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Enverus’ MUSE software is the only real-time congestion insights and constraint decomposition analysis software with market-leading power generation coverage across ERCOT, SPP, PJM and MISO.


MUSE delivers critical generation and constraint analytics for traders and asset managers for real-time power market analysis. It’s the industry’s only solution that offers real-time, comprehensive analysis of congestion drivers and generation output. With just one click, users can access power congestion analytics and decompose constraints that would normally take an analyst days to compile. The insights from MUSE translates into perfectly timed and highly informed decisions.

Benefits of the Enverus MUSE Solution

Superior Coverage

Identify numerous, less-obvious investment opportunities with market-leading generator and constraint coverage across ERCOT, SPP, PJM and MISO.

Instant ISO Updates

Prepare for market volatility by having up-to-date information at your fingertips via automatic updates from our proprietary state estimator.

Competitive Advantage

Get ahead of your competition with rapid, accurate and actionable insights from our instant decomposition analysis.

Learn New Markets

Immediately understand the topology that drives the market, through our high-fidelity, geographically-accurate and fully interactive map. Drill into specific generators, constraints and transmission outages to quickly identify their measurable impact on power flows and prices.

ERCOT: 123+ GW Capacity
SPP: 100+ GW Capacity
MISO: 208+ GW Capacity
PJM: 250+ GW Capacity

ERCOT: 380+ Generation Groups
SPP: 370+ Generation Groups
MISO: 670+ Generation Groups
PJM: 670+ Generation Groups

ERCOT: 5,100+ Constraints
SPP: 2,800+ Constraints
MISO: 4,200+ Constraints
PJM: 2,500+ Constraints

Key MUSE Features

Monitor Power Plants in Real Time

MUSE’s user-friendly interactive maps allow users to see power plants and power generation and dive into the details of the generation percentage, max power generation and generator type in real time.

An interactive map showing power generators across ERCOT in MUSE

View interactive maps of power generators across ERCOT

Identify Constraints Instantaneously

Immediately identify constrained nodes on MUSE’s price map and get information on its line flows, shadow prices and much more, in seconds.

An interactive map showing constrained nodes across ERCOT in MUSE

View interactive maps of constrained nodes across ERCOT

Decompose Constraints in Real Time and Understand Congestion Impacts

MUSE does not show a correlation of congestion causes, it breaks down the cause of the constraint to a fundamental level in seconds. Understand what caused the flow increase, whether it be a specific generator, type of generator, transmission outage or another factor.

Graphs showing real-time MCC decomposition and day ahead MCC decomposition in MUSE

Get real-time constraint decomposition on constrained nodes

Get Topology-based Shift Factors

Identify the best nodes and paths to trade for a given constraint with dynamic, topology-based physical shift factors that utilize the same methodology as the ISOs.
Tables and graphs showing power prices, decomposition, and shift factors in MUSE

Get shift factors to assist in trading decisions

Specification Sheet: MUSE

Learn what congestion analytics MUSE provides traders and asset managers after the first few minutes a constraint binds.


View heat maps of power congestions in SPP

Looking to draw insights from historical impact of congestion by utilizing market participant data?

Get historical congestion analytics and uncover in-depth actionable insights using analytics tools looking at market-participant data within seconds using Enverus Panorama software. Get extensive ISO coverage, reduce power congestion exposure and draw insights 80% faster.

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