Fast-Track Mineral Ownership Research With Land Records Solutions

Find your ideal mineral investments faster with Enverus title research, including Texas land and public court records, and oil and gas M&A deals. Enverus land search solutions make it easy to verify ownership record, accurately appraise mineral assets, find deals for sale and clear title. Focus on specific geographies and get intel on lease dates and contract terms, production records and leasing costs. 


Benefits of Enverus Land Records & Land Management Solutions

Quickly Evaluate Leasing Opportunities

Give your land research richer context. Just zoom into your area of interest and find all relevant public court records, deeds and land records. Whether leasing prospects are held-by-production or contain pugh clauses or depth severances, find what you want with the largest leasing database in the United States. 

Simplify Your Search & Negotiate Better Deals

Never miss opportunities waiting in line at the courthouse. Faster, detailed land record research empowers you to close deals before the competition even knows they exist. 

Keep Track of Competitor Leaseholds

Lease assignments and operator aliasing ensures you get a complete picture of competitor leaseholds and activity. 

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Texas Mineral Appraisals

Evaluate Texas land records for targeted acquisitions. Rapidly identify the most valuable interest opportunities in Texas, spanning major basins from the Permian and Eagle Ford to the Barnett and Haynesville Shales. With 5 million mineral interests attached to county appraisal data and lease-level production, mapped with leases, permits and rigs, you have all you need to evaluate Texas mineral holdings.


Verify land ownership and underwriting in minutes. Stop chasing down land records and title documents at the courthouse. Courthouse simplifies your search with comprehensive indexed digital records to identify and verify mineral ownership in minutes at your computer. Access land records for many counties back to sovereignty, indexed using property descriptions. Search by abstract, survey, section, lot or block to find all relevant property records. 

Oil & Gas M&A Deals

Analyze more deals in a day, spot emerging opportunities and gain first-mover advantage. The Enverus M&A database is perfect for deal teams, executives and investors to stay current on market values of energy assets, who is active, what is for sale and insightful trends, delivered to you in real time over the web and mobile devices. 

Why Enverus for Land Record Coverage & Research?



Mineral appraisal coverage

Mineral Appraisal Records

5 million records per year

Historical data

Available since 2008

Courthouse Documents

From 150 Texas and New Mexico counties

going back to sovereignty for 29 counties



Enverus has details on more than 35,000 transactions

the industry’s largest source of deals for sale



Production, frac crew activity, geologic zone and ESG

insights based on 20+ years of research. We know energy.



70% revenue

and 50% JIB well-to-property match rates significantly reduce manual work

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Outsource mineral owner support, so your land and accounting teams can focus on their work. Whether it’s answering phone calls, providing self-service for owners to access statements or printing and mailing checks and statements, our mineral owner support business services give your team time back while providing world-class owner support.
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