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Optimize Drilling Program and Development Plans

Fine-Tune Footage Per Day and Lower Costs Using Offset Insights

Success at a Glance


  • No baseline view of competitors
  • Complex directional plans with nearby offsets
  • Too many data sources to analyze


  • Single platform gives a full picture of competitive landscape
  • Simple starting point for any engineer
  • Easily share plans and communicate learnings and plans


  • Optimize drilling programs to save up to $10/foot
  • Precisely space and stack wellbores, and inform shut-in plans
  • Give rig crews and office teams insights needed to outperform

Client Overview

Devon Energy Corporation is a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused on U.S. onshore basins. Devon leverages digital solutions and data to continuously improve drilling operations to surpass regional, company and peer performance, reduce costs and maximize long-term well productivity.


Drilling Efficiency Through Competitor Benchmarking, With a Focus on Safety and Collaboration

Devon Energy actively drills in the oil rich Eagle Ford, where tight well spacing poses multiple challenges for safely executing optimized drilling programs. Specifically, it can be difficult to ensure adequate vertical and horizontal space between tightly stacked wells, and to identify neighboring wells that could require temporary shut-ins during drilling operations to avoid collisions or impact the production of existing wells.

Additionally, areas of the Eagle Ford that produce sour gas require Devon drilling engineers to potentially modify the casing design to prevent wellbore corrosion and avoid leaking harmful emissions

Devon drilling programs are seeking to safely maximize rate of penetration (ROP) and decrease drilling costs. To do so, the operator must also benchmark nearby peers to compare what combination of drilling design yields optimal results. To achieve this, Devon Energy’s South Texas drilling unit previously faced barriers to efficiently analyzing offset wells, anticollision planning, managing data sprawl and balancing a variety of analysis tools that weren’t collaborative for the whole team to leverage.


Bringing Drilling Data and Workflows Together in ONE Solution

Devon Energy partnered with Enverus to streamline and accelerate its Eagle Ford drilling program development with Enverus PRISM®. PRISM, a single cloud-based platform, eliminates data silos and the need to work with disconnected tools, enabling drilling engineers to redirect significant time into high value analysis and well planning. The intuitive PRISM interface allows Devon Energy’s drilling team to mine offset wells for the best-performing parameters to maximize ROP and optimize cost per foot using PRISM’s footage per day. PRISM provides important inputs to understand existing well designs, especially with the gun barrel plot and map of offset wells, among other visuals and charts.

Enverus is committed to being a true partner with Devon Energy, providing on-demand, expert support to help team members continuously improve and troubleshoot workflows.


Accelerating ROP With Optimized Drilling Program Design

Powering its Eagle Ford drilling program development with PRISM, Devon Energy eliminates days of time previously spent on data curation and developing directional, spacing and well designs in disconnected solutions.

With a quick look, PRISM allows drilling engineers to see top performing rigs for offset wells, identify the drilling contractors that are outperforming and incorporate those service companies into its drilling program to improve footage per day and reduce cost per foot. PRISM also provides insights into string and casing design that allow Devon Energy to work with crews to further improve drilling performance.

In areas of the Eagle Ford where more expensive casing design would be required, PRISM enables Devon Energy to precisely see the extent of sour gas formations and confirm that other operators are not using gas tight casing, estimating that it saves as much as $70,000 for these wells.

PRISM has also become an important component of Devon Energy’s quarterly drilling program review and planning session.


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