Rapid Decisions for Optimal Asset Acquisition & Development Plans

Enverus Core® helps you make optimal asset acquisition and development decisions faster using forecasting, economics and benchmarking workflows for more than 5.4 million North American wells. Increase confidence and collaboration between teams with predictive, prescriptive and predictive forecasting, spacing and geological analytics in one platform.

Benefits of Enverus CORE®

In-Depth Analysis at the Speed of Energy

Leverage our intuitive platform, advanced analytics and data sets to generate in-depth analysis and meet expedited deadlines, without compromising quality. Management and technical teams can gain a more holistic look at an asset and more confidence in the results.

De-risk investment decisions

Future-proof your business and gain a competitive advantage with rapid time-to-value analysis and a deeper understanding of potential risk factors to returns.

Improve collaboration

Break down the barriers between technical teams by utilizing the same, consistent data sets and methodologies, and easily share workbooks and insights across the organization.

What's Included?

Oil & Gas M&A Analytics

Access to the industry’s only source of public and private deals for sale packages

Geoscience Analytics

Detailed subsurface interpretation clean well logs, interpreted tops, reservoir maps

Activity Analytics

Satellite imagery pad detection, historical and active rigs and frac crews, efficiency

Forecast Analytics

Well-level production and economics across North America

Midstream infrastructure

Pipelines and facilities by owner, name, type, diameter and more

Well Spacing

4D spacing and development models for a holistic view of well performance

Direct Access

Suite of products designed to seamlessly deliver our world-class data offerings directly to you in the format that you require


Analytics-ready, consistent data sets: permits, completions, allocated production, digital/raster logs, leases, directional surveys, rigs, etc.

Boost Confidence With a Holistic View of Assets

Learn how you can drive actionable insights around capital allocation, spacing and operations with Enverus Core®.

Why Enverus CORE®?

10x faster forecasts

Leverage a smart, scaled approach with production forecasts on more than 2 million oil and gas wells in North America and comprehensive well-level economic parameters in all 11 major plays.

Differentiated well spacing for a holistic view of performance

Enverus pre-generated well spacing includes a sophisticated gun barrel viewer and 4D classifications to take your understanding of well placement to the next level.

Insights based on 20+ years' experience

Production, frac crew activity, geologic zone and spacing analytics are based on 20+ years of research. We know energy.

Access 35,000+ M&A transactions

Enverus has the industry’s largest source of deals for sale.

Insights on active frac crews and pad detection before regulatory filings

Satellite and telemetry data tagged to identify pads allows for near-real time completion crew activity tracking with predicted service providers.

Ready to Get Started?

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