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Global Oil and Gas Data Analytics & Forecasting

Enverus Prism provides global oil and gas data, analytics and forecasting software for worldwide exploration, production and midstream energy companies. With daily scouting articles covering the entire globe, opinions on potential opportunities from Enverus analysts, and all the underlying details you need to act decisively. Enverus provides key decision-making information and software solutions for oil & gas operators, service providers and investment professionals.

Unleash the power of global oil and gas data analytics and forecasting with Enverus Prism.

  • Where is smart money being invested in E&P?
  • How are fiscal regimes changing in the wake of COVID and in the face of the energy transition?
  • What can North American analogues teach us about global unconventional plays?
  • How does each of these impact your business?
Get to know Enverus’ world-class oil and gas industry analyst team with our latest offering, Talking Heads. This monthly video series will give members the opportunity to hear in depth discussions from Enverus’ best and brightest



GOM Oil & Gas Data Map

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Gulf of Mexico Oil Production Info


Pre-Salt Brazil Oil & Gas

For more info on this region, click on
Brazil Oil Production Info


Oil & Gas Well Data for Vaca Muerta

For more info on this region, click on
Vaca Muerta Production Info


Oil & Gas Well Data for North Sea

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North Sea Production Info


Oil & Gas Well Data for Guyana Suriname

For more info on this region, click on
Guyana Suriname Production Info



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  • Benchmark performance against the energy industry and competition
  • Assess breakevens, best practices and the performance of competitors to refine strategic planning and growth initiatives
  • Be the first to know as soon as – or before – the news breaks
  • Reveal optimal practices, identify new completion and spacing techniques and stay on top of competitor activity through Enverus’ proprietary worldwide oil and gas database


  • Quickly identify the energy assets that are currently adding value and those with upside potential, assess management’s execution capabilities and measure financial strength
  • Never miss an opportunity with our farm-in alerts
  • Give your business development (BD) team access to dozens of Enverus global energy analysts – our unique combination of energy industry engineering, geo and financial analysis provides BD teams with deep-dive insight into potential oil & gas acquisition targets, divestiture opportunities and capital allocation decisions worldwide


  • With access to independent asset-level worldwide energy data analytics and capital markets expertise, identify the key indicators that drive investment decisions
  • Improve valuations with access to historical and current deals
  • Get the story behind the story from our expansive regional scout network
  • Communicate more effectively to the investment community with powerful, unique and proprietary financial and energy data, models and graphics capabilities that translate complex information into critical insight
prism-global- oil-gas-data-display-analytics


Global oil and gas exploration data and analysis that could impact your investment or production strategy

Reduce Risk

with accurate, detailed global statistics allowing confident new ventures decisions

Optimize Investments

with real-time deal flow along with data analytics and contextual insights

Save Resources

with an easy-to-use, unified worldwide oil and gas data-analysis-forecasting platform that reduces days of research and modeling to minutes



Globally expansive and energy industry-leading “boots on the ground” scouting that provides customers with unique data and insight, and produces clean descriptive analytics.

Deep, technical research and interactive maps on industry topics including investment opportunities, benchmarking, macro trends and basin analytics. ​Actionable intelligence to help you make more informed investment, operating and strategic decisions.


A flexible, cloud-based, single platform that uses predictive analytics and data science capabilities along with support from our asset analysts to enhance data quality throughout. The platform is supported by a tech stack built through decades of expertise that hosts a compilation of thousands of disparate statistics sources with data density across a wide range of variables.


Force-multiply your team with direct access to global statistics and hundreds of energy industry subject matter experts including engineers, financial analysts, geoscientists, data scientists, developers and technologists. Capital markets-sensitive and answering the most sought-after technical questions for Global energy assets today.



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Related Data Analytics Solutions for Oil & Gas

Enverus global energy data and analytical solutions span the entire energy value chain and bring you a powerful network effect where each dataset increases in value when enriched with greater context, accuracy and a technology platform built for the worldwide energy industry. Find a solution below and begin your partnership with us. 


