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Celebrating More Than a Decade of Academic Partnerships at Enverus

A Legacy of Collaboration

byAnnie Shen

At Enverus, we’re proud to share the remarkable journey and achievements of our long-standing university partnerships. The program began 13 years ago, thanks to the visionary efforts of our co-founder Mark Nibbelink. Since then, we’ve nurtured these relationships, growing and evolving alongside some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions.

🌐 Expansive Network

Today, we boast 244 department contracts spanning 160 universities globally. Our strategic partnerships include 41 universities, meticulously managed by 23 dedicated university liaisons.

This network is not just a number; it’s a testament to our commitment to fostering education and innovation.

📚 Educational Impact

Our engagement goes beyond simply collaboration. In the past two years alone, we’ve conducted 11 university certification courses and have become an integral part of three major petroleum and geoscience university curriculums.

We’re not just part of the conversation; we’re helping to shape the future of the industry.

🔍 Research and Recognition

The academic world has taken notice. Our work has been cited in 219 peer-reviewed papers in OnePetro, with 111 citations by university partners using Enverus data and insights. This includes 40 citations since our rebrand and 71 prior, underlining our growing influence in the field.

Being a trusted source of energy data and insights in industry is a key pillar to our corporate mission.

🏛️ Prestigious Partners

Our partners include some of the world’s outstanding research universities studying energy, power and economics. Each relationship is a bridge between academia and industry, fostering a mutual exchange of knowledge and innovation. We partner with a range of departments, including Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Geoscience, Engineering, Business, Economics, Energy Management and more.

This map showcases the breadth and depth of Enverus’ academic partnerships, highlighting our engagement with leading institutions across North America and the UK. 🌍🎓

📣 In the Spotlight

Within our university programs, noteworthy partnerships have benefited the academic community:

  • Collaborated with the University of Alberta to develop a methane and flaring emissions satellite database, elevating environmental research.
  • Integrated Enverus PRISM® Associates Certification seamlessly into the University of Oklahoma Petroleum Engineering capstone curriculum, providing students with industry-recognized credentials.
  • Empowering the University of Texas, Austin Geosciences department with Enverus Subsurface Studio for advanced subsurface modeling and research, driving cutting-edge exploration.

As the energy industry continues to grow and evolve, our university partnerships remain a cornerstone of our identity at Enverus, building intelligent connections between academia and industry. They are not just part of our history; this next generation is also the key to our future. Enverus is energy’s most trusted SaaS platform — creating intelligent connections that uncover insights and opportunities to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Picture of Annie Shen

Annie Shen

Annie Shen is a senior principal consultant with Enverus and leads the Enverus University Liaison team, connecting Universities to Enverus and building stronger industry-academia ties. Her expertise is in conceptualizing and implementing advanced analytics-based solutions to optimize upstream oil and gas operations. She advises and trains clients across the world on a range of topics, including completions and drilling, production modeling and forecasting, asset valuation and minerals management, data management and cross-platform workflow integration. Passionate about community involvement, she holds leadership roles with the Society of Petroleum Engineers International. She earned a bachelor’s in petroleum engineering and an MBA, both from the University of Oklahoma.

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