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Whether you’re looking to enhance your baseline Prism™ data analytics knowledge or deep dive into predictive analytics in the energy space, this course is designed for the individual contributor looking to prove their skills in the energy analytics space. As high-performing contributors, the Enverus Certified Specialist, Professional, and Expert have demonstrated knowledge to tackle large-scale industry challenges in drilling, exploration, and production by maximizing the Enverus Prism™ cloud-based platform.

Elevate your own individual professional development with a distinguished certification in the industry’s trusted analytics solution. Validate your knowledge of key industry use-cases and solution-oriented skills that will transcend the entire energy value chain.

Learn how to efficiently customize the platform to create detailed workflows or get the most out of your Enverus solutions. Learn more about being Enverus Certified by reaching out to our dedicated certification team today!

Available Industry Certification Programs

Whether you are a geologist, petroleum engineer, business development, operations, or in financial services, each segment is connected by individuals who contribute to making their organization more efficient and effective through advanced knowledge and industry expertise. As part of the Prism™ Certification training program, we have designed courses that bring each segment, role, and responsibility together through our innovative Prism™ technology platform.

For more information on our Certification Program, including available courses and scheduling, please contact our team.

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