People, process and technology for E&P innovators looking to disrupt the old and usher in the future of energy.

Explore our E&P Solutions


Develop the most profitable well planning scenario and implement it all within one unified workspace.

Learn About Transform

Q BasinStudio

Automate basin-wide valuations for rapid well forecasting at scale.

See the Capabilities of Q BasinStudio

Q TypecurveStudio

Calculate reserves and potential hydrocarbon recovery for each asset accurately and in a fraction of the time.

Features of Enverus Q TypecurveStudio

Financial Services

Powerful technology unlocking investment opportunities.

See Enverus Solutions for Financial Services

Oilfield Services

Track activity in near-real time to get the most recent and actionable insights on operators, leases, rigs, permits and more across the industry.

Enverus Simplifies Oilfield Services Invoicing


Make the most informed decisions for your investments and operations by enhancing your market and infrastructure outlook.

Enverus Software Solutions for Midstream

ESG Analytics

Enverus ESG analytics to gain transparency to power the future of energy.

Investigate ESG Analytics

Midland Map Interactive

Unmatched Permian current and historical leasing data, back to the 1950’s.

Discover Enverus Midland Map Interactive


Title research reinvented with 24/7 access to digital courthouse records.

Enverus Oil & Gas Lease Online Courthouse

OptiFlo Gas

Connect the dots between natural gas supply and demand to understand where the optimal value lies between where gas is produced and where gas is supplied.

More info on OptiFlo Gas

OptiFlo Crude

Simulates how crude oil flows throughout the North American supply chain, matching refineries with their optimal crude slates while finding the most efficient means of transportation.

Find Out About Enverus OptiFlo Crude


An essential set of O&G data analytics. Redeploy your team’s bandwidth to higher value analysis and strategy with clean analytics-ready data sets.

Oil and Gas Data Foundations


Technical research, publications and direct access to industry experts that leverage today’s most advanced analytics and technology to deliver independent, third-party insight into oil and gas, power, liquefied natural gas and renewables.

Energy Market Intelligence


Harness next-generation technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to find, evaluate and optimize opportunity.

What’s Enverus Planning To Do Next ?


Securely blend your internal, high-resolution data with Enverus analytics-ready data sets and models.

Learn About Enverus Fusion

M&A Data

Comprehensive and timely data sets for M&A, PE Capital and Competitor Intelligence.

Oil and Gas Data for M&A

Activity Analytics

Respond faster to rig and activity trends with real-time GPS and satellite telemetry data analytics.

Learn About Our Oilfield Activity Analytics

Geoscience Analytics

Optimize your portfolio with project-ready geological data and analysis on key reservoirs and plays.

Check Out Enverus Geoscience Analytics

PRISM is the new operating system powering decisions at the speed of thought across the full energy value chain, upstream to downstream, power and renewables.

Examine the Oil and Gas Data Analysis Capabilities of PRISM


Technology and advanced oil and gas dat analytics to bolster critical decision-making.

Explore Prism Core


Eliminate costly trial and error, and pinpoint optimal oil well spacing the first time.

Additional Info On Spacing


Leverage integrated worldwide oil and gas data from almost 200 countries.

Enverus Oil and Gas Data Solutions are Global

Texas Mineral Appraisal

Mineral appraisal records with lease-level production of more than 200 Texas counties.

Find Out About Texas Mineral Appraisal


Drive higher profitability, move faster and lower risks with the only 360° mineral management platform.

Discover MineralSoft

OFS Foundations

Leverage high-quality oil and gas E&P data with precision, speed and confidence to grow market share and find new opportunities.

Look Into OFS Foundations

OFS Activity Suite

Never miss a lead with industry intelligence to beat the competition and optimize your sales engine.

Benefits of our Enverus OFS Activity Suite

Power and Renewables

Bring improved accuracy to your power forecasts with AI and machine learning-based load, renewables and price forecasts.

See Enverus Solutions for Power and Renewables

Valuation Analytics

Gain deeper insight with our sophisticated valuation models on the PRISM platform.

Oil Gas and Renewables Valuation Analytics