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Texas Mineral Appraisal Software and Data

Enverus Texas Mineral Appraisal software and data empowers your team to rapidly map, find and identify the most valuable mineral, royalty and working interest opportunities in TX. Spanning major basins from the Permian and Eagle Ford to the Barnett and Haynesville Shales.

Identify Quality TX Minerals Opportunities Faster

Mineral acquisition teams, portfolio managers, banks and other investors need powerful tools to find mineral interests with the lowest cost to acquire and best long-term returns, or to establish fair market value for their assets. Enverus Texas Mineral Appraisal software allows users to quickly search 20+ million mineral ownership records to pinpoint prospects and send targeted mailers across 180 Texas counties. Plus, easily link decimals to well-level production and monitor permits, rigs and DUCs from a web-based map.


Drill Down to Your Area of Minerals Appraisal Interest

Schedule a live one-on-one demonstration with a Texas Mineral Appraisal solutions expert to review your areas of interest on our interactive map. See how current ownership and appraisal data can bolster your workflows.


“Having such a wealth of ownership and tax appraisal data on the map our team already uses, saves us a lot of time and money trying to round up this information ourselves. Not to mention the competitive edge it gives us over landmen waiting in line at the courthouse.”

– Land Manager, Leading Mineral Fund

Benefits of Enverus Texas Mineral Appraisal Software and Data

Put Texas Mineral Appraisal in context with your other workflows inside the Enverus Web App to map your properties, narrow down prospects and assess deal potential – all in one solution.


Extensive datasets enable mineral owners and buyers to gain a deeper understanding of well production, assess current market value and determine the right multiples for acquisitions or divestitures.


The combination of Texas mineral tax appraisal data from 2015 to today, paired with industry-leading land and well data, gives insight into the most valuable targets and the information needed to quickly take action.


Find and export lead-generation data for Texas mineral owners faster than ever in the Enverus Web App with user-friendly keyword search or locate leads using the map interface.


Key Texas Mineral Appraisal Solution Features

Royalty Owner Research

Quickly and easily identify mineral owners across Texas right down to the well level, including individuals and entities with multiple producing interests from many counties.


Lead Generation

From our award-winning map, easily pinpoint the highest value targets, visualize ownership by operator name, interest type, decimal ownership and many more variables.


Find Missing Revenue

With advanced search features, it is easier than ever to find and take action to recover minerals in suspense, whether they are labeled SUSP, Suspense, IN-SUSP or any other creative names.


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