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Technology and insights to understand the energy ecosystem, act fast and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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Enverus for Energy

Technology and insights to understand the energy ecosystem, act fast and achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Empowering the Energy Ecosystem

“Without Enverus, we couldn’t get the information we need fast enough to stay on top of the market. We also couldn’t value deals as accurately or as fast. The research and development Enverus does, where your researchers are constantly creating and updating new data feeds, allows firms like ours to scale.”

Scott Rice – Riverbend Energy Group

“Within the first three months of going live on OpenInvoice, we went from a 3% paid on time rate to 60%. I’ve been in finance a long time and that’s really hard to accomplish in such a short time. In the three years since then, we’ve worked with our suppliers to get to 95% of invoices paid on time.”

Heather Dwyer – NEXTera Energy

“We use Enverus quite a bit and I would highly recommend it for all reservoir engineers or even production and operations engineers. The way PRISM allows you to layer in your own shape files and pull in your own data while also looking at public data is really the most useful piece”

Andi Menard – Earthstone Energy, Inc.


Enverus Blog - Appalachian E&Ps see opportunities for savings later this year
Energy Analytics Intelligence Publications
ByErin Faulkner

Natural gas prices have been trending downward since August, with Henry Hub spot dropping from more than $9/MMbtu to around $2/Mmbtu. Enverus Intelligence® | Research’s most recent monthly Macro Forecaster report, available to EIR subscribers, predicts continued weakness, with Nymex...

Power and Renewables
ByHakan Corapcioglu

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are an essential tool for traditional and renewable developers and buyers. A PPA is a contractual agreement between a generator and a buyer that outlines the purchase of electricity or ancillary services for a set time...

Enverus Blog - The Texas power market evolution
Power and Renewables
ByScott Bruns

Performance credit mechanism In a decision that could reshape Texas’ power market, The Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) voted Jan. 17 to adopt the performance credit mechanism (PCM) market design, a strategy developed by consultant E3 in partnership with...

Enverus blog - Sundown on California solar power premiums
Energy Analytics Energy Transition
ByScott Wilmot

California used to be a golden state for solar power producers, but recent changes in the market pose challenges for a technology expected to be a critical part of the state’s drive to meet its emissions targets. Depending on timing...

Enverus Blog - Coterra’s big Permian projects defy degradation worries
Energy Analytics Intelligence Publications
ByErin Faulkner

Completion data recently released by Texas regulators spotlights the strong productivity of Coterra Energy’s large-scale Permian projects. The data includes two wells completed early this year on the company’s 14-well Prewit-Justify/Authentic project in Culberson County. The Authentic 13 C State...

Enverus Blog - 6 reasons to attend Enverus’ 2023 EVOLVE Conference
Energy Analytics Energy Transition
ByManuj Nikhanj

The energy industry is rapidly evolving, affecting everyone from oil and gas operators, refiners and service providers, to renewables players, investors and power traders. EVOLVE is a two-day virtual event that combines our Play-by-Play Conference, led by our world class...

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Confidence and speed shouldn't be mutually exclusive. We arm you with both.

Secure the right deal wherever you are in the energy ecosystem with a single source analytics platform that empowers you to connect the dots and find opportunities first. Then vet them thoroughly with the richest energy dataset ever built — found only at Enverus.

You are empowered through the Enverus platform, but you are supported by a team of cross discipline energy experts dedicated to your success. We win when you win.

In this new era of increased capital discipline, you need to look within for growth.

The market has spoken and growth for the sake of growth is no longer a winning strategy for operators. Renewables equally need to compete on economics as energy usage and technology evolves. Enverus empowers you to both produce more out of your existing assets while optimizing spend and capital allocation.

The variables our customers face when needing to optimize are complex. We seek to eliminate the noise and connect you with the areas that matter.

Maximizing ROI in the future starts with building trust today

Invest and trade confidently with scenario analysis, forecasting, activity tracking, and market analysis you can’t find anywhere else. We don’t believe in black box outputs you can’t vet or biased perspectives you can’t trust. We empower you with speed when you need it and with flexibility that builds trust when investing in the future.

We know that behind the numbers are people investing in their futures and we take that seriously.

Unlock the power of automation and increase spend visibility across business and field operations

Connect your supply chain, operations and finance teams to suppliers for better collaboration and more time and cost-efficient operations. Enverus Source-To-Pay, built for the energy industry, empowers companies to manage and execute sourcing, contract management, ordering, dispatch, receiving and payables on a single platform. All connected to the largest industry network of buyers and suppliers.

Combine digital source-to-pay with Enverus joint venture services and solutions to do more with less and improve spend management across your supply chain, freeing up internal cash flow.

Embracing ESG can connect you with new opportunities 

New ESG pressures can be viewed as a head wind or embraced as an opportunity. The latter can help you build your own narrative to secure capital, recruit a new generation of workforce, and capture the most environmentally responsible and investible opportunities in the space.

Grounding your ESG strategy with the most complete Energy focused dataset and analytics ensures you build a foundation of trust across your ESG initiatives.

The Enverus Advantage

Accelerate Your Value Creation in the Energy Ecosystem With Real-Time,
Intelligent Connections That Transform Hindsight Into Foresight.

USA Producers & Over 35,000+ Suppliers
Energy Customers
Annual Spend Processed
Financial Institutions With Trillions Invested
Energy & Finance Experts

World Class Technology

Real-time access to analytics, insights and benchmark data built on
the only energy-dedicated SaaS platform.

Total investment of
over $1B  in building
our technology

1000+  Team members to
deliver a trusted,

The clear technology
partner 100% dedicated to
Energy; no competitor that can match value. 

Constant improvements:
more than 275 data
in last 12

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