Mineral Owner Support Services for Oil & Gas Operators

Manual, repetitive tasks disrupt day-to-day operations. Outsource your mineral owner support needs, so your land and accounting teams can focus on their work. Whether it’s answering payment questions on the phone, providing a convenient self-service way for owners to access statements or printing and mailing revenue checks and 1099s, our mineral owner support business services give your team more time back while providing mineral owners the answers they need.


Benefits of Enverus Mineral Owner Support Services

Save Valuable Time

Focus your accounting and land teams’ efforts on high-value tasks that will grow your business.

Easily Ramp up Support for Peak Demand

Certain times of the year bring more phone calls and increased owner communication. We can quickly scale our support services to fit your team’s seasonal needs.

Pay Only for What You Use

Lower print and mail costs with on-demand services and pricing. Pay only for the services you use. 

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Outsource Printing & Mailing Mineral Revenue Checks and Statements

Outsource print and mail activities to Enverus so your accounting and land teams can focus on their work. From one-time communications, such as acquisition letters and ACH signup forms, to royalty checks and common monthly and seasonal statements, like check detail, JIBs and 1099s, we’ve got you covered.

Phone Support for Mineral Owners

Enverus Call Center Services consistently resolve up to 80% of your owner, vendor and partner calls, satisfying your owners’ needs and reducing the burden on your staff. Our agents are experienced land and accounting professionals that can handle all your calls or serve as overflow to your existing staff.

Convenient Online Access to Mineral Statements and Automatic Well Matching With EnergyLink

EnergyLink® software provides mineral investors, managers and operators with secure and convenient online access to oil and gas owner statements and account information, available 24/7. We also actively work to onboard more of your owners to EnergyLink, lowering your print and mail costs. EnergyLink Premium matches revenue and JIB properties to Enverus well data, simplifying payment audits and eliminating tedious manual processes for well-level analysis on mineral assets.

Why Enverus for Mineral Owner Support Services?


Calls resolved on first call

Our owner support

call agents resolve up to 80% of owner inquiries on the first call


Royalty revenue

85% North American

royalty revenue is tracked in EnergyLink

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EnergyLink software provides secure and convenient online access to oil and gas owner statements and account information — available 24/7.

Learn more about Enverus EnergyLink.

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