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Enverus enables modern businesses to transform their enterprise with innovative and comprehensive data, analysis, and workflows. Now, this proven model is available for professional and students alike to deepen their understanding around a variety of business transformation solutions.

We specialize in empowering you and your team within the most advanced SaaS cloud training solutions, through multiple advanced certifications and training resources. Highlight skills and prove mastery of the platform’s energy companies of today and tomorrow are leveraging. Stay at the top of the energy expansion for a competitive edge as an individual contributor and as part of a team. Our programs allow for additional growth, advancement, and continued engagement through continuing education and resources open to our certified user groups. Stay at the forefront of the digital transformation and distinguish amongst your peers.

Graduates will receive specialized and sharable badging and certificates following the successful completion of a certification program. Through continuing education, you can remain current with solution releases and additional validation of your Enverus solution expertise as it relates to daily workflows across your organization.


Technology is rapidly changing- cloud-based software updates every ~90 days
while most corporations update older software every 2-3 years

of executives expected that between half and all of their workforce would need to reskill by 2023
0 %
of surveyed respondents sought certifications to obtain specific knowledge and competencies that would help them to upskill and keep pace with changing technology trends.
Intrinsic benefits from certifications:

increased confidence in abilities (91%), greater determination to succeed (84%), feeling more respected by colleagues (84%), greater job satisfaction (76%), and greater autonomy at work (74%).

Enverus Industry Certification Categories

Enverus currently offers the following Energy industry programs:

Enverus Certified Specialist – Prism™ Energy Analytics & Benchmarking

  • Specialize in leveraging technological innovations within Enverus Prism™ for multifaceted benchmarking, identifying important trends and leveraging industry insight
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the entire Enverus Prism™ platform and how to best synthesize multiple datasets while designing efficient workbooks across the energy spectrum

Enverus Certified Professional – Prism™ Advanced Analytics & Asset Optimization

  • Advance your knowledge by becoming an Enverus Certified Professional by generating in-depth advanced analytics around asset development, production optimization, and evaluation of deals and positions
  • Work through multiple industry use-cases and build out a robust library of detailed workbooks that can be leveraged in multiple disciplines
  • Work with detailed models and gain an understanding of Enverus’ methodologies for unique workflows around drilling and completion optimization, well evaluation, and larger-scale field activity within the advanced Prism™ workflows

Enverus Certified Application Expert – Prism™ Applications

  • Showcase your expertise within distinctive Prism™ disciplines, such as Activity Analytics, Geoscience Analytics, Valuation Analytics, Well Spacing Forecast Studio, ESG Analytics, and more individual certifications
  • Deep-dive into the unique methodologies and advanced workflows within each defined specialty area within the Prism™ platform
  • Each certification achieved separately

For more information on our Certification Program, including available courses and scheduling, please contact our team.

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Let’s get started!

We’ll follow up right away to show you a quick product tour.