspend

Your Advantage

  • Manage and process capital spend in one platform.
  • Compare pricing between suppliers.
  • Benchmark price by region and basin.
  • Negotiate win-win contracts.
  • Enforce price compliance.

Boost Price Compliance & Collaboration

At any given time, operators can manage hundreds to thousands of suppliers, making individual management challenging. While contractual agreements and obligations change constantly, meaning the volume of information can be overwhelming and reconciliation is time consuming.

With Enverus, both operator and supplier have complete visibility of all current rates and terms and can track price changes. A single source of truth for all your contractual agreements and obligations integrated with procurement and AP systems? Now three-way matching is a breeze. Your decentralized operations stay price compliant, no matter how many suppliers or price books.

Monitor price compliance and enforcement

Prevent off-contract spend

Automate price validation

Your Advantage

  • Workflow, visibility and reporting are available by spend category.
  • Use time-based terms for item and pricing compliance.
  • Stay current with enforceable and audited agreements.

Lower Opex, Operate Lean

There is increasing pressure to demonstrate operating efficiencies. But poor data quality means decision-making is flawed. Late visibility into LOE expenses – lead to inaccurate accruals, making spend management a challenge.

Enverus Source-to-Pay makes real-time LOE a reality by automating commercial obligations. Integrated into your field ticketing, Source-to-Pay gives operations a near real-time view of costs and time as they incur, while integration with your invoicing workflows reduces time/effort for accounts payable. The end result? Timely, accurate LOE expenses and reduced inefficiencies at each step of your billing process.

Accurate LOE accruals

Improve budgeting & forecasting

Shorter pay cycles

Your Advantage

  • Near-real-time view of incurred spend with ordering, receiving and payables on one platform.
  • Leverage mobile tracking for unsupervised work completed.
  • Save time with automatic three-way matching on invoices.

Save One Full-Time AP With Automation

AP teams process high volumes of low-value invoices. Whether it’s a $10,000 or $100 invoice, the level of effort required is still the same. Since it takes about 30 days for a field ticket to reach accounts payable, teams lack visibility into accrued LOE spend. Meanwhile, without price books in place, rogue spend wreaks havoc.

With Source-to-Pay, you save time by automating your invoicing workflow, from creation to approval. Suppliers flip field tickets into invoices. Then invoices are matched against price books so you can auto-approve them with peace of mind. Achieve faster, more accurate LOE spend visibility like never before.

Same-day invoice approvals

Automate 40-50% invoice approvals

Faster, more accurate LOE spend visibility

Your Advantage

  • Implement digital field ticketing for field operations.
  • Maintain digital price agreements with suppliers.
  • Automate invoice approvals.

Ready to see our Source-to-Pay suite in action?

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