Enverus Certification

Become a recognized, certified Enverus solution expert and a trusted professional in the energy space

Prove Your Professional Expertise

Highlight skills and prove mastery of the Enverus PRISM® platform. The Enverus Certification Program recognizes professionals who strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Learners complete a rigorous continuing education program, with different certification levels, to learn how to work efficiently to generate daily workflows, provide better insights and understand how to integrate PRISM within their teams. 

Enverus Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert certifications demonstrate these professionals are equipped with knowledge to tackle large-scale industry challenges in drilling, exploration and production using Enverus PRISM®.

Areas of Focus

Platform Features & Functionality

Develop an understanding of the Enverus PRISM platform

Models & Methodologies

Understand Enverus models and their industry application

Benchmarking & Trend Analysis

Identify key industry trends for optimal decision making

Deal Evaluation & Asset Development

Apply data readiness skills to evaluate deals and assets

Course Expectations

Throughout this program, participants create multiple Enverus PRISM workbooks that solve real-world industry use cases. A comprehensive practical application assessment is done at the conclusion of the program to confirm the participant’s knowledge and skills gained to solve large-scale industry challenges in drilling, exploration and production by maximizing the Enverus PRISM cloud-based platform.

Activities Include

  • Learning Labs: Work through multiple industry use cases and build out a robust library of detailed workbooks that can be leveraged in multiple disciplines. Participants will submit completed workbooks throughout the program.
  • Practical Assessment: Participants will successfully complete the Enverus Certified Assessment based on industry scenarios. The assessment will consist of two parts: a practical workflow analysis and a multiple-choice exam to effectively confirm the participant can efficiently and effectively use Enverus PRISM to solve real world and industry-based challenges.


Distinguish Yourself Amongst Your Peers with Shareable Certificates

Graduates will receive specialized and sharable badging and certificates following the successful completion of a certification program. Through continuing education, you can remain current with solution releases and additional validation of your Enverus solution expertise as it relates to daily workflows across your organization.

Share your certificate and badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume, CV and other documents.

Additional Information

  • Live virtual, in-person, and on-demand program options available
  • Aligned with Enverus PRISM
  • A device with internet access is required
  • Dual monitors/screens are recommended for virtual courses
  • Multi-day and full-day options available

Interested in Learning More?

Enverus Learning and Development provides educational content for customers and energy professionals looking to level-up their knowledge of Enverus product suite. For more information, please contact your sales representative or the Learning and Development team below.

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