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Enverus ESG™ Analytics

Enverus ESG™ Analytics is the energy industry’s only holistic view of ESG metrics.

  • Compare publicly disclosed ESG metrics with proprietary calculations to help drive investment decisions
  • See the source of GHG emissions across sectors and operators to focus investments
  • Track emission intensity, flaring rate, or land and water usage to understand the sustainability of your businesses.

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ESG Metrics Delivering Unrivaled Transparency

Enverus ESG™ Analytics is the energy industry reference for ESG metrics, providing full visibility into companies’ rankings, how they compare among their peers, and who and what are the most environmentally responsible and investible opportunities in the space.

The Depth and Breadth of Enverus ESG™ Analytics

Enverus ESG™ Analytics covers the full Environmental, Social, and Governance spectrum, with Enverus lifetime expertise dedicate to the Energy Industry. The scope of the data set includes:

ENVIRONMENTAL: GHG emissions, methane leakage, flaring rates, land and water use via satellite-enabled proprietary analytics alongside industry-leading data related to production and economics.

SOCIAL: Corporate diversity, social investments, safety records and training rates.

GOVERNANCE: Corporate alignment with shareholders, board independence and diversity, employee pay rates and management incentives.

“We used to spend months pulling emissions data to benchmark CO2e and CH4 intensity data. With Enverus ESG™ Analytics, we accomplished that same goal in minutes”.

Energy Companies Ranking by ESG Score

Providing low-cost energy to the world is an extremely complex capital-, material- and labor-intensive effort with significant positive and negative environmental, social and governance impacts.

Enverus ESG™ Analytics scores U.S. energy companies on several proprietary and company-reported metrics, giving you visibility into ESG performance with consistent, transparent data..


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