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6 reasons to attend the Enverus 2023 EVOLVE Conference

Do you work in energy? You won’t want to miss this.

byManuj Nikhanj

The energy industry is rapidly evolving, affecting everyone from oil and gas operators, refiners and service providers, to renewables players, investors and power traders. EVOLVE is a two-day virtual event that combines our Play-by-Play Conference, led by our world class oil and gas and energy transition Intelligence team, with some of the most respected experts in energy.

The Enverus Intelligence Research team has collected high interest topics from our customers to answer questions like:

  • What is the future of oil and gas supply in North America and globally? When does demand rollover?
  • Which companies and plays are the “haves” and “have nots,” given the quickly diminishing inventory base and takeaway constraints?
  • What emerging technologies will potentially impact the energy transition?
  • Where are their investment opportunities to capitalize on the rapidly evolving power grid?
  • How should I build a portfolio for the future of energy?

The virtual conference takes place this year May 16-17, and offers 28 sessions including four keynote sessions. There’s a lot to take in but the time investment will be worth it. Here are six reasons why you should attend EVOLVE 2023.

1. The line up of presentations is something you don’t want to miss

Check out some of the controversial topics and authorities that will speak to them:

Exploring the Future of Energy and Sustainability through Civil Dialog and Critical Thinking

Moderated by Texas State Geologist Dr. Scott Tinker, host of the PBS talk show Energy Switch and founder of the Switch Energy Alliance, our panelists include Chris Wright, CEO and chairman of Liberty Energy and Dr. Julio Friedman, formerly in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under the Obama administration, and currently chief scientist at Carbon Direct. The panel will engage in lively discourse around several critical energy and climate questions.

Here are just a couple of examples of the major issues that will be debated and discussed.

  • What are the merits of mitigating future climate change versus adapting?
  • Should we advance energy technologies via the private sector or government mandates and incentives?
  • What is the role of oil and gas companies in decarbonization?
  • Can these issues be addressed if all global citizens are not lifted economically?

Energy Fundamentals | Energy Market Outlooks

Transition Driving Volatility: You’ll hear from Michael Cohen, chief U.S. economist and head of Oil and Refining at BP, and Al Salazar, SVP of Intelligence at Enverus, on what the future fuel mix looks like and key macro and geopolitical drivers to watch over the next decade.

The Future of Investing in Energy

Energy security vs. energy transition. Near-term vs. long-term energy needs and supply … where will it come from and how much will it cost? How do we create a sustainable energy future while maintaining the American way of life? A panel of experts including, Billy Quinn, founder and managing partner at Pearl Energy Investments, Anthony Borreca, senior managing director and co-head of Energy Stonepeak, Anne Cameron, co-head US Equities at Hartree, Jordan Marye, managing partner at Trace Capital Management, and Andrew Gillick, author of Enverus Morning Energy, weighs in on this question that weighs on all of us.

Transitioning E&P Operations to a Higher Returns and Lower Carbon Future

What are key operational strategies to improve returns and future-proof E&P businesses in a lower carbon world? How will sustainability be measure by asset owners in five and 10 years? Hear from Dane Gregoris, MD Intelligence at Enverus, and Greg Benson, head of mergers and acquisitions at BPX Energy, about how we can have both.

2. Access play level market insights from the Enverus Intelligence team to understand future opportunities

For anyone who has attended the RS Energy hosted Play-by-Play Conference, you’ll know the value gained from this exclusive invite-only event. Previously Play-by-Play attendees received detailed analysis of the market and economic factors and opportunities across every major play in North America and globally. Play-by-Play is now a part of EVOLVE 2023 and we are incorporating this highly valued content into our sessions.

3. Gain an unbiased view of the macro environment

Several highly impactful events have happened over the last year that have put energy back in the headlines. This year it seems to be part of the industry’s everyday dialogue more than ever before. Noise and opinions are rampant and it’s hard to cut through the noise. At EVOLVE, the Enverus Intelligence team will lead several sessions focused on the macro outlook.

Sessions include:

  • Oil and Gas Price Drivers in 2023
  • U.S. Oil Supply | Long Term Outlook and Constraints
  • LNG Outlook and U.S. Gas Supply | Is Resource a Problem?

4. Grow your knowledge of the energy transition

Decarbonization and the shift to electric is accelerating, introducing new business models and risk to traditional ones. From value creation through CCUS and 100% IRRs in RNG, to power markets disrupted by battery storage and wind and solar generation, there is a lot to take in and understand. Not to worry. EVOLVE 2023 offers several sessions focused on the energy transition. Think of it as your one-stop shop  to get the information you need to navigate the changing landscape of energy, recognize opportunity and position your business for the future.

Sessions include:

  • Energy Transition Evolution
  • Storing Profit Now and Later | The State of Grid Storage Monetization
  • The Business of CCUS | Insights From Industry Experts
  • Power Shift | Diversifying into renewable Energy and Adjacent Assets for a Sustainable Future
  • The Green Grid | How to Optimize lean Energy generation for Reliability and Affordability

5. Understand how you can embrace change to unlock opportunity in oil and gas

Oil and gas continue to play an essential role in the energy mix. With recent events, new opportunities are cropping up. It is critical to have your ear to the ground to anticipate the future and adapt to the shifting landscape. Whether you are a producer, investor, midstream mover, OFS business, or buy and manage minerals, your company’s response to change today plays a critical role in shaping the future of oil and gas in the energy mix. These sessions help you do just that:

  • Tracking Shale Resource Degradation
  • OFS Supply | What Will the Future Hold?
  • Deal Drivers: How Inventory Scarcity Motivates More M&A
  • From Chaos to Clarity: Service Cost Modeling for Effective Capital Allocation in Oil and Gas
  • Permian Development Sequencing
  • Benchmarking Infrastructure | Tying Remaining Resource to Gathering Systems

6. Showcase your genius with an Enverus PRISM® certification

Enverus Learning and Development is offering the opportunity to take our Certified Professional Course in Advanced Analytics and Asset Optimization. The course is designed exclusively for attendees only and you can earn your certification in half the time! Enverus PRISM certifications showcase your mastery of the industry’s trusted analytics solution and positions you for success in the energy expansion.

As a valued customer and partner, we hope you can join us for this once-a-year opportunity where we bring together our network of experts to share critical insights with you.
OK, that was a lot. But please take our word for it, the content and materials that will be presented at this

conference represent thousands of hours of work from our 150-person Intelligence team and decades of experience from our partners and friends that will be contributing and participating in EVLOVE. You don’t want to miss it.

If you haven’t done so yet, mark your calendars and click on the link below to register and get more information.

Manuj Nikhanj

Manuj Nikhanj

Manuj Nikhanj is president of Enverus, where he has played a critical role in shaping the company’s strategy and driving its growth. With more than 20 years of experience in energy, Manuj has completed hundreds of evaluations of public and private producers, plays and assets, establishing himself as a trusted advisor for multiple company boards and executive teams. He was co-head of energy research at ITG, which acquired the Ross Smith Energy Group, where Manuj was a partner. Prior to Enverus, Manuj served as co-CEO of RS Energy Group, where he oversaw all aspects of the business. Manuj holds a bachelor's degree in commerce (with distinction) from the University of Calgary and is a CFA and FRM charter holder. 

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